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95. Part 2 of @Allarahh's imagine!

Part 2 of @Allarahh’s imagine (Wattpad follower)
It’s been 4 months since Justin left me, and I had moved into an apartment on my own. I couldn’t stand staying in that house. I had so many memories with Justin in that house, so staying there would just make me depressed.
Luckily I had enough money myself to buy a big and beautiful penthouse in the middle of LA. And the good thing about my new apartment was that Hailey only lived a few blocks away, so I was able to see my best friend a lot more often than I ever! Hailey of course knew everything about Justin and I, and I actually think she is more pissed at him, than I am. But of course she didn’t stop talking to him, so in that way she kept me updated on him and his girlfriend, hfm.
Apparently her name was Amanda, and Hailey said she was such a bitch; maybe it was to make me happy? I don’t know?
Anyways I would be meeting Hailey and Noah later tonight to go clubbing, I was finally ready to move on and live my life again.
So Hailey and Noah had asked me out tonight. So I had just finished getting ready. I had decided to wear this really sexy, black dress with glitter and an open back.
My makeup was Smokey and hot, and I had curled my ombré colored hair. A lot had changed since Justin left me; I had lost a lot of weight, and turned my body into a hot body instead of my regular body. I had gotten a few tattoos, and I had colored my hair. I had actually also made a new song. It’s called ‘Good for you’ (let’s just pretend you made the song instead of Selena, I just think the song fits perfectly to this imagine).
I made my way downstairs and found my Michael Kors bag; I placed my phone and some money in it. Then there was a knock on the door. I hurried over to the door, but I wasn’t that fast because of my high pumps.
“Heeey!” Hailey squealed as I opened the door. I pulled her in for a hug, and then I pulled her inside.
“I’m almost ready,” I told her with a smile, yeah I was actually happy tonight.
“Great, wanna know something?” Hailey asked as she walked into my kitchen and found some booze.
“Yeah” I told her as I stood in front of the mirror in my hall putting on my lipstick.
“Justin listened to your song, and he has left Amanda” she explained. I furrowed my eyebrows and walked into the kitchen.
“He did?” I asked her with a smirk. Hailey nodded her head and handed me a glass with something I didn’t know was?
“He even realized that he loves you,” she said as I took a sip of my drink. I gasped and had to spit out my drink in the sink.
“WHAT?” I asked her with big eyes.
“I know, but I already told him you were moving on, so don’t worry” Hailey smiled, my eyes got even wider, and I shook my head.
“No, I’m not moving on! I love Justin, I won’t ever be able to move on!” I told her, Hailey covered her mouth and her eyes got sad.
“I’m so sorry sweetie, I didn’t know you felt that way” she said, I lightly smiled and shook my head.
“It’s okay, I’ll be fine” I told her, and then I drowned my drink and placed the glass on the counter.
“Come on, we have a party to attend” I yelled to Hailey with a smile. Hailey lightly smiled and nodded her head.

We arrived at the club, and I was more than ready to let go and party all night. We met Noah outside the club, and both Hailey and I met him in a big hug.
“How are you feeling princess?” Noah asked me as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“I’m good, just a little shocked,” I told him. Noah furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at me as we walked inside the club and made it up to the VIP section.
“Shocked about what?” he asked me as we sat down. Hailey was getting us drink.
“Justin listened to my song, and he realized that he is still in love with me, so he left that Amanda girl” I told Noah with a smile. Noah furrowed his eyebrows even more and chuckled.
“That’s pathetic,” he said, now it was my turn to furrow my eyebrows.
“Don’t he know you’re moving on?” Noah asked, I shook my head and cleared my throat.
“No, because I’m not” I told him.
“I thought you were moving on?” Noah said as he looked down at me with serious eyes.
“I still love him Noah, I can’t just let go of that,” I told him. Then Hailey came back with our drinks and 15 shots.
I drowned my 5 shots along with Hailey and Noah, and then we got up from the couch and made our way out to the dance floor.

* Justin’s POV *
Hailey had told me that Y/N and her would be at this club tonight, so if I wanted to get her back I had to show up, so I did.
I arrived at the VIP section and looked around, until I saw Y/N dancing with Noah – her best friend – and Hailey. Noah also knew I was coming; I just hoped he hadn’t told Y/N anything!
As I made my way over to them, Y/N’s new song started playing. I knew Y/N wrote the song to me to make me realize how much I had hurt her.
Y/N and Hailey squealed and started singing along. Y/N started dancing really sexually, and it was hard for me not to go crazy.
I missed her, I missed her body, I missed her amazing scent, I missed the feeling of her lips on mine, I missed cuddling with her, I missed everything about her!
Noah and Hailey noticed me and started smiling, both of them? I actually thought Noah was mad at me for hurting Y/N, but apparently he wasn’t.
I sneaked my arms around Y/N’s waist from behind and sang into her eyes, I just changed the lyrics a little.
“You’re gonna wear the dress I like, skin tight. Do your hair up real, real nice. And syncopate your skin to my heart beating” I sang. Y/N stopped moving and turned around in my arms. She covered her mouth with her hands and a tear ran down her cheek. I removed one of my arms and dried away her tear.
Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight.
“Hey baby” I whispered into her ear. Y/N chuckled and placed a kiss on my neck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed finally having her in my arms again.
“How did you know I was here?” Y/N asked me as she pulled away from me. I looked over at Hailey and Noah and smiled.
“You have very loyal friends, they really love you,” I told her, Y/N nodded her head and turned it to look at Hailey and Noah.
“Thank you, you guys,” she said, both of them nodded their heads and smiled widely.
“Wanna get out of here so I can explain?” I asked Y/N, Y/N nodded her head and smiled.
“We’re leaving guys” Y/N said as she turned around to look at Hailey and Noah, she hugged them, then she came over to me and grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
Y/N looked better than ever, she was more of a badass now, and surprisingly I liked that?
Y/N had always looked good, but she had always looked so innocent, my little baby. Now she was this sexy beast that everyone was jealous of, and I loved it!
“You look absolutely stunning,” I told her as we walked to my car. Y/N turned her head to look at me.
“Thank you” she said, and for the first time I actually think she took the compliment as a real compliment.  
“It’s like I don’t even know you anymore! You’re so different, but still so much like your old self” I told her, Y/N giggled and bit down in her lip.
“Well, I didn’t feel like the old me, so I changed into the person I always wanted to be” she said, I nodded my head and bit down in my lip.
“Well, you look amazing, and really sexy” I told her with a smirk. Y/N smirked, too, and then she let go off my hand and opened the door to my car.
I drove to Y/N’s house and parked in the driveway.
“Uhm Justin, I don’t live here anymore?” Y/N said as she furrowed her eyebrows. I furrowed my eyebrows, too and looked at her.
“Really? When did you move?” I asked her as I turned on the engine again and drove away.
“A month ago or so?” she said, I nodded my head. I could literally have slapped myself there.
“That’s why you never got any of my presents” I told her, Y/N looked over at me with wide eyes.
“You sent me presents?” she asked me; I nodded my head and chuckled.
“Yeah, I did. I wanted to make up for making the biggest mistake of my life,” I told her. Y/N nodded her head, and then she gave me the directions to her house. 

I think Y/N and I had been sitting in her living room for the past hour talking about everything and anything.
I told her, why I left, and luckily she understood, so I was forgiven. But I just needed one thing… I needed her to be my girlfriend again; I needed to know I would have her by my side for the rest of my life. So now was the time. I pulled out this small box from my pocked in my jacket.
I bought this ring about a month ago, and I knew that was the ring I was going to be proposing to Y/N with.
“Y/N, I have a question to ask you,” I told Y/N as I gently opened the box. Y/N gasped and covered her mouth. I chuckled and got down on one knee in front of her.
“I know I fucked up big time, but I know I can’t live without you! These last past month have been hell for me, and that made me realize how much I love you, and how I want to spend the rest of my life with you! I wanna have kids with you! I wanna grow old with you, and only you!” I told her as I looked up at her. Y/N chuckled and dried a tear away.
“So Y/F/N, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife? My Mrs. Bieber?” I asked her, Y/N nodded her head crazily and smiled widely. I chuckled and got the ring out of the box. I placed it on her finger, and finally I placed my lips on top of hers again! 


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