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71. Imagine to @Selenatorbeliebing!

Imagine to @Selenatorbeliebing
Today was finally the day I would get to see if Justin and I were ready to get babies. My sister and her husband were going out of town for the night, so I suggested Justin and I as babysitters. My niece is only 4 months old, so she is practically still a new born, therefor Justin and I wanted to make sure everything in our house were ready for Sophie’s arrival.
I had just finished getting ready, I was wearing my favorite, oversized sweatshirt with “Too dumb for New York – too ugly for L.A.” written on it, then I was wearing a pair of plain, black leggings and a pair of normal, black converse. I was also wearing a scarf, because I had just been sick with a cold, and I didn’t want to infect Sophie with a cold.
For makeup I just wore some concealer, power and mascara, and my hair was curled and in a low, side ponytail. All in all it was a really lazy day. Justin had already showered, he was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants with zippers and a striped white and grey T-shirt, and for shoes he was wearing he all time favorite white supras.   
After grabbing my phone I went downstairs. Justin was making breakfast, my sister and her husband would eat breakfast with us, and then they would leave.
“Hey baby” I said as I wrapped my arms around Justin’s muscular arm and rested my head and his shoulder. Justin smiled, then he leaned over and kissed the top of my head, then he went back to making pancakes.
“What can I help with?” I asked him as I lifted myself up onto the counter. Justin turned off the stove and turned around. He went in between my legs and wrapped my legs around his waist.
“You can give me a kiss,” he sweetly said, I giggled, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, and finally I placed my lips on top of his. As we were making out there was a knock on the door. I sighed, then I pulled away from Justin, Justin helped me down from the counter, then we walked hand in hand out to the front door and opened it. My sister, her husband and little Sophie came in through the door with big smiles on their faces.
“Hey!” my sister squealed, I smiled, and then I hugged her and Sophie at the time, since Kristen was carrying Sophie.
“Hey Tim” I said as I hugged Tim.
“Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity Y/N” Kristen said as placed Sophie on the ground,
“Of course also you Justin” Tim laughed, and both Justin and I laughed a little.
“No problem, we love to take care of Sophie” I told them, then I picked up Sophie and carried her into the dining room, where we would be eating breakfast.
“Well, sit down” Justin said as we made it into the dining room. Kristen and Tim thanked him and sat down, I sat Sophie down in the baby chair Justin had here for his siblings when they were Sophie’s age.
“Well, Justin made pancakes, eggs and bacon, so please dig in” I told Kristen and Tim, both of them nodded their heads, then I turned around and walked into the kitchen where Justin was making the last pancakes.
“Hey, are you okay? You have been so quiet this morning?” I asked Justin as I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind.
“What if I drop her?” Justin asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and squeezed him tight.
“Why are you even worrying about that? It’s not like she is a porcelain doll that will break,” I told him, Justin sighed and placed the last pancake on the plate.
“Because I want to be ready! I want to be a dad soon, and if I drop her, then I know I will never be a good dad” Justin explained, I awed and made him turn around. I looked up at him and grabbed his jaw.
“Hey, everything is going to be all right! You will be an amazing dad someday I know that! Because you are such an amazing brother and boyfriend,” I told him as I smiled widely.
“Thanks baby” Justin smiled, I nodded my head and winked, then I pulled him down to me and pecked his lips.
“Now come on, Kristen and Tim will be leaving soon,” I told him, and then I grabbed his hand and dragged his with me into the dining room with the pancakes. My sister and Tim were already eating; Tim was also feeding Sophie some baby food.    

After breakfast Kristen and Tim left, and now Justin and I were alone with Sophie. Sophie needed to sleep soon, so I wanted to change Sophie’s diaper, but Justin also wanted to help just to be sure he knew how to do. I loved how he really made an effort to learn everything about babies and how to do the different stuff, like changing diapers.
“Okay, so if you just gently take of Sophie’s body stocking” I told Justin as I had just removed most of her clothes. Sophie squealed as Justin tried to take off her body stocking, probably because of his cold hands. I gently laughed, but when I noticed how much Justin was shaking, I stopped.
“Here, just slide it up onto her belly” I told Justin as he tried to pull the body stocking over her tiny head.
“I’m so nervous” Justin quietly said as he chuckled, I chuckled too and nodded my head.
“Yeah, I can see that” I told him, Justin sighed, then he gently opened Sophie’s diaper, but Sophie kept moving, so Justin had a hard time pulling it off.
“Sophie, lay still” I told Sophie as I tickled her belly, immediately Sophie stopped moving, she looked up at me, then she squealed and smiled widely.
“Aww, aren’t you just a cutie?” Justin asked as he removed Sophie diaper. Sophie chuckled and clapped her tiny hands together. And just as I thought everything went perfect, Justin started to make puking sounds and soon after he was out of the room. I laughed and finished off Sophie, then I picked her up and walked downstairs to Justin. Justin was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water.
“What’s up baby? Did it smell?” I asked Justin as I laughed, Justin groaned and turned around.
“I’m not used to that kind of smell” he whined, I laughed once again and handed Sophie to him.
“Well, you better get used to it, because if we are gonna have kids, you must change their diapers now and then” I told him, Justin nodded his head and held Sophie close.
“I know, I’m just nervous” Justin said, I nodded my head, then I got onto my tiptoes and pecked his cheek.
“Well come on, we better tuck her in, in her pram” I told Justin, Justin smiled, then he laid Sophie down on the counter, I got Sophie in a thick and warm body stocking, then I lifted her and carried her outside and into the pram. Justin tucked Sophie in, and after a while she was peacefully sleeping.

The next morning Kristen and Tim came over again to pick up Sophie, they had just left, so now Justin and I were alone again. Justin sighed as he sat down on our couch. I sighed too, and then I sat down on top of him with a leg of each side of him.
“So, what do you say?” I asked him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and got closer to him. Justin smiled and nodded his head.
“I think we’re ready” he said, I nodded my head in agreement, then I connected our lips.
“I think we are too,” I told him, and then I kissed his lips again. Justin swiped his tongue against my lips asking for access, which I gladly gave him. I moaned as our tongues started fighting together, and of course Justin won. Justin and pulled away from each other, then I got off Justin’s lap and helped him up. I ran upstairs with Justin right behind me. And as we made it into the bedroom, Justin pushed me down on the bed. He got on top of my, and we started kissing again. Soon Justin moved his kisses down to my neck; he started sucking on my sweet spot, which made me moan loudly.
“OMG” I mumbled, Justin smirked into my neck and continued to suck. His right hand slowly made its way down to my sweatpants. Justin slowly pulled my sweats down and also my panties. Then he moved his head away from my neck and helped me out of my shirt.
“You’re so beautiful baby” Justin moaned, I moaned too and smiled widely, and then I pulled off his shirt and helped him pull off his pants and boxers.
“I love you so much baby” Justin said, then he entered me and I gasped loudly.
“I love you too baby” I moaned as Justin continued to thrust into me.


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