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172. Part 2 of @Hajarmouttaqui's imagine!

Part 2 of @Hajarmouttaqui's imagine 
3 months has passed since I left Justin and yet Justin and I still hadn't gotten a divorce. Justin refused to sign the papers, so now the case was going to court. 
I made sure to look extra good. I wore a tight, black skirt with a white, lace top. For shoes, I wore a pair of black Louboutin high heels. I also made sure to make am incredible makeup and my hair was in a loose, low bun, very classic. 

I also wore a bunch of expensive jewelry that I had actually gotten from Justin a few years ago. 
I went down the stairs of my new penthouse. I had earned my own money since forever, so I could afford living there alone. 
But living alone had made me a little bit lonely, so a month ago I bought a dog. It was a she and I had named her Bella. She was the cutest little puppy!! I greeted Bella by bending down to her level. She ran over to me and jumped in my arms. She was happy to see me, no doubt.  
"Morning Bella" I smiled, then I picked her up and carried her into the kitchen. 
"Mommy is going to court today," I told her. I know it was silly to call myself Mommy, but I had always wanted a kid and since that didn't seem to happen anytime soon, so, therefore, I called myself Mommy. 
"Are you hungry?" I asked her as I placed her on the ground again. I grabbed her bowl and poured some dry food into it.  
"Bye Bella," I said as I went out of the front door. I had my Michael Kors bag with me, my favorite bag. 
I locked the door behind me and went over to my car. I was actually nervous, I never imagined this day coming, but it did and now I just had to face it. 
I arrived in front of the big building. I parked my car right outside, then I got out.  I took in a deep breath, then I went closer over to the entrance, but I could barely get in because of all the paparazzi outside the court. 
"IS IT BECAUSE YOU'RE A HOE?" another one yelled. I closed my eyes and tried to keep out the hate, but it was actually getting to. 
"HEY, LEAVE HER ALONE!" someone yelled, I was suddenly grabbed by the waist and helped inside. 
"Did they hurt you?" it was when I realized who was helping me inside, Justin. 
"I'm fine," I told him as I avoided looking at him. I fixed my clothes and cleared my throat. When Justin kept staring at me I couldn't help but look at him. 
He looked amazing, he was wearing a pair of jeans, a light blue button-up shirt and a darker blue jacket on top of it. 
"You look great," I told him without even thinking. I covered my mouth and started blushing. Justin chuckled lightly and put his hands in his pockets. 
"Thanks," he said, "You look great, too," he told me. I looked down at the ground and couldn't help but smile a little bit. 
"Thank you," I told him, then the door into the courtroom got opened. 
"Y/F/N and Justin Bieber," the lady said. I smiled at her, then I went inside where I met with my lawyer.   
"Good morning Y/N, how are you today?" My lawyer Jane asked me. 
"Great, never been better," I told her. I made sure Justin heard me, and clearly he did because he looked down at the ground and gulped. 
"That's good to hear," she said, then we sat down and waited for the judge to arrive.  
"Everybody stand up" a police officer yelled as the judge entered the room. I stood up and fixed my clothes, then I looked up and smiled at the judge. 
After the judge was seated we all sat down. 
"Justin Bieber and Y/F/N, please stand up," the judge said, which made me stand up immediately. 
"I understand you want to get a divorce," he said. I nodded my head, but Justin shook his head. 
"You don't want a divorce Mr. Bieber?" the judge asked him. 
"No, your honour! I love Y/N with all my heart, but I made a mistake" Justin explained. I looked over at him and gulped, but I quickly looked away again. 
"Yeah, of what I can see you cheated on your wife, Y/F/N," the judge said. Justin lightly nodded his head and looked down at the floor, clearly he was ashamed, and I couldn't even blame him for being! 
After 15 minutes of talking back and forth with Justin, the judge and the lawyers we were finally going to sign the papers. 
I got the papers first, but as I was about to write I suddenly just couldn't. I sighed and looked up to see Justin looking at me. I was almost like I could see hope shining through his eyes. 
"I can't!" I said, then I stood up and ran out of the door. 
I was about to get into my car when Justin stopped me. 
"Hey," he said as he made me look into his eyes. 
"What's going on?" he asked me, "I thought you wanted to get divorced" he continued. 
"I know, I just can't! I still love you, and apparently you're hard to let go of" I told him as a few tears escaped my eyes. 
"Listen, I'm willing to fight for you! I don't want to get a divorce! I love you with all my heart, and I made a big mistake! I didn't think I would lose you because I love you!" Justin said. I couldn't resist it anymore, the whole day I had wanted to feel his lips on mine, to feel his arms wrapped around me, so I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close, then I placed my lips on his but only for a few seconds, and our lips were barely touching to be honest, but it felt nice, I had yearned for his lips, his touch, his attentiveness, and now I finally got to feel it! 
I opened my eyes and looked at Justin as we pulled away. Justin opened his eyes, too and started smiling. 
"Whoa," he said. I smiled back at him, then I unwrapped my arms and fixed my clothes.      
"I'm willing to give you a second chance, but if you fuck that up, too, then you're officially out of my life!" I told him. Justin smiled widely and nodded his head. 
"Of course, you won't regret it!" he said. 
"I better not! And for now, I just think we should start of living by ourselves, you know like the good old days" I told him as I smirked. My parents didn't approve Justin, so we were sneaking around until we finally ran off to live happily ever after, well sorta... 
"Oh, I remember those days," Justin said as he also started smirking. 
"Let's go inside and tell the court, then I can take you out for lunch," Justin said as he intertwined our fingers. 
"I can't," I told him, which made Justin look at me with sadness. 
"I mean, I can't go out for lunch, but you could come see my apartment, and my dog, Bella," I told him. Justin let go off his breath, then he smiled and nodded his head. 
"I would love to," he told me, then we went inside the building again and told the judge about us. 
Justin and I's relationship were better than ever! We only focused on each other and our love! We finally got everything to work out, we even moved into my apartment after a few months because we wanted to move in together again, but not in the old house filled with the bad memories!    


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