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147. Part 2 of @BaldBieber's imagine!

Part 2 of @Baldbieber ‘s imagine
I hurried out of bed and went over to my old closet, luckily I still had some of my clothes here – for emergency’s like these…
I quickly got dressed in a pair of black sweatpants, a grey sweater and a pair of Adidas shoes. I quickly pulled my hair into a messy bun, and of course I didn’t care about makeup at all!

I grabbed my phone and my car keys, then I said goodbye to my parents and left.
I can’t believe this was actually my fault! If I hadn’t left him, then this wouldn’t have happened! 
I got inside my car and started the engine, then I drove off and went to the hospital.
I actually don’t know, who my parents talked to on the phone, but I think it was the people at the hospital, but it doesn’t matter anyway…

After about 8 solid minutes I arrived. I randomly parked my car in one of the drawn parking spaces. I turned off the engine and ran inside the hospital.
“Miss, you can’t run in there” a woman yelled after me as I ran down one of the halls. I was so confused. I stopped running and turned around to look at the lady.
“Hey, looks like you need to sit” she told me. I was dizzy, I would never be able to live without my jay-bear.
“Who are you here to visit, Miss?” the lady asked me after she had helped me over to a chair. I sat down and grabbed my head.
“Justin Bieber” I told her, the lady nodded her head, then she went over to her computer and typed in Justin’s name.
“Mr. Bieber is currently having a surgery, he had gotten the gearshift inside his stomach, so they’re closing the hole now” she told me as she sat down beside me.
“Is he okay? Is he going to die?” I asked her as I started sobbing loudly. I had gotten a lot of people’s attention, mostly because I was sobbing loudly, but also because some had recognized me.
“He is not going to die, he just needs time to heal and become himself again, sadly we can’t tell you if he has gotten amnesia, we’ll know, when he wakes up” she told me I let go off my breath, it was like a heavy stone had been removed from my shoulders.
My baby would be okay!
“Do you know what room he will be brought into after the surgery?” I asked her, the lady shook her head, she comfortingly placed her hand on my shoulder and rubbed it.
“But I will be sure to tell you as soon as he is out of surgery. In the meantime I think you should get something to drink, you look devastated” she told me. I nodded my head and thanked her, then the lady stood up and went back over to her computer.
I stood up and went over to the water dispenser. I grabbed a cup and filled it with water, then I went back over to my seat and sat down. I took a very small sip of the water, I wasn’t thirsty…
Suddenly this little girl came over to me, she sat down beside me and looked at me. I furrowed an eyebrow and looked back at her.
“Hey sweetie?” I said, the girl grinned and looked over at her big sister, she nodded her head, then the big sister came over to her and sat beside her.
“Why are you crying, Y/N?” the big sister asked me. I looked at both of them as I dried a few tears on my cheeks.
“Someone close to me got in an accident” I told them, I didn’t wanna tell them it was Justin, because they may have been beliebers, and then I would have made them sad.
“That sounds awful” the little girl told me, then she stood up and wrapped her tiny arms around me. I hugged back and smiled whole-heartedly.
“I hope you will feel better soon, Y/N” she told me, I nodded my head, and thanked her, then the big sister came over to me and gave me a hug.
I was about to ask the girls a question, when the lady from before came over to me.
“Mr. Bieber is out of surgery, he’s in room 209” she told me, I thanked her, then I stood up and looked down at the girls.
“Hopefully I’ll see you girls around, it was a pleasure to meet you” I told them, then I hugged both of them again. They both waved goodbye as I made my way over to the elevator.
I went up to the second floor and got out, then I walked over to room 209.
I opened the door slowly. Two nurses stood in front of Justin and made sure everything was alright. They both turned to look at me, they had big smiles on their faces.
“Hello miss, you must be Mr. Bieber’s girlfriend?” one of them asked me, I nodded my head and sat down beside Justin.
“Is he alright?” I asked them, both of them nodded their heads.
“Yeah, he should wake up any minute now” the other one told me, then they left the room.
I moved my chair closer to Justin and grabbed his hand.  
I caressed his hands as tears streamed down my cheeks again.
“I’m so sorry for leaving you, Justin. If I hadn’t done it, then this wouldn’t have happened” I told him, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me.
“I love you so much Justin! Please don’t leave me” I cried, I placed my head on our hands as I continued to sob.
Suddenly a groan left Justin’s mouth. I immediately sat up to see what was going on. Justin was slowly opening his eyes, but he was clearly in pain, so he kept his eyes squinted.
“Y/N?” he asked me as he squeezed my hand. Thank God he could remember me!
“Yes baby, I’m right here” I told him, I gave his hand a squeeze back, then I leaned over towards Justin and pecked his dry lips.
“I’m so sorry” Justin said as he started crying. “I should’ve never hung out with Jayde, when I knew you were at home waiting for me” he continued. I shook my head and cupped his face.
“Don’t apologize! You have the right to hang out with whoever you want to, I was just being selfish” I told him, Justin shook his head and placed his hands on top of mine.
“No, I hadn’t been hanging out with you, and since you’re my girlfriend, the love of my life, I of course need to hang out with you, because without you I’m miserable” he told me, I smiled as I sobbed, then once again I placed my lips on top of Justin’s.
Justin tried to sit up, but I hurried to hold him down.
“Stay down, you got your gear shifter inside your stomach, so the doctors just finished closing the hole” I told him, Justin’s eyes got wide and he made a face .
“Yeah, sounds gross” I told him as I chuckled. Justin nodded his head and rubbed his forehead.
“Do you happen to know if they found a small box in the car?” he asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“No, were they supposed to?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head and placed his head against the pillow.
“Why a small box?” I asked him, suddenly I was curios.
“Well, I have – for a few weeks now – been planning on asking you to marry me, but when you broke up with me, I thought I could just as well throw out the ring, but then again, I couldn’t… So after a few hours of drowning my sorrows I grabbed the box and went out to my car, I wanted to give you the ring even though I knew you would never want to marry me, but I didn’t quite get there – as you know – so the ring must be in the car” he explained. I gasped and covered my mouth.
“You were going to asking me to marry you?” I asked him, Justin shyly nodded his head, and a light shade of pink formed on his pale face.
“I would love to marry you” I truthfully told him, Justin’s eyes got wide, and the biggest grin formed on his face.
“Are you serious?” he asked me. I nodded my head and kissed his lips.
“Of course! There’s nothing in the world that I rather would” I told him. Justin grabbed my face, then he pulled me down to him and connected our lips, this kissed was more passionate than ever!
“Oh, sorry to interrupt” someone suddenly said, Justin and I pulled away from each other and looked at the doctor.
“The firemen found a few things in Mr. Bieber’s crashed car that they thought he might wanted” he explained. I stood up and went over to the doctor, who handed me the box.
“Thank you so much” I told him, the doctor nodded his head, then he left the room.
I went over to Justin again and placed the box beside him. I opened it, and then first thing that caught my eyes were a big package of condoms.
“Really?” I asked him as I showed him the box. Justin chuckled and smirked.
“You never know” he told me, I rolled my eyes, then I looked back into the box. I immediately spotted a small, black velour box. I grabbed it and opened it, and there it was, the most beautiful and gorgeous ring you could ever imagine! It was a very unique ring, because it had a big, black stone in the middle, and then around it were small, silver diamonds, it was absolutely stunning.

I gasped and removed the big box from the bed. Then I handed the box to Justin.
“It’s beautiful” I told him, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
He opened the box again – since I had closed it – and grabbed my hand.
“Y/F/N, would you do me the honor of marrying me?” he asked me, I nodded my head and smiled widely. Justin smiled, too, then he grabbed the ring and sled it onto my finger.
“We’re getting married!” I squealed, then I leaned down over him and placed my lips on his to give him a kiss.
I wanted to give him some extra, so I added my tongue, which Justin clearly didn’t seem to mind, because he immediately opened his mouth and started playing with my tongue.
This was so perfect…  


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