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100. Imagine to @Y_rioss175!

Imagine to @y_rioss175
Positive, positive, positive, they were all positive! I took a deep breath and threw all of the pregnancy tests into the garbage can.
I actually didn’t think I was pregnant, but now that my period had been 2 months late, I had to admit it. I wasn’t sad about being pregnant, I was just afraid of what Justin would think, when I told him.
“Babe, are you okay? You’ve been out there for a long time?” Justin suddenly said, he grabbed the doorknob and tried to open the door, but luckily I had locked it!
“Yeah, I’m coming out now” I told him, my voice was shaky, and I was stuttering like crazy.
“Okay?” Justin said, and then I heard him walk away from the door. I took a deep breath, and then I opened the door and stepped out.
I walked downstairs and sat down on the couch beside Justin.
“Wanna go clubbing tonight?” Justin asked me as he kept his eyes on his phone. I swallowed and looked down at my lap.
“Yeah” I quietly told him, Justin looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows.
“Why are you so quiet? That doesn’t seem like you?” he asked me, he grabbed my jaw and made me look him in the eyes.
“I need to- I need to tell you some- something” I stuttered, Justin nodded his head and waited for me to continue, but before I could his phone went off.
“Just answer it,” I told him, Justin nodded his head, and then he stood up and answered the call.
“Hey, yeah I was wondering if you would like to go clubbing with me and Y/N tonight?” he asked into the phone.
As Justin kept talking on the phone, I decided to go upstairs and get ready.
I took a long shower and after I got out, I looked at myself in the mirror – naked -, and you could easily see I was pregnant, so it was decided, I was wearing a loose dress tonight.
I dried my body and my hair, then I went into Justin and I’s walk-in closet and found a black, loose dress and a pair of black wedge pumps. I went into the bathroom again and blow-dried my hair. I had natural curls, so I just left them like that, then I did a my makeup, just the normal Smokey look. I colored my nails with a white nail polish and found two cute rings in silver.
For earrings I just found a lot of different and cute earrings, I had a lot of holes in my ears, so it acquired a lot of earrings.
“You look amazing baby!” Justin said as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and placed a peck on my cheek.
“Thanks” I said as I held in my breath, so he wouldn’t feel my baby bump.
“What were you trying to tell me downstairs?” Justin asked me as he took off his clothes.
“It’s nothing” I told him. Justin shrugged his shoulders, then he went into the shower and showered.

An hour later we arrived at the club. Justin had his arm wrapped around my waist tightly, just to make sure I was by his side the whole time.
“What would you like to drink baby?” he asked me as I sat down at one of the tables.
“Just a diet coke” I told him, Justin furrowed his eyebrows and sat down beside me.
“No alcohol?” he asked me as he grabbed my hand. I smiled and shook my head.
“One of us need to stay sober, so we can get home tonight” I told him, Justin smiled and pecked my cheek.
“You’re right baby, thank you” he said, and then he stood up and went up to the bar to get us something to drink.
The atmosphere at the club gave me a headache! People were being way too loud, and it was so hot in there, I felt like throwing up, but I didn’t…
“Hey girl” someone suddenly said behind me, I turned my head around to see Hailey and Ryan. The two of them had become a couple a few months ago, and I couldn’t be happier for them!
“Hey guys” I smiled. Hailey sat down beside me, and Ryan went up to Justin to order something to drink.
“What’s up girl?” Hailey asked me, I sighed and looked down at my lap.
“I have something to tell you,” I told her over the loud music.
“Okay?” Hailey said as she furrowed her eyebrows.
“I took a pregnancy test today, since my period has been two months late now” I told her, Hailey’s eyes got wide, and she got a huge grin on her face.
“OMG, are you pregnant?” she asked me; I let go of a deep breath and nodded my head as I closed my eyes.
“Congratulation!” Hailey said as he wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. I smiled and hugged her back.
“Thank you, but you can’t tell Justin! He doesn’t know yet, I haven’t got the opportunity to tell him” I told her, Hailey nodded her head, then she quietly squealed and placed a hand on my baby bump.
“I can’t wait for you to be born! You’re going to be so spoiled” she said, I chuckled and shook my head.
“You’re crazy” I told her, then the guys came back and sat down with us.
“There you go baby, a diet coke” Justin said, which caused Ryan to furrow his eyebrows.
“I’m driving home” I told him, which made him smile and nod his head.
“Okay” he chuckled.

It was about 1am, and I was bored out of my mind! Hailey and Ryan were making out somewhere in the club, and Justin had started a conversation with some guys I didn’t know. So I was hanging out at our table as I drank my fifth diet coke!
“Hey sexy” a guy said as he sat down beside me. He was clearly drunk, because his breath was terrible, and he couldn’t even focus on me.
“Please don’t call me that,” I told him, then I moved my chair, but of course the guy moved his chair close to mine. I took a sip of my diet coke and looked over at Justin, but he didn’t even acknowledge me… I sighed and looked down, but I immediately jumped as the guy tried to kiss my neck. I grabbed my diet coke and threw it at him!
“Don’t you ever do that again! I have a boyfriend, and I love him!” I told the guy, and then I turned around to see Justin standing there with disappointment written all over his face.
I furrowed my eyebrows and walked over to him.
“Why do you look disappointed?” I asked him, Justin turned around and started walking away from me.
“Justin! What is your problem?” I asked him as I followed him.
“You let that guy kiss your neck!” he said as he stopped walking and turned around.
“No, I didn’t! Didn’t you see I pushed him away and threw my drink at him?” I asked him as I felt the anger reaching me.
“No you didn’t! I’m not blind Y/N!” Justin said, I sarcastically chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Well, clearly you are!” I told him, and then I turned around and was about to leave, when Justin grabbed my arm and turned me around. I didn’t even get to open my eyes before I could feel a huge sting on my cheek. Justin had slapped me; he had never done that before! And he had always promised me he wouldn’t do it!
I opened my eyes and looked at him with tears running down my cheeks, which made the bruise hurt even more.
Then I slapped him and went out of the club.
Apparently Hailey had seen what was going on, so she was quick to run after me.
“Y/N, why did Justin slap you?” she asked me as she reached me, I sniffled and unlocked the car.
“Justin thought I let another guys kiss my neck” I told her as I started sobbing.
I got inside the car, and so did Hailey. I turned on the car and drove off.
“That’s absurd! Of course you wouldn’t let someone else kiss your neck!” Hailey said, I nodded my head and sniffled once again.
My vision was really blurry because of the tears, so I had a hard time driving.
“Hailey, he slapped me” I cried, then I stopped the car in the middle of the empty road.
“I know sweetie, and that’s not fair!” Hailey said, then she pulled me close and tried to comfort me, but it didn’t go as planned, because a few seconds later another car hit ours and everything went blurry…


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