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5. Over Protective Justin

Imagine for @Iputjerryinsideme
*Your POV*
I got a text from Luca “Hey girl, Derek is having a party in 2 hours, are you coming?” It said, are party wouldn’t be such a bad thing, I mean it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a party and Justin isn’t home. Lately Justin have been so clingy, and it’s kind of annoying, if we are in the mall, and I have to go to the toilet, he walks with me, in to the LADIES room, standing in front of my door. Even though it’s annoying, it’s kind of cute.
I got in the shower, taking my shampoo with strawberry scent, I smiled because Justin loves this scent, he use to sniff my hair, and it’s so cute. I got out and went in to the closet. I found a red dress and put a blazer over it, I found a pair of black pumps and then did my makeup, then I found my promise ring Justin gave me and a necklace. I went downstairs and wrote a note for Justin, “Hey baby, Luca invited me for a party. It’s at Derek’s house, see you tonight when I come home” I wrote for him. I walked out of the front door and walked to my car and drove to Derek’s house. “Hey girl, I didn’t think you would come” Luca said to me when I came in by the door, “Of course, how could I not?” I asked her, “I just didn’t think you would get permission from Justin” she said, “Why do I have to ask Justin for permission, I can do what I want to” I said. “It’s just….. Nothing, let’s just party” She said, we walked over to the bar “Hey Y/N, How are you?” Derek asked me, “Hey, I’m good” I said, “good, do you want to dance?” he asked, “yeah, let’s dance” I said to him. After dancing with Derek for 2 hours I got a phone call “Hello, It’s Y/N” I said a bit tipsy, “Y/N, why hell are you going to a party without me” Justin said a little mad “I just needed to come out and have some phone without you, bye see you at home” I said, “no, Y/N I” I just ended the call, I walked over to the bar and got a drink. I looked around to see if I could find Luca, I found her sitting in one of the couches, I walked over to her, “Hey girl, I couldn’t find you” I said to her, “oh, I’ve just been sitting here” she said, “don’t you want to dance” I asked her “nah, I’m not in the mood” she said, “then I’m going to stay here with you” I said and sat down in the couch, “so, have is your relationship with James” I asked her, “It’s good, I love him so much, and yeah he’s just on my mind all the time” she said, “I feel the same way with Justin, it’s just the last couple of months he have been so clingy, and yeah, 2 minutes ago he called me just to hear why I took to a party without him” I said, “aww, he’s only clingy because he loves you, there’s nothing to worry about” she said hugging me, “btw he’s standing over in the door looking for you” she said, I looked over to the door, and as she told me, he stood in the door, he looked over to me, and hurried over to me, “Oh god I found you, I thought something happened to you” He said hugging me tight, “there’s nothing to worry about, I’ve been here all the time” I said, I gave him a sweet kiss, “Okay, but you’re coming home with me now, I can see Derek looking at you, and I don’t like that” he said, he took my hand and started dragging me out “BYE LUCA, SEE YOU!” I yelled to her. Justin dragged me to his car, “what about my car?” I asked him, “We pick it up tomorrow!” he said stern. I got in the car and Justin started the engine and drove home.
When we got home, Justin opened my door for me, and I walked out, he took my hand and walked indoor, “Why did you go to the party without me?” he asked me, “because Justin, I wanted some time for myself, and you should’ve trusted me” I said, “you know I trust you” he said “no, I don’t know, because you’re always by my side, EVEN WHEN I’M AT THE LADIESROOM!” I yelled, “I’M JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU” he yelled back, “THEN STOP, I CAN PROTECT MYSELF, I’M NOT A LITTLE GIRL” I yelled back.
I walked upstairs and took my pillow and my duvet, “where are you going?” Justin asked me, “I’m going to sleep in the guestroom!” I said stern, “no, please don’t, I’m sorry, and you know I can’t sleep without you” He said, “right know I don’t care” I said, I walked in to the guestroom. I took my dress of and got in bed.  

*next morning*
I woke up and looked around, I then remembered what happened yesterday. I got out of bed, and walked in to the bedroom to get some clothes. I walked in and saw Justin still sleeping, but when I looked at his face I could see the dried tears, have he been crying?
I walked over to the bed, “Hey, Justin wake up” I said to him in a sweet voice, he opened his eyes and then looked at me, he sat up and gave me a tight hug, “baby, I’m so sorry, I just, I’m scared of losing you” he said, “why are you scared of that?” I asked him, “Because you’re so beautiful and I see how guys look at you, and I can’t help thinking you maybe find someone else, and then leaves me” he said sobbing, “Are you kidding me? The only one I have an eye for is you, I promised you to be with you forever, remember?” I asked him showing him my promise ring I got from him, a smile grew on his lips, “I love you, and only you, how could I find another guy when you’re the one I’m totally in love with?” I asked him, “I love you to” he said, I pulled him in to a sweet kiss full of love, “come on, I’m hungry” I said and stood up. I found Justin’s t-shirt from yesterday and put it on, I looked over to Justin and saw him staring at me “Why are you staring like that?” I asked him, “because I’m the happiest guy alive” he said, “and I have the most beautiful girlfriend on the earth” he said. I walked over to him and sat on his lap, “oh really?” I asked him, “mh” I mumbled and laid his hand on my ass, “you know what?” I asked him “no, what?” he asked giving my ass a squeeze, “I love you so much, and I have the most sexiest boyfriend alive” I said to him, I laid my hand on his chest and pushed myself in to him and gave him a little peck, “ah, ah, give me a real kiss” he said, I smiled and gave him a real kiss, “come on, I’m hungry, and I have a little headache” I said, Justin started laughing “ then come on” he said, we stood up and walked downstairs, I said on the counter and Justin gave me a glass of water and some pain killers, “thanks” I said “you’re welcome” he said giving me a little kiss. He walked over to the fridge and found some eggs and bacon, “do you want scramble eggs?” Justin asked me “yeah, it sounds good” I said, he started making it, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, “I love you so much” I said, I kissed his shoulder and then walked in to the living room and sat down. I turned on the TV and watched some television. After 15 minutes Justin came in to me and gave me the food, I pulled him down to me and gave him a kiss, after we ate, we just cuddled all day long, I love him so much. 

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