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153. Imagine to @Murderizedxbieber!

Imagine to @murderizedxbieber
I sighed as I laid down on the towel again after taking a dip in the rather warm ocean. I closed my eyes, but the fact that Justin kept starring at me made me insecure, so I opened my eyes and sat up.
"Why are starting at me?" I asked him as I held up a hand in front of my face to keep the sun from blinding me.
"Because you're beautiful" he told me. I awed and crawled over to him. I pecked his lips and nuzzled my nose against his. Even though Justin and I had been dating for 11 months, we still hadn't said "I love you" to each other, but I wanted to change that, because I loved him with all my heart.
"I love you" I shakily told me, Justin slightly pulled away from me and gulped harshly. He looked down in the ground and moved further away from me.
"Uhm, I gotta go" he mumbled, then he stood up and grabbed his towel.
"You don't love me, do you?" I asked him as I looked down in the sand. I nervously started playing with my fingers.
"I- I don't know" he mumbled, I took in a deep breath and stood up.
"It's okay" I mumbled, then it was my turn to pick up my towel.
"Baby, don't do this! I just think our relationship is still new, and I don't want to ruin, what we have" Justin said as he grabbed my hands.
"It's fine Justin, it really is" I told him, then I pulled on my shorts and shirt and graves my bag. "Listen, I think we should take a break, we both need some time to think" I shakily told him. Justin sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"Baby, please don't do this" he said, I shook my head and looked him in the eyes.
"I'm sorry Justin" I told him, then I turned around and left. How could I be so stupid? Of course he didn't love me, there wasn't anything lovable about me…
I got into my car and locked the doors, then the tears started running down my cheeks. I leaned back in the seat and sobbed loudly.
A knock on the window was heard, so I quickly dried away my tears and looked out of the window only to see Justin standing there.
"Y/N, this is crazy! Please just let me explain" he pleaded through the window. I shook my head and started the engine.
"I can't Justin! This is too hard" I yelled to him, then I drove off.

* Justin's POV *
Today was exactly 468 days since Y/N left me, and only because I too dumb not to tell her that I loved her, too, because I really did! Now I had to chance with her, because she had moved on and gotten a new boyfriend, a boyfriend that could make her smile like no other…
I rubbed my face and grabbed my phone, then I unlocked it and went into Instagram. The first picture showing on my screen was a picture of Y/N smiling widely as she stood with a bunch of shopping bags in her hands. "Shopping always lightens the mood" her caption said, I sighed and locked my phone, then I laid down again and closes my eyes.
Even after a year she was the only person on my mind 24/7. She was all I could think about! "Justin!" A female voice yelled. I sat up and furrowed my eyebrows. I removed the sheets from my almost naked body, then I ran downstairs and made my way out to the hall.
"Y/N, what are you doing here?" I asked as I saw Y/N standing in my hall.
"It's your birthday goofy, and even though we've broken up, I still wanted to get you something" she told me as she furrowed her eyebrows.
"It's my birthday?" I asked her as I walked closer to her. She looked gorgeous! Her hair had definitely become longer since the last time I saw her, and her body, GOSH! Don't even get me started!
"Justin, is something wrong?" Y/N asked as she placed her hands on my shoulders.
"N-no, I just forgot the date" I told her nervously.
"Justin" she sighed as she too a step back.
"Get dressed" she told me, I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my arms over my chest. "Why?" I asked her, Y/N smiled widely and giggled.
"Because the last year you have been lacking out! Don't you think I notice how you only stay at your place, you don’t even hang out with Ryan anymore!" She told me, I sighed and looked down in the ground.
"Yeah, you're right! But I have my reasons" I told her. Y/N rolled her eyes and placed her bag in the floor.
"Justin, just because Ryan and I are dating now doesn't mean you guys can't hangout together anymore" she told me. I gulped and nodded my head.
"You're right" I told her, then I made my way upstairs, but I turned around as I noticed Y/N's shape following me.
"What are you doing?" I asked her as I turned around.
"I'm gonna pick you an outfit as you shower, silly" she told me, then she walked past me and went inside my walk-in closet. As she walked past me I couldn't help but stare at her ass! It's funny how I always imagined being the only one that was able to grab it, now I'm not even allowed…
I groaned and rolled my eyes, then I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I pulled down my boxers and went into the shower. I slowly started humming a new song I had been working on it was called "No sense".
"It don't make no sense 'less I'm doing it with you" I sang out loud.
"You have an amazing voice, Justin" Y/N suddenly said. I gasped and covered my dick since the door into the shower was of glass.
"Y/N!" I whined as I opened the door and grabbed a towel.
"Oh, just stop it Justin! It's not like I haven't seen it all before" she told me as she chuckled. "Still! You're dating Ryan!" I told her. Y/N turned around and looked at me.
"So that's why you have been so upset! You're not over me, Justin?" She asked as she sat on top of the sink, just like back in the old days.
"You're right! I'm still not over you! And you know why?" I asked her as I walked over to her. I placed my hands on her thighs and stood face to face with her.
"Wh-why?" she shakily asked me. I smirked to myself and moved my hand up to her left cheek.
"Because I'm so madly in love with you" I whispered against her lips. Y/N’s breath hitched, and she swallowed loudly.
"Really?" She asked me as she looked me into the eyes. I gently nodded my head and placed my head in the crook of her neck.
"Justin, stop!" Y/N mumbled as she pulled my head away from her neck.
"Why?" I asked her as I pouted.
"Because I'm with Ryan, and I don't want to hurt him" she mumbled. I sighed and pulled away from her, then I grabbed the clothes she had found for me and went into the bedroom. It was stupid of me to think that I could get her back just like that!
I let go of my towel and found my boxers, then I sled them on and turned around to look at Y/N.
“Why are you even here? You clearly didn’t come here to tell me that you wanted to get back together” I told her, Y/N sighed and rubbed her forehead.
“You’re right, I didn’t” she told me as she walked closer to me.
“I came here to celebrate your birthday with you, but clearly you don’t want me to be here” she said, I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“Why can’t you just be with me?” I asked her as I wrapped my arms around her waist.
Y/N gasped and tried to push me away, but I held her even tighter.
“You blew up your chance Justin! If you could have just told me you loved me, then we wouldn’t have been in this situation” she told me.
“I’m sorry I didn’t know how I felt! I had a lot of feelings going on!” I harshly told her. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up, and she automatically wrapped her legs around my waist.
I placed her on the bed and hovered over her.
I immediately started kissing her neck.
Y/N’s breath hitched once again and she wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me closer.
I smirked to myself and pulled away from her neck.
“You want me to keep going?” I asked her, Y/N moaned and nodded her head.
“Please” she whimpered.
“Only on one condition” I told her, Y/N opened her eyes and bit down in her lip.
“And that is?” she asked me.
“You have to break up with Ryan the next time you see him, I don’t like cheaters” I told her. Y/N rolled my eyes and sighed.
“Fine, I love you and no one else” she told me, I smiled widely and pecked her lips.
“I love you, too” I told her, Y/N took in a deep breath and closed her eyes.
“It feels so good to hear you say that” she told me. I smirked and started kissing her sweet spot, right behind her right ear. Don’t think I would ever forget that.
“Happy birthday” Y/N whispered as I continued to kiss her neck, but a few moment later I was suddenly laying on my back with Y/N on top of me.
“Oh, this is the best birthday, ever!” I told her, then we started making out.  
I would never let her go again! She always had to be by my side, because I loved her with all my heart! 


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