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128. Imagine to @SavvyBelieber!


Imagine to @Savvybelieber
Justin and I were on our way to the VMA’s. It had been so long since Justin had been there, and it was my first time at an award show, so I was really excited! I used to always watch on television, but now it was the real deal!
I was wearing a black dress from Michael Kors, it was a dress that I had been dying to own, and to my surprise Justin had bought it to me, he is the best boyfriend in the word!
To compliment the dress I was wearing a pair of mint blue pumps, which looked absolutely amazing.
A stylist had done my hair and makeup, so my makeup was really pretty, and dark, and my hair was in a messy fishtail braid, but it looked so good!

Justin was wearing a pair of blue/grey jeans, a black and white dotted button up shirt along with a leatherjacket, and to complete the look he wore a pair of brown leather shoes, he looked so good! His hair was way different from, what I was used to see him with, it was now flipped to one side, and it was messy, just like mine.

“Are you ready?” Justin asked me as we arrived in front of the place the award show was being held.
“Yeah, this is so exciting!” I told him with a big smile, Justin grabbed my hand and smiled at me.
“I’m so nervous” he blurted out, I nodded my head, I completely understood him, the last time he was an award show he was being booed at, so you would understand how he felt.
“What if I sing false or forget the lyrics?” he suddenly asked, and it was like his whole world stopped.
I moved over to him and made him look at me.
“You won’t! I know that, because you have been singing it over and over again!” I told him, Justin placed his hands on top of mine and leaned in, then he connected our lips just as we arrived at the red carpet.
The driver opened the door just as Justin and I stopped kissing, Justin got out first, then he held out his hand and helped me out.
The only thing you could hear was the screams from both girls and boys that stood around the red carpet and waited for their idol to arrive, but I would lie if I said the screams didn’t become louder as Justin arrived, I had nothing to do with it, because I’m just his girlfriend, and I’m not exactly welcome in most of their eyes…
I got Goosebumps all over my arms as I heard the screaming become louder, Justin grabbed my hand and smiled at the beliebers. He kissed my cheek, then we began walking the red carpet. We stopped to get some photos taken, both Justin and I, and then some where Justin was alone, which I was completely fine with, but Justin wasn’t. He wanted me to be in all the pictures, and as he told me “he wanted to show me off, because I was so beautiful and only his”.
I just admired Justin as he got his photos taken, and all the time he had his eyes on me, which made him smile even more. I did some silly-faces to make him laugh, which he did, so now the pictures were even more perfect!


After talking to some journalists and a few other celebrities Justin and I decided to go inside and sit down at our seats.
The closer we got to our seats, the more nervous Justin got, he was all tense, and I could see he kept singing the lyrics to himself, I grabbed his hand as we sat down, and he immediately relaxed.
“Relax baby, you’ll do great” I told him, then I pecked his cheek and rested my head on his shoulder. Justin rested his head on my head and sighed.
“I just keep thinking that I’ll mess it all up, and that’s just not a good thing” Justin said as he let out frustrated sigh, I shushed at him, then I took his hand up to my mouth and pecked it.
“I will be here no matter what, because I love you, and I know your beliebers do, too! So no matter what, they will be here to support you and help you” I mumbled against his hand. Justin smiled and looked down at me.
“You’re so amazing” he mumbled, then he kissed the top of my head, and then the show started.


It was finally almost time for Justin to perform, so we both followed the men backstage and as Justin got changed into his other outfit, I decided to find the dancers and talk to them.
“Hey guys” I said as I walked into their room, they all stopped dancing around and came over to me.
“Hey Savannah, long time no see” one of them said, I chuckled and playfully rolled my eyes.
“Well, you have been stealing my Jussy, so I was mad” I told them with a childish voice, they all laughed, and some of them hugged me.
“Are you ready?” I asked them, all of them nodded, then someone wrapped their arms around me from behind, which made me gasp and look down at the arms, I let go off my breath as I saw Justin’s tattooed arms.
“Hey guys” Justin said, Nick came over to us and smiled.
“You guys are so adorable” he said, “Anyways it’s time” he then said, I chuckled, then I turned around and wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck.
“Good luck” I told him, then I pecked his lips and sat down right behind the stage. I looked up at the big screen and watched Justin start his performance.
He would start it by singing a little bit of “Where are Ü now”, and then go over to “What do you mean”.
Throughout the whole performance he missed a few keys, but only because he was so out of breath from all the dancing.
He did such an amazing job, and I got Goosebumps as “he” started talking.
“Life is a journey, it’s sometimes a battle full of the unexpected, sometimes you focus on the destination and forget to focus on that journey, and when you fall, but it allows you to get up stronger, it allows you not doubt your own understanding, even to faith, to believe in something bigger than yourself, and find your purpose”.
Then the music began again, and Justin started doing roll-overs in the air, which looked absolutely amazing!

Then he landed, and the music faded out. Justin folded his hands and said a little prayer, then he bended down and grabbed his knees, but sadly he started crying as everyone kept cheering.
Miley tried to say something, but she was also speechless, but eventually she started talking.
I immediately stood up as Justin came backstage, he ran directly into my arms and started sobbing loudly.
“Shh, you were so amazing out there, there’s no need to be crying” I told him and I wrapped my arms tightly around him.
Justin took a deep breath and pulled away from me.
“I missed a few notes” he said, I bit down in my lip, “And I’m not crying because of that, I’m just so overwhelmed! It was all cheers today, I could hear anyone booing” he smiled, I smiled and shed a tear myself.  I hugged him tighter and pecked his neck.
“Oh, and then the belts that lifted me up were way too tight, so now Jerry is hurting” he smirked with a pout, I rolled my eyes and pulled away from him.
“Then I guess there will be no Jerry pleasure tonight” I told him with a smirk, Justin’s eyes got wide, and he hurried to shake his head.
“No, no! Jerry is completely fine, he just needs you to take care of him” he pouted, I shook my head, then I gave Justin a sloppy kiss, which he eventually deepened by adding his tongue.
He really deserved all the cheering, because he had been through so much, and his journey had just begun!
“Come on baby, let’s go home” I told Justin, then I grabbed his hand, and together we walked out to the car. 


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