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74. Part 2 of @__Tu__flaca0415's imagine!

Part 2 of __Tu__flaca0415 ‘s imagine
“Are you pregnant?” the words kept going through my head as I tried to find an answer. I gulped and looked down in the floor.
“Why would you think that?” I asked him, but I knew Justin could read me like a book, he knew that every time I started fumbling with my fingers, I wasn’t telling the truth.
“Emma told me it wasn’t her test” he quietly said, I sighed and a tear ran down my cheek.
“Well yeah, you better know the truth then” I sighed; Justin furrowed his eyebrows and walked a little closer to me.
“Isn’t the baby mine?” he asked me; I gasped and sternly looked at him.
“Are you serious? I’m not a cheater!” I told him as I rolled my eyes.
“I was just making sure, it sounded like that,” he quietly said as he looked down in the ground.  
“Well, I am not like you!” I told him, then I turned around and hurried upstairs and into the guestroom, before Justin could open the door, I locked it. I sighed, then I ran over to the bed and laid down, then suddenly lots of tears ran down my cheeks.
10 minutes later or so Emma knocked on my door.
“Sweetie, Justin has left, you can open the door now” she quietly said, I sighed and dried some tears away, and then I got up from the bed and went over to the door to unlock it.
“How did you get him to leave?” I asked Emma as she walked into the room.
“I told him you would contact him as soon as you were ready to talk to him, but I don’t think you should ever contact him” Emma explained, I sighed and nodded my head.
“I’m done with Justin” I told her, Emma smiled, then she pulled me closer to her and hugged me tight.
“I’m glad you are” she said, I furrowed my eyebrows and pulled away from her.
“Why?” I asked her as I still had my eyebrows furrowed.
“I don’t know, maybe because I never really got to see you” Emma explained, I awed, and finally I was able to smile for real.
But the smile didn’t last long, because suddenly Justin came running into the room. He grabbed my hand and got me up from the bed, I screamed to make him stop, but he didn’t, not until I kicked him in the hollow of his knee.
“Stop Justin! I’m done, I don’t want to talk to you!” I screamed, but Justin didn’t give up that easily.
“Just please listen to me Y/N, I never cheated on you! You’re the only one I love, you’re the only one I want to wake up to in the morning, you’re the only one I can imagine a future with” Justin explained, I held in my breath and looked up at him.
“Do you really mean you didn’t cheat on me?” I asked him, Justin gently nodded his head, and then he pulled out his phone and gave it to me.
“Check everything on my phone, and I will promise you, you won’t find a thing!” he told me, I shook my head and bit down in my lip.
“I really need to think about this Justin, I can’t just believe you just like that” I told him, Justin sarcastically chuckled and rolled his eyes.
“You are supposed the trust the person you love the most” he said, I gulped and looked down in the ground.
“Are you serious? Are you really doubting your love for me?” he asked me with wide eyes, I gently shook my head and continued to look down in the ground.
“I just need some time to think,” I told him, then I ran down the stairs and out through the front door. I had no idea on, where I was going, I just ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I saw a tree nearby, so I walked over to it and sat down under it, and to my luck it started raining (Note the sarcasm).
Suddenly someone sat down beside me, I looked to my side and saw Justin, I sighed, then I hid my head on his should and started sobbing loudly. Justin was quick to wrap his arms around me; he gently caressed my back as he tried to calm me down.
“Hey, why are you so sad?” he asked me as he rested his head on top of mine.
“Everything has just turned upside down lately” I told him as I continued to sob.
“I was so sure about you cheating on me, and nothing could be worse than that! Because I really love you so much” I continued, Justin placed a peck on top of my head, then he stood up and picked me up afterwards.
“Let’s get you inside, we can’t have you getting sick” he quietly said as he carried me over to his car.
“Do you want to be a dad?” I asked him as we had both gotten into the car.
“Why are you even asking me that question? Of course I want to be a dad!” Justin said as he smiled, I smiled too, then I grabbed his jaw and pulled him closer to me, then finally I could feel his plumb lips on top of mine. Both of us got so into the kissing that Justin picked me up and placed me on his lap, I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.
“I love you so much” I told him as we pulled away to get our breaths.
“I love you too baby” Justin smiled, I smiled too, then I leaned close to him and rested my head against his. I pecked his nose repeatedly as I grabbed my jaw gently.
“I’m sorry for doubting you” I told him as I pulled away, Justin smiled and shook his head.
“I’m sorry baby, I should have been home before midnight as I promised you! I just really felt like helping that girl” Justin explained, I nodded my head and gently caressed his neck with my thumbs.
“It’s okay! I was just really scared!” I told him, Justin smiled widely, then he placed his lips on top of mine again. Justin bit down in my lip and started pulling it, which caused me to moan.
“I actually have one question” I told Justin as I pulled away and opened my eyes again.
“Why did you have a boner, when you walked out of that club?” I asked him as I leaned back a little. Justin sighed, then he found his phone and started looking through something.
“You remember those picture you sent me once?” he asked me, I shook my head, then Justin turned his phone and showed me different pictures of me laying on our bed only in a bra with a matching thong. I started blushing, and I quickly hid my face in his hands.
“That’s so embarrassing” I said, Justin pulled my hands away from my face and made me look at him.
“I had a boner, because I had been looking at those pictures, because I was bored” Justin explained, I nodded my head, then I kissed his lips again. Then I got off Justin’s lap, so he could drive us home, we just needed to stop at Emma’s house, because I needed to get my stuff.
After stopping by Emma’s house to get my stuff and my car, and explaining to Emma that Justin and I were back together, Justin and I drove home to be together just the two of us.

9 months later Justin and I were on our way to the hospital, my water had broken about an hour ago, and now I was really feeling bad. And as we arrived at the hospital, the nurses were quick to get me a room and to find my doctor and my midwife.
As doctor Evans came into the room he really looked concerned, I furrowed my eyebrows and held Justin’s hand tight.
“How are you feeling Y/N?” he asked me as he sat down in one of the chairs.
“Like shit!” I told him, then a contraction rushed through my body, and I started screaming.
“Baby, it’s okay” Justin said as he tried to calm me down, but I just shook my head and started crying.
“It really hurts!” I cried, I rested my head against Justin’s hand and continued to scream.
Finally 2 hours later I was ready to give birth to Justin and I’s son. We had decided to our third ultrasound to get to know the gender.
“Just one last push Y/N, and then you will be able to hold your son” Doctor Evans said, but I really didn’t have the energy to push one last time, I was tired, everything was blurry, and I could feel my heartbeat slowing down.  I did everything in my power to push one last time, and luckily I succeed, I smiled as I rested my head on the pillow, I really wanted to see my son, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and suddenly everything went back, and the last thing I heard was Justin calling my name in pure panic…


OH NO! What will happen in the next part? If there will be another part? You tell me...

- Amalie xo

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