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113. Imagine to @S___a.xo!

Imagine to @S___a.xo “Come on Y/N, you can do this” the doctor said as I kept pushing, I took a few quick and steady breaths, then I started pushing again. I squeezed mom’s hand tight and screamed in pure pain, now I just really wanted to get my baby out, so he or she could see the world. “Just one last push sweetie” mom said, then I pushed again, and finally I was able to hear the sound of crying. “Congratulations Y/N, it’s a girl,” the doctor said as he from a distant showed me my beautiful baby girl. I gasped and covered my mouth as a single tear ran down my cheeks. Finally, after 9 months I was able to see the little creature I had a part in making. The midwife cleaned her, and then she handed her to me. I gently held my baby girl tight and looked down at her, see was beautiful, even though she still had a little blood and other stuff on her body. You’re probably wondering if I have a father for my child, I do, I just don’t talk to him, he doesn’t even know he’s a father, and the only reason is because he cheated on me a year ago or so. I really don’t think he deserves to know, and my mom agrees with me. I still live in LA because my whole life is there, so even though I always had a chance in running into Justin, I still choose to stay and live my life like I had never known him, which didn’t really succeed that well, considering that I just had his child. “She’s beautiful” mom awed as she stood up and looked down at her granddaughter. I looked up at her and nodded. “She really is” I told her, “My little Nora” I mumbled to myself. “Is her name Nora?” mom asked me as she smiled widely. Before I could answer her, the nurses took my legs down from that holder, so I slightly winched. “Ye-yeah” I stuttered, and then the midwife came over to me with a board in her hands. “Have you decided on a name?” she asked me, I took a deep breath, then I looked down at Nora, I knew mom wouldn’t like this… “Yeah, Nora Y/L/N Bieber” I told her, I looked up at mom who stood with no emotions showing at all. “Great, well we’ll just check Nora, and then we’ll came back with her” the midwife told me; I nodded and gently handed her Nora. After all the nurses and the midwife had left the room, mom sat down in the chair beside me and took a deep breath. “Why would you give her his last name? He doesn’t deserve that Y/N, and you know it!” mom hissed, I rolled my eyes and leaned back in the bed. “I gave her his last name because no matter how much I keep convincing myself that he isn’t her father, he still is, and he will always be. He may not ever know, but at least I can tell Nora one day that her father is Justin Bieber” I told mom. Mom sighed and nodded, and then she grabbed my hand and held it tight. “I understand sweetie, no need to talk about that anymore” mom said, then she kissed my forehead and got up from the chair again. “I’ll just get you something to drink, then I’ll be back,” she explained, then she left the room leaving me completely alone. I lightly closed my eyes and just as I was about to fall asleep, the midwife came into the room again with Nora in her arms. She had gotten her dressed, and she was wearing a small pink hat to keep her tiny head warm. “She is perfectly fine, so nothing to worry about there” she told me as she handed me Nora, I nodded and placed Nora right under my breast. “Would you like to breastfeed her, or do you want to use a bottle?” the midwife asked me, I cleared my throat and looked down at Nora. “Will it hurt if I breast feed her?” I asked the midwife, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “At first it will, but then you’ll get used to it, and just for your orientation, you will get a better bond with your daughter if you breast feed her, because then she will get to know your scent better” the midwife explained, I nodded and sat up in the bed. “Okay, then I would like to breast feed her” I told her, the midwife nodded and smiled. I unbuttoned my hospital shirt and tried to make Nora take in my nipple, she just wouldn’t. “Don’t worry Y/N, it happens to every new mom, it’s completely normal, you just gotta lead her head to your nipple” the midwife told me, I let go off my breath and smiled, I really thought something was wrong. I gently moved Nora’s head, and eventually her tiny lips made contact with my nipple, and she started sucking.
The doctors wanted me to stay a few days more at the hospital, because there had been some trouble with Nora and her weight. She didn’t put on more weight, so just to make sure nothing was wrong, they kept us here a few days more. I was slowly starting to walk normally again, but it was still hurting a little bit. Around 4pm I went on my usual walk around the hospital with Nora in my arms. I was wearing the simply, lazy outfit put together as a pair of sweatpants, a check pattered white and black t-shirt and a pair of Adidas shoes.

I was lightly humming to myself and Nora to keep her asleep, when someone stopped in front of me and stared at me. I raised an eyebrow and looked up, only to see Justin standing there with a pair of crutches and bandage around his right foot. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Justin asked as he smiled, I looked down at Nora to make sure she was still asleep, which she was. “Just gave birth a few days ago,” I told him as I did everything I could to avoid eye contact. “Wow, so that’s your baby?” he asked me as he looked at Nora. I nodded and covered her up a little more, so that she wouldn’t freeze. “So, who’s the father?” Justin asked, I looked up at him only to see him clenching his jaw tightly. “The father doesn’t know, and he never will” I told Justin harshly, and then I turned around and went back into our room. “Y/N wait!” Justin kept yelling behind me, but he couldn’t keep up with my tempo, so luckily he didn’t know where my room was. Justin’s POV * I must say seeing Y/N with a baby in her arms, and knowing it wasn’t mine hurt a lot. I always imagined us having kids together, and now she has a kid with some douchebag that with guarantee also had broken her heart. I decided on going down to the desk to get the room Y/N and her baby were staying at, just so I could talk to her. “Hello, I was wondering which room Y/F/N and her daughter is staying at?” I asked the lady behind the desk, the lady looked down at her screen and typed something, and then she looked up at me and smiled. “Y/F/N and Nora Y/L/N Bieber is staying in room 309” the lady smiled, my eyes got wide, and I gulped harshly. “Did you just say Bieber?” I asked her, the lady nodded and smiled even more. “I did” she said, then she turned her attention down to the computer and completely ignored me. “Wow” I whispered to myself, and then I made my way over to the elevator and took it up to the third floor. I got out and went to room 309. I gently knocked on the door, and soon after Y/N opened the door, she didn’t have Nora in her arms anymore. “Justin, what do you want?” Y/N asked as she rolled her eyes. I made my way into her room and sat down in the nearest chair. “Is Nora mine?” I asked Y/N completely ignoring her question. “No, why would- why would you think that?” Y/N stuttered. “Oh, I don’t know… Because the lady behind the desk downstairs told me that Nora’s full name is Nora Y/L/N Bieber,” I told Y/N as I crossed my arms over my chest. Y/N kept quiet, she was looking down in the ground, and she had nothing to say or do. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked Y/N as I got up and went over to the bed she was sitting on. I wrapped an arm around Y/N’s shoulders and held her tight. She was crying now, and it was hurting me… I still love her with all my heart, and I really regret cheating on her with a girl I didn’t even know… “I didn’t want you to know, because I was mad at you. You really hurt me, Justin, and you know it. And even though I try to tell myself that you mean nothing to me anymore, it’s hard, because I still love you” she cried, I shushed at her and kissed the top of her head. “I know, and I still love you, more than you’ll ever know” I whispered against her head. Y/N sniffled and looked up at me, then something unexpected happened, Y/N kissed me, and she KISSED me!! Of course I kissed her back, I kissed her with all the love I could ever out into the kiss. But sadly Nora interrupted us by crying. Y/N smiled and was about to stand up, when I made her sit again, then I stood up and walked over to Nora in the hospital crib. “Hey princess” I whispered as I picked her up. I gently rocked her back and forth as I placed small kissed all over her face, and soon enough Nora was asleep in my arms. I sat down on the bed with her in my arms. “I can’t believe she’s mine” I whispered, Y/N sat behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso. “She is, and you better get used to it, because she’s going to be in your life forever” Y/N whispered in my neck, then she placed a kiss behind my ear. I turned my head around and pecked her lips. “You want me in her life?” I asked her, Y/N nodded and smiled widely. “Of course, I might even consider giving you a second chance” she whispered. And Y/N gave me a second chance, and we’re more perfect than ever! I love her and Nora with all my heart, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them… ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tell me what you think! And don't forget to LIKE, FAVORITE and COMMENT if you like my imagines. - Amalie xo

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