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139. Imagine to @Sxdiia!

I would suggest you read this imagine on your computer or on Safari or something, because there's a video in it.



Imagine to @Sxdiia
It had now been 4 months since Justin cheated on me, and 4 months since I ended our relationship.
I missed Justin like crazy, but he cheated on me, and I have nothing good to say about cheaters, since this is the second time someone had cheated on me…
Ever since Justin and I broke up it had went both up and down for me.
I had started writing music again, because I had so much to say.
Currently I was working on a song called “Love myself”, it was a song I had written for Justin, I had been working on it for months, I wanted to finish it, but whenever I decided I finished it, something came to me, which caused me to write something new or edit something.
I was currently sitting on the couch in the studio, it was mid night, but I wasn’t tired. The scenario of Justin in bed with someone else kept playing on my mind, and it was killing me…
I grabbed my hair and pulled it away from my face.
“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME JUSTIN? I LOVED YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, AND STILL YOU DECIDES TO CHEAT ON ME” that was the last thing I said to Justin… I even remember how hurt Justin looked, but he had nothing to be hurt about, he was the cheater, I was the victim…

“When I get chills at night, I feel it deep inside without you, yeah. Know how to satisfy, keeping that tempo right without you, yeah” I quietly sang to myself. I was alone in the studio, and at times it was actually kinda scary, because I barely had any lights turned on, because I felt better in the dark…
“Y/N, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, IT WAS JUST A MISTAKE” Justin’s words wandered my mind over and over again…
“Pictures in my mind on replay, I’m gonna touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name, scream my name” I wrote on the paper.
I threw the notebook on the floor, then I grabbed my jacket and bag and left the studio. I locked the door behind me, and just as I was about to get inside my car, someone yelled my name.
I looked up, but quickly looked down again as I saw Justin, I tried to get inside my car, but Justin grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the car again.
The last time Justin saw me I had long, blonde hair, now my hair was short and brown, I needed change in my life...
“Whoa, you’ve changed” he said as he admired me? Why did he look at me like that?
“Will you please let go off me?” I asked him as I glared at him, Justin looked down and let go off my arm. I got inside my car, and just as I was about to close the door, Justin stopped me.
I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“What do you want, Justin?” I asked him, Justin gulped and looked at me with those hazel colored eyes that I fell so deeply in love, heck the eyes that I still fall in love with every day!
“I want you back” he mumbled, “I did something terrible, and I regret it so much! I lost the love of my life, just because I was selfish and couldn’t wait for her to get home to me again, even though she had been waiting months for me to come home” he explained. He was right… I was out talking to different record labels, which meant that I had to be away from home 2 freaking weeks! I was used to being home alone for months and months, and Justin couldn’t even control himself for 2 freaking weeks!
“I don’t need you Justin, I only need myself” I told him, then I turned on the engine and closed the door. I drove off, but I did something I shouldn’t have done, I looked in the rearview mirror only to see Justin on his knees as he grabbed his hair in frustration, I could even see the wet spots on his cheeks from fallen tears.
I shivered and suddenly a big sob left my mouth. NO I did not want to cry over him, he was nothing to me, or was he?

The next morning I decided to go to the studio again. I showered and got dressed in a pair of boyfriend jeans, and a black crop top. I wrapped a red, black and white flannel around my waist and took on my favorite leatherjacket, then I put on my white converse.
I did a quick makeup, and I just added some volume to my curls from yesterday.

I grabbed a few rings and my bag, then I left home.
My manager had told me there would be breakfast at the studio, so I just left.
After 20 minutes I arrived, I was feeling so groggy today, ever since I got home last night I wasn’t able to do anything else but cry. I missed Justin so much, I missed his touch, and missed his jokes, I missed everything about him, but I wouldn’t give in, he hurt me, and honestly he didn’t deserve a second chance.
“Good morning Y/N, are you ready to record your new single?” Addie, my manager asked as I got inside, I had had some trouble getting past the paparazzi, but I did, and now I just wanted to get this over with.
“Yeah” I sighed, Addie furrowed her eyebrows as she handed me a latté.
“What happened?” she asked me, I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.
“Justin found me last night, and he told me he wanted me back” I told her, then I took a sip of my latté. I went into the recording boot and said hello to my sweet, sweet producer.
“Morning James” I smiled, James smiled and waved at me, then he pressed a few buttons, and the melody of my song started playing.

*Justin’s POV*
I wasn’t giving up that easily. I wanted Y/N back, back in my arms, where she belonged, and she knew it.
Ever since last night, where I accidently ran into her at the studio, I had used the whole night on figuring out how to get her back, and I think I found the perfect way to get her back in my arms.
I drove to the studio I knew Y/N would be at by now. I had talked to her manager Addie, and Addie told me Y/N had been acting very different lately, so she wanted to help me get her back, which I owe her for.
I quietly walked into Y/N’s studio, only to be met by her beautiful voice, she must just had started singing.
“When I get chills at night, I feel it deep inside without you, yeah. Know how to satisfy, keeping that tempo right without you, yeah. Pictures in my mind on replay, I’m gonna touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name, scream my name” her beautiful voice sang, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty. The song was definitely about me…
I placed the bouquet of roses on the couch, then I went over to Addie and said hello. Addie smiled and shook my head, then she turned back to look at Y/N.
Y/N had her eyes closed, so she hadn’t seen me yet, which made this a lot easier. I went into the boot and stood behind her as I admired her. James gave me thumbs up telling me to start singing, so I did. Even though the song was old, I still knew it was Y/N’s favorite, and she loved how I only cared for her, whenever I sang it for her.

*Your POV*
As I was singing the music suddenly stopped, and “One less lonely girl” started playing, and suddenly I could hear Justin’s voice, and it wasn’t from the song. I quickly turned around and saw Justin standing there, he was pouring his heart out as he sang, and by the look in his eyes, I knew he was only singing to me. 
I gulped and took of my earphones so that I was only able to hear his beautiful voice.
“How many “I told you’s” and “start over’s” and shoulders have you cried on before? How many promises? Be honest, girl. How many tears you let hit the floor” he sang, I covered my mouth and let out big and loud sobs. Justin walked over to me and grabbed my hands as he continued to sing. He pulled me close and hugged me tight.
How could I live without him? He was my world, my one and only!
“I can fix up your broken heart, I can give you a brand new start, I can make you believe, I just wanna set one girl free to fall, she’s free to fall, with me” he continued, I something wet on my shoulder, so I pulled away and saw tears streaming down Justin’s cheeks.
Justin picked me up and carried me out of the room as he finished singing. He placed me on the ground right beside the couch, then he grabbed a bouquet of red roses and handed them to me. I awed and pulled him close, then I did something I had missed for months – I kissed him. Justin groaned quietly and immediately started kissing me back. He pulled me closer and placed his hands on my hips.
Our kiss was filled with love, tears and possibly also a brand new start.
“Baby, I love you so much, and I know, what I did was wrong, and I will hate myself for it every day! I just know that I can’t live without you, these past 4 months has literally been hell to me. My heart is empty without you” Justin explained, he was about to continue, but I quickly kissed his lips.
“Shut up” I told him, then I deepened the kiss. That was my way of telling him that I forgave him, and he knew that .

Even though Justin and I were together again, it still didn’t stop me from releasing my song “Love myself” and luckily Justin supported me through every little bump on the road. And even though the song was about him, he still thought it was amazing, and he did everything to tell people about it.
He was the best boyfriend in the world, and even though he had been a jerk, he still was my one and only, and I would always love him.   


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