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37. Part 2 of @Jileysboca's imagine!

Part 2 of @Jileysboca ‘s imagine
Today it had been exactly one year, since Justin and I became a couple. I was still in college, so Justin and I had a long distance relationship, which actually turned out to be really hard, especially when you love each other as much as Justin and I love each other.
Since it was our one-year anniversary, I thought I would make it special. So I had told Justin, that I no chance on flying out and spend the day with Justin, even though I had. I had everything planned, with Ryan, Justin’ best friend’s help. After the plane ride, Ryan picked me up in the airport and together we left to his house. I wouldn’t want Justin to figure out, what we were doing. So I thought I would change at Ryan’s, and then I would leave to meet Justin at a restaurant, where he thought, he was going to spend the evening with Ryan.
“Once again Ryan, thank you for helping me with this” I told Ryan, as we arrived at his house in LA.
“You’re welcome, I will do everything to make my best buddy happy” he explained, and then he turned off the engine and got out. I got out as well; Ryan had already gotten my suitcases out of the car. So I grabbed one of them and walked up to the front door.
“So, I’ll just show you my guest bathroom, so you can get ready” Ryan told me as he started walking upstairs.
“Good, will you be leaving soon?” I asked him, as we made it to the guest bathroom.
“Yeah, I told Justin to come pick me up at 5.30, so in a good 10 minutes” he explained,
“So, when should I show up at the restaurant?” I asked him, as I placed my suitcase on the ground.
“if you can make it to 6.30, then that will be perfect! I will be sure that we won’t get our dinner before 6.30” he explained,
“Great, remember to tell Justin to wear something nice” I told him, then I closed the bathroom door, and made sure I locked it.
I had bought a beautiful peachy cocktail dress, it was so adorable, then I had bought a pair of white high heels, and because I wasn’t that tall, I could wear them without being taller than Justin. After I had taken a quick shower, I blow dried my hair and made some loose curls. Then I pulled on my dress, I didn’t want to put the shoes on just yet, because I still needed to do my makeup. I knew Justin liked it, when I wore natural makeup. As I was putting on foundation, I heard a knock on the front door, and soon after I heard Ryan open it. I could hear Justin’s voice; I had missed it so much! I smiled and shook my head, and then I continued with my makeup.
“Yeah, I just have to pee, then we can leave!” I heard Justin yell as he walked upstairs. My eyes got wide, when I realized that this was the only bathroom in the house.
“Wait, bro you can’t go in there!” Ryan panicked. I quickly gathered my stuff as quiet as I could. Then I walked into the shower with all my stuff. Luckily it wasn’t a see through shower curtain, so I could hide in there.
“Why not? I just have to pee bro” Justin said, then he opened the door, just as I had pulled the shower curtain back on.
I could see Justin coming into the bathroom, because there was a small peephole. Justin looked really handsome, he was wearing a really handsome suit, I actually think I was in on Gucci’s website. I couldn’t help but giggle, when I heard Justin unzip his pants, and unluckily for me, Justin heard me.
“Hello? Is someone in here?” Justin asked, as he zipped his pants again. I quickly covered my mouth, as I tried to stop giggling, but I couldn’t! So Justin heard me, he walked directly over to the shower and pulled the shower curtain away. I gasped, as I tried to hide my face, but Justin had already seen me.
“Y/N? Baby, what are you doing here?” Justin asked me, as he pulled me out of the shower.
“Hey baby” I said, as I tried to hug him, but he wouldn’t let me?
“Are you cheating on me with Ryan?” he asked me, I gasped and shook my head.
“WHAT? No, of course not!” I told him, as I crossed my arms.
“Then what are you doing here?” he asked, he was hurt, of course I couldn’t blame him, when he thought I was cheating on him.
“I’m here to surprise you! Ryan offered me to change my clothes here, and then I would meet you at the restaurant to surprise you” I explained to him, immediately Justin relaxed.
“So, you’re not cheating on me?” he asked me, I shook my head and walked closer to him.
“Why would I? You’re the best thing that ever happened to me!” I told him, I grabbed his hands and looked up at him.
“Aww, you’re so sweet baby! I’m sorry I doubted you!” he apologized, I smiled and grabbed his jaw, I pulled him down to me and connected our lips.
“Of course I can forgive you! I love you!” I told him, and then I connected our lips once again. Justin slipped his tongue inside my mouth, I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Justin are you re-“Ryan asked, as he opened the door into the bathroom. Justin and I pulled away from each other and looked down in the ground.
“Justin, you ruined the surprise!” Ryan cooed, as he smirked.
“Well, technically Y/N ruined by giggling, when I was about to unzip my pants” Justin told Ryan, as he wrapped an around my waist.
“Really? You were hiding here, in the bathroom?” Ryan asked me, as he looked down at me.
“Yeah? I couldn’t exactly jump out of the window with all my stuff” I told him in a duh-tone.
“Oh, yeah that’s right” Ryan said, as he started laughing.
“So, no dinner at the restaurant?” Ryan asked,
“There is, I just need to finish my makeup” I told him, Justin sighed, so I looked up at him and furrowed my eyebrows.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him, as I grabbed his free hand.
“You don’t need makeup, you’re perfect just the way you are!” he explained, I awed and quickly kissed his cheek.
“You’re so cute baby! But can I please just put on some powder and some mascara?” I asked him, as I pouted.
“Ugh, okay then” he said after a few minutes of silence and me pouting.
“Thank you baby” I smiled, then I kissed his cheek and turned around to find my makeup bag. After I found it, I walked back over to the mirror and found my powder.  


After I finished making my makeup, so I walked downstairs, where Justin and Ryan were talking.
“So, did you get Y/N anything special?” I could hear Ryan ask.
“Yeah, I did, and I hope she likes it, because I think it’s the ultimate gift” Justin told him,
“What about later tonight? Have you guys ever had sex?” Ryan asked Justin with a smooth-tongued smile.
“No, we’ve never done it, because Y/N isn’t ready, and I accept that!” Justin explained, I awed in myself and bit down in my lip.
“Okay, I’m ready!” I told the guys, as I took the last steps down the stairs.
“Great, let’s go then” Justin said, as he grabbed my hand. He quickly pecked my cheek, and then he grabbed one of my suitcases in his other hand. Ryan was so sweet to grab my other suitcase, so I wouldn’t have to carry anything.


“Thank you for dinner baby, it was delicious!” I told Justin, as I placed my cutlery on my empty plate.
“You’re welcome baby, I’m glad you enjoyed it” Justin told me; he grabbed my hand over the table and started caressing it.
“Hey, I’m here too!” Ryan complained, as he separated our hands.
“Yeah, we know” Justin said, as he playfully rolled his eyes.
“Baby, I actually got you something, I was meant to send it to you, but luckily I didn’t” Justin explained, he started searching for something in his inner pocket in his jacket. He finally found something, he pulled it out, and I gasped when I saw the famous box from Tiffany’s!
“It’s not an engagement ring, it’s a promise ring where I will always promise you that I’ll love you forever, and I will be sure to show you everyday” Justin explained, as he opened the box.
“OMG, Justin you’re the sweetest, I love you!” I told him, as I grabbed his hand over the table once again.
“I love you too baby” he smiled, and then he took the ring out of the box. The ring was in silver; it had an eternity sign on it and then a couple of diamonds.
“I also got you something” I told him. I giggled to myself; I picked up my bag and found a small box. I wouldn’t give Justin his real gift yet, so I had bought a condom and placed it in the box. I handed him the box and waited for him to open it.
When he finally opened the box, his eyes widened. He looked up at me, and then he looked down at the condom again. You see, I’m still a virgin, so I wanted my first time to be special, and what is more perfect, then doing it on your anniversary?
“I also got you another gift, but it’s back at your house” I told him, Justin’s eyes were still wide, it was like he was in shock.
“Ryan, can you pay the bill? I’ll pay you back some other day” Justin asked Ryan, before Ryan could answer, Justin had already gotten up from his seat, and he had grabbed my hand.


And let’s just say, Justin and I used a lot more that one condom that night! Haha…


Tell me what you think! I hope you liked this one?

- Amalie xo!

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