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122. Imagine to @Tay-Bieber-902! Wattpad follower

Imagine to @Tay-Bieber-902
I woke up at 7am today, I wanted to be prepared for school. I start at this new school today, since my parents just got divorced, and I now only live with my dad.
After taking a long and affective shower I got dressed in a pair of black Dr. Denim jeans, a baby pink T-shirt and a pair of Adidas shoes.

After drying my hair, I braided it and did a simple makeup, I didn’t want to look like a slut on the first day of school, not that I look like a slut any other day.
“Dad, I’m ready to go” I called out as I made my way down the stairs. Dad came into view, he had a granola bar and a portable mug with green tea. I kissed his cheek and grabbed the things, then I went outside and got inside his car.
“So, are you ready for your first day?” dad asked, I sighed and leaned back in the seat.
“Yeah, but to be honest, I would actually rather just stay home and watch Netflix” I told him, dad chuckled and started the car.
“Come on sweetie, you’ll be fine” he said, I nodded and took a sip of my actually really hot tea, mom used to have it cool down a little bit before she would give it to me….


A few minutes later we arrived at my new school, I got out of the car and bended down to look at dad through the open window.
“I’ll see you later” I told him, then I walked away and made my way inside the school. The first thing I got met by was stares and glares by everyone!
I looked down and started walking even faster, I hated attention, it was the worst thing ever!
I didn’t even see where I was walking, because suddenly I walked into somebody and fell down onto the floor.
“Hey, are you okay?” some guy asked as he reached out his hand for me to take it. I looked up and immediately got in a trance as I looked the guy right into the eyes. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes, and the most attractive face you could ever imagine!
“Ye-yeah” I stuttered, the guy chuckled charmingly and grabbed my hand, then he helped me up and slowly he started gathering my stuff.
“Are you new here? I don’t I’ve seen you before?” he asked as he handed the books to me.
“Yeah, I moved here a week ago, so it’s all pretty new to me” I told the guy, the guy chuckled and grabbed his own bag.
“Well, my name is Justin, and I would gladly show you around, both in school and outside school” he smirked, I giggled and mumbled a little thank you.
“My name is Y/N” I told him, Justin smiled widely and grabbed my hand.
“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful person” he smirked, I playfully rolled my eyes and took my hand away from him.
“So Y/N, where are you going?” Justin asked as I started walking, he was catching up with me.
“I’m trying to find the principals office, cause I better get my schedule and my books” I told him with a smirk, Justin looked down, and from what I could see, he was blushing.
“Would you please show me the way?” I asked him, Justin looked up and smiled widely. He nodded his head and lightly pushed my side.
“Thought you’d never ask” he smirked, then he made follow him to the principals office.

Through out the day Justin made sure to show me around the school, and he made sure to invite me to sit with him during lunch. I got a long really well with all of his friends, even his female friends were nice to me, I never thought they would be, because honestly you would think they would be overprotective of Justin, because he’s so hot!
“So Y/N, we’re having a party this Friday, would you like to come?” Hailey asked as she placed her lunch on the table. I smiled widely and nodded.
“Yeah, I would love to” I told her,
“Great, then I’ll pick you up at 8” Justin smirked, I chuckled and suddenly I could feel his hand on my knee. I looked up at him only to realize that he was already looking at me.
“Wanna hang out after school?” he whispered in my ear, I chuckled and looked around, only to see Kendall, Hailey, Ryan and Za look at Justin and I with a smirk.
“Yeah, where are we going?” I quietly asked him, Justin squeezed my knee and looked at the others.
“That’s a secret, but I promise you, you’ll love it” he said, then he stood up as Ryan and Za also did. They left me alone with Kendall and Hailey.
“So Y/N, do you like Justin?” Kendall asked as she smirked, I looked down and blushed a little bit.
“Yeah, he’s cute” I told her, Kendall and Hailey looked at each other.
“We’re glad. Justin deserves to get a girlfriend soon, a year ago he got dumped by his former girlfriend, and she really broke his heart, he has had a hard time moving on” Hailey said, my eyes got wide, and I hurried to look after Justin.
“You think he’ll want me as his girlfriend?” I asked them.
“Of course, you’re just his type, the sweet, innocent girl, and we already know you won’t hurt him” Kendall said, then they stood up, and I hurried to do the same.    
“Why do you think he wants to hang out with you after school?” Hailey smirked, then they left me to go to their classes.
I looked down at my schedule only to see that I needed to find room 209. I grabbed my bag and hurried up there to have my last class of the day.


After class Justin met me by my locker.
“Hey” he charmingly said as he leaned back against the locker beside mine. I smiled and opened my locker.
“So, how do we get to, where were you wanna go?” I asked him as I put my books inside my locker.
“I have a car beautiful” Justin chuckled.
“Well, I didn’t know that” I chuckled, Justin shook his head, then he grabbed my hand and dragged me outside right after I had closed my locker.
“So, tell me about yourself” Justin said as we got inside the car.
“Well, I’m 18 years old, my parents just got divorced, so I now live with my dad” I told him.
“Oh, I’m sorry” Justin said as he pouted, he had the cutest pout in the entire universe.
“It’s okay, they never really got along, so it’s better for both parts. What about you, how is Justin?” I asked Justin, Justin drove a little bit faster than he was before.
“Well, I’m 19 years old, my parents have never been married, and they’re not together today, I have a younger sister, Jazmyn, and a younger brother, Jaxon” he explained.
“Aww, I would like to meet them” I told him as I bit down in my lip.
“And you will, I promise” he said, then he placed a hand on my knee once again.
“Can’t wait” I told him, then soon after Justin parked the car outside a park I had never been in.
“Aww, you’re taking me to the park” I awed, Justin shook his head, which made me raise an eyebrow.
“Nope, we’re going somewhere else” he smirked, we got out of the car and as we met each other in front of the car, Justin grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
“I thought I would take you out for ice cream” Justin said as we stood in front of an ice cream shop.
I carefully pecked Justin’s cheek, which made him blush like crazy.
“So, the girls told me you were in a relationship a year ago” I slowly said as Justin and I sat down with each of our ice creams.
“That’s true. I dated this girl for about 2 years, and I really thought I loved her, but she cheated on me, and she really broke my heart” he explained with a smile.
“But how are you now?” I asked him as I took a bite of mu ice cream.
“Well I’m better now that you’re here, you’re really beautiful” he smirked, I cheekily smiled and winked at him.
“Well, thank you” I smirked. Justin grabbed my hand over the table, and soon after he leaned over the table and gently kissed my lips. Butterflies were flying around in my stomach, I had never felt anything like that.
“I know it’s a bit early, but I would like to take you on a real date, of course only if you want to” Justin said, I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“I would love to go on a date with you” I told him, then I pecked his cheek and ate the rest of my ice cream. 


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