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99. Imagine to @Martinaemad98!

Imagine to @Martinaemad98
Everything was too noisy, everyone was being loud on purpose. Maybe it was just because I was stressed, or maybe because I was studying for the most important exam I had!
I sighed as I tried to block out everyone, but even though I did everything I could ever think of, nothing seemed to work.
“Fuck it!” I told myself, I gathered all my papers and my books and put them in my bag. After packing my bag I went into my walk-in closet and found a pair of black sweatpants, a black crop top, a white and blue flannel (Justin’s) and a pair of Adidas shoes. I changed into the clothes and then I went downstairs with my bag.
“I’m going to Justin’s house, there’s too much noise here” I told mom as I grabbed my car keys. Mom smiled and nodded her head.
“Okay, are you staying at his house tonight?” she asked me; I nodded my head and sighed.
“Yeah, because then I can study till 2 am or something” I told her, then I opened the front door and said goodbye before leaving.
I got into my car and turned on the engine. I pushed my glasses into place, and then I drove out of the driveway and made my way over to Justin’s.
10 minutes later I parked my car in Justin’s driveway. I grabbed my bag and got out of the car I walked with small steps over to Justin’s door. I gently knocked and took a step back. I looked down as I waited for Justin to open the door, which he did a few seconds later.
“Hey baby! What are you doing here?” Justin asked with a big smile on his face. I smiled back and took a step forward.
“I really need to study for this exam, but everyone is home, so they’re really loud, and I can’t concentrate, so I was wondering if I maybe could study here?” I asked Justin. Justin ran a hand through his hair and took a step backwards into his house. He grabbed my hand and dragged me inside.
“Of course you can study here! You don’t even need to ask,” he said, I giggled and took off my shoes.
“Thank you baby” I told him. I got up again and turned around to look at Justin. I got onto my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I missed you,” I told him, and then I leaned closer and placed my lips onto his. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his hands on my ass. He deepened the kiss and pushed me against the wall. I lightly moaned as one of Justin’s hands made contact with my hair.  
Before Justin and I got even more distracted, I pulled away and swallowed.
“We can’t do this now, I really need to study” I told him, Justin cleared his throat and nodded his head.
“Of course, I understand” he said, and then he pecked me cheek. He grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs.
Justin had a room for me to study in, whenever I felt like studying at his house, which was a really sweet thing.
It was a small room, but it was absolutely perfect, at least for me. Actually Justin also used the room now and then, so there was two iMac’s in the room. One for him and one for me.
“I updated your computer and cleaned the room since the last time you were here” Justin said, I smiled and pecked his cheek.
“Thank you, you’re so sweet baby” I told him, then I sat down in the chair and found all of my books and my papers.
“I will be downstairs if you need anything, just call my name, and I’ll be there” Justin said, then he bended down and pecked my lips.
“Thanks” I said, then Justin left the room, and I started studying again.

“Eating disorders are mental illnesses defined by abnormal eating habits that negatively affecting a person's physical or mental health. They include binge eating disorder where people eat a large amount in a short period of time, anorexia nervosa where people eat very little and thus have a low body weight, bulimia nervosa where people eat a lot and then try to rid themselves of the food, pica where people eat non food items, rumination disorder where people regurgitate food, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder where people have a lack of interest in food, and a group of other specified feeding or eating disorders. Anxiety disorders, depression, and substance abuse are common among people with eating disorders. These disorders do not include obesity” I read out loud as I looked closely at my book about eating disorders.
My major in school was Psychology, and for my last exam I would be talking about eating disorders. So I practically had to know everything about the different eating disorders, like their names, what they cause and so on. 
“Baby?” Justin suddenly asked, I took out my earplugs and sighed.
“Yeah?” I asked him as I looked up at him.
“Can I help you with anything, I’m really bored” Justin complained, I rubbed my face with my hands and yawned.
“You can help me make some flashcards?” I asked him, Justin smiled widely and nodded his head. He sat down beside me and grabbed a pile of inane flashcards in different colors.
“Okay, what should I write?” Justin asked me as he grabbed a pen.
“I’ve made a list with all the different things I would like to have written on the flashcards, I’ll just send it to you” I told Justin, Justin nodded his head and started humming a sweet melody.
“Working on a new song are we?” I asked him as I send him the document.
“Yeah, but you can’t hear it!” he quickly said, I furrowed my eyebrows, but eventually I nodded my head.
“Okay?” I said, and then I went back to reading in my book.
“Is this okay?” Justin asked me, which caused me to stop reading and looked at him. He showed me the flashcard, and to be honest it looked like it was a kid that had written it, but I could read it and that was the most important thing!
“It’s perfect,” I told him, and then I pecked his lips and went back to reading.

Around 10.30pm Justin had lost all of his focus, and he was constantly talking, which made me unconcentrated.
“Come on baby, can’t we just take a break?” Justin whined, he placed his head in the crook of my neck and started kissing my neck. I hissed as Justin started sucking on my sweet spot. I closed my eyes in pure pleasure and leaned back in the chair.
“Justin” I moaned, I tried to move away from him, but Justin held me tight and refused to let go.
“What baby?” he asked me as if he was clueless.
“Ple- please stop” I said as I swallowed some saliva. Justin grinned as he started sucking again.
“Nah, I would much rather do this” he smirked. I cleared my throat and leaned forward again. I tried to read again, but I just couldn’t! The pleasure was too good…
“Fuck this!” I told myself, then I got onto Justin’s lap and we started making out.
“Are you sure you want to stop?” Justin asked as he smirked and took up from his chair. I nodded my head and wrapped my legs around Justin’s waist.
“Yeah, I can study tomorrow” I moaned, and then I placed my lips on top of Justin’s again and added my tongue.
Justin placed me on his bed and got on top of me as I kept my legs around his waist. Justin grinded against my sex as he moved his kissing down to my chest. I pulled of my flannel and wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck again.
“I love you” Justin moaned in between small kisses on my belly.
“I love you, too” I moaned as I closed my eyes grabbed his hair with my fingers.  
At that moment studying wasn’t even on my mind, the only thing on my mind was Justin…


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