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79. Imagine to @Niicolebieberr!

Imagine to @niicolebieberr
Currently Justin and I were on tour, but right now we were sitting in the tour bus. We were driving to Toronto, so we would be staying at Justin’s dads house. But first we needed to stop by the arena to drop of some of Justin’s stuff. Justin would be holding his concert at the Air Canada Centre. I clearly remember the last time he had a concert in Toronto that was when we first met, we became friends, and now we’re a couple! 
I sighed as I plugged down on the bed Justin and I were sharing. I had just finished getting ready. I decided to wear something comfortable, so I wore a black and white striped dress, a pair of see-through black tights, a grey thick cardigan and a baby pink scarf, since my throat was a little sore. For shoes I wore a pair of adidas shoes, my hair was simply braided and my makeup was also really simple.
“Justin, you better get ready now” I sighed as I crawled on top of Justin’s back. Justin groaned and snuggled his head further into the pillow.
“Come on baby, you have nothing be afraid of today” I said as I caressed his back.
“But what if attack me?” he asked me as he turned around, so I was now sitting on his lower stomach.
“They won’t, and I will be by your side the whole time!” I gently smiled, Justin nodded his head, and then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Lately Justin had been having a lot of panic attacks, it always happened if he was surrounded by lot of people, or if there was a lot of people talking at the same time.
Justin sat up, but he kept me on top of his lap.
“I love you baby,” he said as he leaned in to place his lips on top of mine, but I pulled away and placed my hand in front of his lips.
“Why can’t I kiss you?” he asked as he pouted, I gently smiled and grabbed his jaw.
“Because I’m getting a cold, and we can’t have you getting a cold too” I told him, Justin pouted once again, then he quickly placed a peck on my cheek.
“But after this concert I have a week off” he then said, I nodded my head, and then afterwards I shook it.
“No Justin! I don’t want you to get sick!” I told him, and then I got off his lap and went out of the room. I heard Justin sigh, and then he got out of bed and went into the small bathroom. I made my way out to the small kitchen and grabbed a granola bar, I also made myself a cup of coffee, I then sat down on the couch nearby and let out a sight.
To be honest I couldn’t wait for this tour to be over, both for me, but also for Justin.
I really think Justin needs a break, he is so tired, and the panic attacks take all of his energy. He is prescribed medicine, but he refuses to take it!  
As I finished eating my granola bar, Justin came out of our room and sat down beside me.
“What do you think I should wear today?” he asked, he was only wearing a pair of boxers, and there were small drops of water on his bare chest.
“What would you like to wear?” I asked him as I placed my cup of coffee on the table nearby.
“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you baby” he smiled, I nodded my head, I then placed a peck on his cheek before getting up from my seat.
I knew Justin barely ever wore jeans, so I found a pair in his closet, I also found a white T-shirt and a light grey sweatshirt to wear over it only because it was still really cold outside.
“Thanks baby, you have such a great taste in clothes” Justin smiled, he was about to peck my lips, but luckily he remembered that I was getting sick, so he moved his face and kissed my cheek instead. Then he grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom again.
Then suddenly I felt the bus stop, and soon after I heard a bump inside the bathroom.
“OUCH!” I heard Justin scream, I chuckled as I hurried out to bathroom, I opened the door and saw Justin laying on the floor as he tried to get on his jeans.
“What happened?” I asked him as I giggled, even though I already knew what happened.
“The bus freaking stopped as I tried to get on my jeans, and then I fell!” Justin groaned, I giggled, then I helped him up and continued to giggle.
“You’re so clumsy baby” I told Justin, Justin smiled widely and nodded his head.
“But I’m only clumsy for you baby” he smirked, I giggled, then I pecked his forehead and went out of the room.
“Looks like we’re outside the arena now” I told Justin, Justin nodded his head, and then he zipped his jeans and pulled on the shirts.
“I will just do my hair, then we can go inside,” he said, I nodded my head and closed the door behind me. I went out to grab my jacket, and then Justin came out of the room and took on a pair of white shoes. Justin grabbed the doorknob and sighed, I gently smiled, then I grabbed his other hold and held it tight. Before we even opened the door, we were able to hear all the screams, which made Justin even more uncomfortable. But luckily as we opened the door, Hugo was standing outside, he smiled at us, then he tried to help us inside. Justin held my hand tight as we walked inside, but suddenly I got dragged away from Justin, I thought he had let go off my hand on purpose, but as Hugo and I got inside, I noticed Justin wasn’t with us. Immediately I started panicking, I wanted to run outside, but Hugo grabbed me and made me sit down.
“Hugo! Get Justin inside, we can’t be out there all alone!” I screamed.
“Shh, Nicole, just relax, I’m gonna get him now” Hugo said, and then he ran outside. Immediately as Hugo made his way outside, I went over to the glass door and looked around to see if I could find Justin. As I noticed him, Hugo had reached him and grabbed his hand. Justin looked so confused and so broken as they made their way inside the arena.
As they reached the door, Justin ran inside and ran over to me. He had now tears running down his cheeks as he hyperventilated. I hurried to wraps my arms around his neck and squeeze him tight. Justin placed his head in the corner of my neck as he continued to cry.
As I tried to calm him down, Scooter came running over to us.
“What happened?” he asked him, I sighed and caressed Justin’s neck.
“As we walked in here, Justin’s hand glided away from mine! I thought he was behind me, and he did in on purpose, but as Hugo and I got inside, Justin was nowhere to be seen, luckily Hugo found him and got him inside” I explained, Scooter nodded his head and sighed.
“I still have some of his medicine, should I get it?” Scooter asked, I nodded my head, and then I gently pulled away from Justin.
“Everything will be okay baby! Scooter will just get you some medicine so you can calm down, okay?” I asked Justin as I grabbed his jaw, Justin nodded his head as he continued to sob uncontrolled. I awed, then Justin placed his head on the corner of my neck again, I closed my eyes as I rocked Justin and I back and forth. As I continued to rock us back and forth, I opened my eyes and looked outside.
Fans were looking inside at Justin and I, some of them were even crying because Justin was crying. I gently smiled at them. I noticed one of them was recording everything.
“Baby, try to look outside” I gently whispered to Justin, Justin took a deep breath, then he turned around and kept his head on my chest.
He gently smiled as he looked at the beliebers. Even though he was broken, his beliebers could always make him smile. He gently blew them a kiss, and then he turned his head again and rubbed his nose against my collarbone. Scooter came back to us, he had a glass of water in his hand and some pills in his other hand.
“Come on Justin, let’s get away, then you can relax a bit before the concert” I whispered in Justin’s ear. Justin nodded his head, he pulled away from my chest and dried some of his tears away, then he grabbed my hand, and together we walked into his dressing room. Justin sat down on the couch, and Scooter handed him the water and the pills.
Justin quickly downed them, and then he gave the glass to Scooter. Scooter smiled, then he went out of the room, and I sat down beside Justin.
“Thank you baby” he sighed, he leaned back and placed his head on my chest, then he closed his eyes and smiled a little.
“Why are you thanking me?” I asked him as my hands made their way up to his hair.
“Because you’re always there for me! You are always able to calm me down, and you love me for who I am” he explained, I bit down in my lip, and then a single tear ran down my cheek. I kissed the top of his head and leaned back in the couch.
“Of course, I love you so much! And I hate to see you broken or hurt” I told, Justin sniffled, then he sat up and placed his lips on top of mine, and in that moment none of us cared about getting Justin sick, we just needed to feel each others lips.


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