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105. Imagine to @Melinda_Misto!

Imagine to @Melinda_Misto
“Okay, for Monday I would like all of you to write a 5 page essay about Love, I want you all to look deep inside of yourself and tell me how you define love, and everything else that you think love is about” Mr. Sue said as he looked at all of us. Most of my classmates groaned, but for me this was exciting! I had always had another perspective on love than others, and I would love to tell everyone else about it.
The bell rang, which told us the day was over, and we could finally go home. Not me, I always go to the library or the park to study, because at home everything was a mess… Since the weather was absolutely perfect I decided to go to the park, but first I met up with Alice, my best friend.
“Hey, so is it the park or the library today?” she asked me as she smirked. I rolled my eyes and went over to my locker.
“I’m going to the park. And don’t make fun of it, you know how things are at home” I sadly told her.
“I know, I’m sorry, sweetie” Alice apologized. I smiled and hugged her, and then I found my homework and closed my locker.
“Are you still coming over this weekend?” Alice asked me as we walked outside school. I nodded and held my books close to my chest.
“Yeah, if you still want me to?” I asked her, Alice nodded and smiled.
“Of course, we’re going to have so much fun, as usual” she said, and then we said goodbye and went separate ways. I walked over to my bike and unlocked it, then I placed my books in the front and got on.
I drove towards the park, since the weather was so good today, I was wearing a floral skirt with a crop top in black and a long sleeve loose knit cardigan in the color khaki.
I was also wearing a pair of black ballet pumps and my glasses.
My makeup was as natural as it could be, and my hair was lightly curled.
I finally arrived at the park and got off my bike. I walked into the park with my bike and grabbed a small blanket along with my books. I placed my books and my brown leather bag on the ground, and then I spread out the blanket and sat down against a tree.
I opened my MacBook and opened a work document with the title “What is Love?”
“For me love is something completely different than what others think. I haven’t always believed in love, and maybe I still don’t, I don’t know? I need proof to know what love is, not just what I imagine it to be” I wrote as I smiled. Suddenly I heard a lot of yells from boys. I looked up and saw a few guys playing football; some of them were even shirtless because of the amazing weather. I bit my lip and suddenly my eyes locked with this really handsome guy’s. From what I could see, he was very muscular, and he had a six-pack. He winked at me, and then he returned to the game. I bit my lip as I smiled, then I went back to writing in my document about love.
“Some believe in love at first sight, I never felt that, or maybe I did? I just don’t have any experiences with love, or what so ever” I wrote, then just as I was about to keep writing someone yelled “Watch out” and a few seconds later I was out as I light.

I gently opened my eyes, but I immediately regretted it. I groaned and grabbed my head only to feel a little bump on my forehead.
“Ouch” I mumbled to myself, but to my surprise someone removed my hand and placed a wet cloth on my forehead.
“How are you feeling?” someone asked, his voice was gentle and slightly raspy, which made me smile.
“My head hurts, what happened?” I asked him as I opened my eyes. My smile grew even wider as I realized it was the guy from the park with the nice body.
“A few minutes ago you got hut by a ball, which was my fault, because I thought you looked beautiful, and I just couldn’t take my eyes of you” the handsome guy explained. I started blushing as I realized I was laying on his lap with my face directly on his sex.
“What’s your name?” the guy asked as I sat up and grabbed the cloth from him.
“Y/N” I told him as I continued to blush. The guy smiled widely and looked around.
“Well Y/N, my name is Justin” Justin said, I smiled and shook my hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you” I told him as I giggled. Justin smirked as wriggled his eyebrows.
“The pleasure is mine” he said, then he pecked my hand, and we both started laughing, until my head started hurting a lot.
“Ouch” I whispered to myself, but unfortunately Justin heard me, and he immediately stopped laughing.
“Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to hit you” he said again, I leaned my to the right and smiled.
“It’s okay, it wasn’t on purpose,” I told him, Justin chuckled and shook his head.
“No, I never meant to hurt such a beautiful girl” he said.
“Is there any way I can make it up to you?” he asked me as he grabbed my free hand and smiled.
I smirked and shrugged my shoulders.
“Is there?” I asked him as I hoped he would catch my hints of him asking me out. Justin smiled and chuckled.
“Maybe I could ask you on a date?” he asked me as he smirked, I shrugged my shoulders and bit my lip.
“Maybe?” I shrugged, Justin smiled, and then he stood up and helped me up.
“Y/N, would you like to go on a date with me?” Justin asked, I nodded my head and looked down as I blushed.
“I would love to” I told him, and then I sat down again and found a piece of paper from my notebook. I wrote my number on it and handed it to him.
“Call me” I told him as I winked, then I packed my stuff together and left. I looked back at Justin as I got up on my bike; he was smiling widely as he looked at the paper with my number. He looked up and waved goodbye, then he ran over to his friends again, and immediately they tackled him and started making fun of him.
I giggled, then I drove off and went home to finish my essay about love, suddenly I had a whole lot of other things to write about love, because now I knew for sure it existed, and that love at first sight was a real thing. Because what I felt with Justin was totally different from other guys I had dated.
“What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has his/her own thoughts about love to guide himself/herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of Love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of him” was just a part of what I had written. I had even shown Justin the essay on our first date, where he took me a fair and won me a teddy bear.   
Actually Justin and I started dating a few weeks later, and all of my sorrows had disappeared and turned into love, and I couldn’t be happier.


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