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126. Imagine to @Sirbizzle_edits!

Imagine to @Sirbizzle_edits (This imagine is kind of inspired by WDYM the music video, so enjoy ;) )


I was waiting for Justin to get home, it was way past midnight, and honestly I was a little scared he had been hurt or something.
Usually Justin would be home before midnight, but not tonight! I had tried calling him, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone.
Lately Justin had been hanging out with his gang a lot, they were planning this big thing, but I didn’t know exactly, what it was, because honestly I could care less about it… And besides Justin had told me to stay away from his business, because he didn’t want to drag me into it, so to me he was just working like any other normal person.
I shivered as I heard the front door open. I slowly got up from the couch and turned off the TV. I tiptoed out to the hall, only to see Justin standing there with a smirk on his face. It had been raining all day, so the house was pretty cold, and a little scary to be inside, because I had no lights turned on, only because Justin wanted it to look like no one was home.
“Hey baby” he lowly said as he walked over me me. He took off his cowboy jacket and hoodie and threw on the floor.
“Justin, where have you been? I have been worried sick!” I told him as I crossed my arms over my chest. Justin chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“The guys and I just ran into some trouble, nothing to worry about” he growled against my neck.
“But couldn’t you have texted me, so that I knew you were safe?” I asked him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Can we just please not talk about it? I’m not in the mood for talking” Justin mumbled, I rolled my eyes and pushed him away.
“Well, I am, because you left me home alone all day with no one to talk to!” I told him as I looked at him with a glare. Justin sighed and rubbed his face with his palms.
“I’m sorry, is that, what you wanna hear?” he asked, then he started walking upstairs.
“Why can’t you just at least talk to me? I have been home all day with nothing to do, I can’t leave the house, because you’re too scared, you always think something will happen to me, even though there never will” I told him as I single tear ran down my cheek.
Justin turned around and looked down at me, he immediately hurried down the stairs as he realized I was crying. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.
“I’m sorry baby! I’ve just had a really stressful day with problems and annoying people, I’m sorry for letting it out on you” Justin apologized, I hid my head in the crook of his neck and sniffled harshly.
“It’s just hard to be left alone almost every day with no contact to the world around me” I told him, Justin nodded his head and sighed.
“I know baby, and I’m sorry, but I’m just trying to protect you” Justin explained, I nodded my head, then I felt Justin lifted me up, which caused me to wrap my legs around his waist.
I felt Justin place a kiss on my neck, as he carried me upstairs. To be honest it was really hard to stay mad at him! He always had a way to make me feel safe or happy, and he always succeed, which kinda always pissed me off, right after we have had sex, because usually we would always end up having sex, and of course was hoping to get laid tonight, but I wouldn’t give in that easily, I would tease him and make him suffer the way he made me suffer all day long!
Justin placed me on the ground as he made it into the bedroom. He pinned me against the wall and slowly Justin leaned in to connect our lips, but just as he was about to connect them, I pushed him away. I pushed him onto the bed and slowly and seductively I walked over to him, I bit my lip as I pulled my shirt over my head to reveal my Bordeaux bra in lace. Justin bit down in his lip and smirked to himself as I got on top of him, I was craving his touch and his body, but I couldn’t give in just yet… Justin rolled us around, so that he was now on top of me. His sat on his knees in between my legs and pulled his white T-shirt over his head as I pulled my pants off to reveal my matching thong. Justin pulled my pants further down, and then finally he pulled them off completely. I bit down in my nail and looked up at him, I ran my hands through his hair and pulled him down to me, then I pecked his cheek right beside his lips, which caused him to groan loudly. Instead of trying to kiss my lips, Justin moved down at started kissing right under my boobs. But once again I pushed him away, I stood up and looked down at him.
“What is wrong with you? I thought you wanted this” Justin said as he raised an eyebrow, I smirked to myself and made it look like I had gotten insecure. I once again bit down in my nail and kept my mouth shut.
Then just as Justin was about to stand up, I pulled him up and got down and started licking his chest, then I moved up and placed my lips on his, but before he could get into it, I pulled away and pushed him away, too. Finally Justin couldn’t take it anymore, so he pushed me down on the bed and pinned my hands down, he connected our lips and started grinding on my sex, slowly but with such a big power. I moaned loudly and tried to wrap my arms around his neck, but Justin was too strong, he kept my arms down and he moved his kisses down my neck.
“You won’t ever tease me again! Do you understand that?” he asked in such a forceful tone, I whimpered and nodded my head, but of course Justin couldn’t see that.
“Answer me” he strictly said as he pulled away and looked me into my eyes.
“Ye-yeah” I whimpered, which made Justin smirk. He nodded his head and finally he let go off my hands. Immediately he grabbed my thigh and wrapped it around his waist, and to my surprise he was still wearing his jeans.
“Please take off you jeans” I lowly moaned as I looked up at him, Justin wriggled his eyebrows, then he stood up and opened his belt, he slowly unzipped his jeans, but I couldn’t wait, so I sat up and pulled them down for him.

I slowly pulled down his white Calvin Klein’s and immediately Justin let go of a big sigh. His member was already hard, so to tease him a little bit I grabbed his member and stroked it lightly. Justin got shivers all over his body, and he leaned back his head and closed his eyes, I think some part of him thought I would give him a blowjob, but no, absolutely not! He didn’t deserve it, at least not tonight ;)
I stood up and made Justin sit on the bed, then I slowly pulled down my thong, which made Justin open his eyes, he looked at me with those big, brown eyes that could make everyone go absolutely nut!
I leaned down over him and immediately Justin started sucking right over my left boob, as he did he slowly undid my bra and pulled it off me, he pulled me down on top of him, then he turned us around, and slowly he started placing kisses all over my body.
“This is what you get for teasing me” he lowly growled, then he pushed himself right into me, which caused me to moan in pain and wrap my arms around his neck.


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