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25. Part 1 of @b.bessma's imagine!

Imagine for @b.bessma
My parents won’t let me and Justin see each other, because they think Justin has a bad influence on me after what happened back in January in 2014. But he hasn’t! Actually he made me a better person, he was there for me when my Grandma died and he will always be there for me, I’m 100 percent sure!
Right now Justin and I were on our way home to Justin, it was mid night and Justin had snuck me out so we could be together. On the way back to Justin’s house, we were just listening to music and Justin had his free hand interlocked with mine.
We weren’t talking that much, because we didn’t feel like it.
We finally arrived at his house and he turned the engine off.
“I would love to call this our home, but as long as your parents won’t accept our relationship, I have to say welcome to my home” Justin sadly said as he opened the front door.
As we got inside Justin instantly pinned me against the door and started kissing my neck. He found my sweet spot right away and started sucking, I moaned and wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck. Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, and then he walked upstairs. 
“Justin, you know we can’t keep going! My parents don’t want us to continue seeing each other” I told Justin as we started kissing and he placed me on his bed.
“I don’t care! I love you and I always will” he said as he ripped his shirt off.
“I love you too,” I told him, then I slipped my tongue into his mouth and we started making out as we kept undressing each other. Finally Justin showed himself into me and started moving.


“OMG” I whispered as Justin laid down beside me and tried to get his breath again.
“That was amazing” he said when he finally got his breath, he wrapped an arm around my waist and buried his head in between my breast.  
“Baby, you do realise that someday we have to tell my parents that we’re in love and nothing can keep us away from each other?” I asked Justin as I gently rubbed his back.
“Yeah, hopefully then they will understand” he mumbled into my breast, he gently pecked them and then looked up.
“I love you baby” he smiled; he looked deeply into my eyes and then finally kissed my lips.
“I love you too,” I told him, and then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


It had been a month since Justin and I had our special night, I had been feeling really sick lately, throwing up and eating a lot. My parents even noticed me eating in the middle of the night, last night.
I was sitting on my bed with my MacBook as I making my English assignment, at the same time I was texting Justin, he had been so sweet lately, buying me flowers and making sure to come sleep with me, as soon as my parents had went to bed. And somehow he always managed to be out of the house before they woke up.
Suddenly as I was finishing my last sentence, my mom walked in.
“Sweetie, I have something important to talk to you about” she said as she walked over to my bed. I furrowed my eyebrows and closed my computer.
“What is it mom?” I asked her as I turned around to look at her.
“Are you pregnant?” she asked, my eyes got wide and so did my mouth.
“What do you mean? No, of course I’m not pregnant!” I told her as I crossed my arms over to chest.
“It’s just that you have been acting like a pregnant woman lately” she explained as she sat down beside me and pulled me into her chest.
“Are you sure you don’t have anything to tell me?” mom asked after a couple of minutes in silence. What I really was pregnant? I mean the chances could be right, since Justin wasn’t wearing a condom last time we had sex, but that was a month ago, so how could I be pregnant, if I haven’t felt it before now?
“I’m still seeing Justin” I quietly told her as I looked down, mom instantly took her arms away from me and looked at me with those disappointed eyes only a mother can make.
“Y/N, how could you? Your dad and I do anything for you to be safe! And this is how you treat us? By going back to that idiot,” she said as she stood up.
“You know what? I think you should take this one!” My mom said, then she threw a pregnancy test at me,
“If it’s positive you’re out of this house by tonight, if it’s not, then you dumb Justin and never see him anymore!” she yelled, then she slammed the door and left e completely alone. I gulped harshly and walked out to the bathroom, where I peed on the stick and waited 10 minutes to see the result. I sat down on the toilet seat and found my phone. I unlocked it and saw Justin had to texted me.
“Princess, come over tonight  <3 <3” the text said, I smiled and texted him back.
“Can’t wait: * <3 <3”, then the 10 minutes had passed, so I stood up and walked over to the sink.
I took a deep breath and looked down at the test,
“Positive” I whispered to myself. My whole body was shaking, but at the same time I was happy, now I could finally be together with Justin, forever!
“Baby, I have something to tell you tonight! <3 <3” I texted Justin, then I went into my room and started packing most of my clothes and stuff down in suitcases. I had many of my things at Justin’s place, so it was not that much I needed to bring. 
As I was packing, my phone went off, you I hurried over to it and picked up.
“Baby? Are you okay?” Justin asked as I returned the call.
“Yeah, I’m better than ever, but we’re not going to talk about it now, I will tell you in person” I told him as I continued to pack.
“Okay? Then I’ll continue making dinner” Justin said,
“Okay, I love you baby” I told him as I zipped my last suitcase.
“I love you too baby! When will you be here?” he asked,
“I think I will be there in 20 minutes or so” I told him, I started walking down the stairs with two suitcases, then I walked upstairs again and took the third suitcase and my bag with my charger, earphones and all that.
“Great baby! See you in a bit!” he said and then ended the call. I locked my phone again and then walked into the living room where my parents were sitting.
“I have something to tell you” I told them as I stood in front of the TV.
“Yeah?” my dad said as he turned off the TV,
“Mom already knows that I’ve been seeing Justin and that I’ve been feeling sick lately!” I started, immediately my dad’s face turned red in anger.
“Mom got me a pregnancy test, and it’s positive, so I’ve already packed my stuffs and I just wanted to say goodbye” I told them, a tear ran down my cheek as I walked out to the hall to take my jacket and my white Nike Air Max on.
“Y/N, wait, you know your mom didn’t mean it! We’re just a little but disappointed” my dad explained as he ran out to me,
“No, she meant all of it!” I told him, then I opened the front door and started carrying some of the suitcases out,
“Y/N, you will not see Justin! You’re staying with us and when the baby is born we’ll give t up for adoption” he explained, my eyes got wide and I rolled them,
“You’re sick! I will never, and I mean it, NEVER give my baby up for adoption! I love Justin and I know that’s he’s my one true love, so if you can’t accept us being together, then maybe it’s best if we never talk again” I said, then I got into the car and drove over to Justin’s house.
As I was driving, tears started running down my cheeks like a waterfall, the fact that I maybe never would see my parents again, hurt a little. 
I finally arrived at Justin’s house, so I got out of the car and carried my suitcases over to the door before knocking on it.
A few second later, Justin opened the door and immediately he started smiling.
“Hey baby” he said as he walked out and kissed my lips. I smiled in the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, Justin pulled away from the kiss first and looked around, he then furrowed his eyebrows and looked at my.
“Are you moving in or something?” he asked like he was making fun,
“As a matter of fact, I am!” I told him, then I pulled my in for a kiss again.
“Did your parents finally accept me?” he asked as we pulled out of the kiss, I just shook my head and looked down.
“They kicked me out!” I told him as I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and then I took some of the suitcases inside and Justin took the rest.
“Why would they kick you out?” Justin asked as he placed the suitcases on the floor in the hall.
“Okay, maybe you should sit down” I told him as I pulled him into the kitchen and placed him on one of the chair.
“Okay, how do I tell you this?” I asked as I took a deep breath,
“Just say it” he said, his eyes had turned darker, he was nervous.
“ I’m pregnant” I told him; I closed my eyes waiting for him to freak out.
“Sorry, what?” he asked as he looked at me in disbelief.
“I’m pregnant” I told him a little louder.
“I heard you the first time, I just couldn’t believe it!” he told me as he stood up.
“Baby, that’s amazing!” he said as he got a huge grin on his lips. He picked my up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I was in such a shock, so I barely noticed him picking me up. He was happy! Suddenly I started to smile like a freak, we were finally able to be together and we were having a baby…


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So the next part will be both sad and cute, but mostly sad.... So be aware, maybe I'll post again soon :D

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