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175. Imagine to @Shaneee_Harteee!

Imagine to @Shaneee_harteee 
As I struggled to breathe I found my phone and dialed Justin's number. I was 9 months pregnant and currently I was having contractions, which didn't feel good at all! 
Justin was supposed to be home hours ago, and now I was worried, what if he missed me giving birth to our first born daughter?!  
After three beeps he picked up. 
"Hey baby, what's up?" he asked me, I could feel him being a little distant, which made me furrow my eyebrows. 
"Well, considered that I'm having contractions and no one to drive me to the hospital is kinda freaking me out!" I told him as another contraction rushed in over me. 
"What?! Are you giving birth?" he asked me as I could hear him stand up and grab his keys. 
"Yeah, just one question, why aren't you home yet, you were supposed to be home hours ago?" I asked him, soon a scream left my mouth as something wet started running down my legs. 
"I just really wanted to finish this song before I went on maternity," he told me, I started panting loudly as I closed my eyes. 
"Whatever, just hurry home, this really hurts!" I screamed into the phone, then I ended the call and dialed the number of my midwife. 
"Hey Y/N, what can I help you with today?" Ann asked as she picked up the phone. 
"I'm in labour, my water just broke and I'm having contractions," I told her. 
"Congratulations, now tell me how long is there between the contractions?" she asked me. 
"I don't know, a minute or two" I told her. Ann gasped and started typing something on her computer. 
"Well Y/N, normally you would be at the hospital right now, so I'm going to send the doctor to your house because you won't be able to make it to the hospital," Ann told me. My eyes got wide as another contraction arrived. 
"Haven't you felt any discomfort throughout the day?" Ann asked me. 
"Not really, I mean I have had a stomachache all day, but I have that every day," I told her. 
"Okay, well the doctor is on his way, and then I'll be there soon, too, are you home alone, or do you have Justin by your side?" Ann asked me as I heard her stand up. 
"I'm home alone, but Justin is on his way home, I actually think I just heard him open the door downstairs," I told her, and soon after I could hear Justin scream my name. 
"I'M UP HERE, JUSTIN!" I yelled back. 
"We'll be there soon Y/N, just hold on," Ann said, then she ended the call. I threw my phone in some random direction as Justin came into the room. 
"ARGH!!" I screamed as the contractions got worse, tears started running down my cheeks. 
"Justin, it hurts so bad" I sobbed as I looked up at Justin. Justin gulped and bit down on his lip. 
"I'm so sorry," he said as he started caressing my back. 
"Are you ready to go to the hospital?" he asked me as he grabbed my hand. 
"We won't be able to make it to the hospital, that's why the doctor and Ann are coming here," I told him as I breathed in a few short breaths.   
"Wait, does that mean you'll have to give birth here, at home?" he asked me. I nodded my head and smiled slightly as I saw a smile form on his lips. 
"It's like back in the old days, does that mean I can just go downstairs and smoke a cigar as you and the doctor take care of everything else," he said, of course as a joke, but clearly I wasn't in the mood for jokes, so I glared at him. 
"Don't even make fun at a time like this, just help me over to the bed so I can lay down, but first gather all the pillows you can possibly find, so I can sit up," I told him. Justin nodded his head and gulped, then he found all the pillows we had in our bedroom and placed them on the bed. He went back over to me to help me over to the bed. I had been standing by our chest of drawers leaned forward to prevent a lot of pressure that I certainly felt as Justin helped me over to the bed. 
I started sobbing loudly as Justin helped me down on the bed. 
"I'm so sorry baby, I never thought it would be this bad" Justin quietly said as he looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. 
There was a knock on the front door downstairs, so Justin hurried down there and opened it to see the doctor and Ann standing there. 
"Where is she?" I heard Ann ask Justin. 
"She's upstairs, I'll show you," he told her, then they came upstairs to me. 
"Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?" Ann asked as she sat down beside me. 
"Like shit," I told her. Ann nodded her head, then she looked at the doctor and smiled at her. 
"This is Doctor Elaine, she is a specialist in childbirth, especially home births," Ann told me. 
"Hey Doctor Elaine," I said 
"Hey beautiful, I know this hurts like a bitch, I have 4 kids myself, so I went through this quite a few times," she told me. I smiled and removed some of the sweat that was forming on my forehead. 
"Justin, as we check how open Y/N is, could you possibly soak some towels in extremely hot water?" Doctor Elaine asked Justin. Justin just nodded his head and went into our bathroom. 
Ann helped me out of my pants and panties as Doctor Elaine put on some gloves and a mask. 
I started sobbing loudly as Doctor Elaine started touching me "down there", which made Ann pout. 
"Don't worry sweetie, you're actually ready to deliver now," Ann said, which Doctor Elaine agreed with. 
"Yeah, we'll just wait a few seconds for the soon-to-be-dad to come in here again, and then when the next contraction come you just gotta push the best you can accomplish," Doctor Elaine told me. I nodded my head and took a deep breath, then Justin came into the bedroom again and gave the soaked towels to Ann. He sat down beside me and grabbed my left hand. 
A few seconds later a contraction arrived, and I started pushing as hard as I could. 
"ARGH!!!" I screamed as I continued to push. 
"I can't do this" I cried as I stopped pushing. 
"Don't give up beautiful, you're doing so great! She's only a few pushes away, just keep thinking about that" Doctor Elaine. 
Then not long after another contraction arrived, which made me push again. 
An hour later I was able to hold my first born daughter in my arms. She was very quiet, but she was perfect. 
"Congratulations you two," Ann said as she came into our bedroom again after washing her hands. 
I looked up at her and smiled widely. 
"Thank you, I really mean it! I don't think I ever would've been able to do this without your help" I told her, Ann smiled and nodded your head. 
"You would, you have an amazing man sitting beside you, and he was definitely a big help" Ann told me. I nodded my head and looked up at Justin, who was looking at our daughter. 
"An ambulance is on its way, we need you to come to the hospital to make sure everything is alright, I hope you have some clothes for her because she will be needing it," Ann asked. I nodded my head and handed my little baby to Justin, where I afterwards sat up and tried to stand up, but I couldn't! 
"Stay in bed, Y/N, I'm sure Justin wouldn't mind finding an outfit for her, and you, of course," Ann said. 
"Of course," Justin said, then he handed me our daughter and went out of the room. 
"He's very quiet today," Ann said as she sat down beside me. 
"Yeah, I hope it's just because he's still trying to persuade the fact that he's actually a dad now," I told her, soon after Justin was back in our room with an outfit. 
Ann left the room to give us a minute on our own, where I could also get dressed and everything. 
"Justin, are you alright?" I asked him as I pulled on some panties followed by a pair of Justin's sweatpants, then suddenly he broke down as he held our daughter tight. 
"I'm really a dad," he said as he sobbed. I pouted as I sat down beside him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. 
"You're really a dad," I told him with a smile. Justin chuckled as he also sniffled. 
"This is so surreal, I never thought I would actually get to feel this incredible feeling it is to sit with something I and the love of my life made" he said, he then looked up at me, I was now in tears, he was so adorable and suddenly so sensitive, where did my strong and badass boyfriend suddenly go? 
I grabbed Justin's face and placed my lips on his in a passionate kiss. Both Justin and I sobbed, which made us chuckle and pull apart. 
"What would you like to name her?" I asked him as I happily sighed. 
"How about Audrey Ellie Bieber?" he asked me, which made a huge smile form on my lips. 
"You suddenly like those names?" I asked him with a smirk. Justin nodded his head and smiled, too. 
"She can't be named anything else," he told me, then he once again pecked my lips. 
"Our little Audrey Ellie Bieber," I said. I don't think I had ever been this happy. Finally everything was perfect, nothing could ever bring me down, I was actually happy, I finally had a family with the love of my life! 

Little Audrey Ellie Bieber :)
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