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80. Imagine to @Maaaahhi!

Imagine to @Maaaahhi
I woke feeling the urge to pee. I was still really dark outside as I made my way into the bathroom, so it was still night. I sat down on the toilet and started peeing, but by an accident I looked down in my panties and noticed a lot of blood. I groaned as I realized it was my period. I leaned over to get a pad in my little box beside the toilet, but it was completely empty. I groaned once again, then I decided to just put some toilet paper into my panties, I stood up, then I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Then I tiptoed out of the bathroom and into Justin and I’s walk-in closet. I found a new pair of panties, then I went back into the bathroom and changed them, I threw the dirty panties into hamper, then I took some new toilet paper and placed it in my panties. I went back into bed, but as I laid down again, I noticed Justin was awake.
“What are you doing up so late baby?” he asked me; I sighed and looked down at the bed. I hated talking about my period with Justin, even though he didn’t feel awkward talking about it at all.
“I just got my period, and I don’t have any pads left” I whispered, when Justin didn’t say anything I looked up at him. He was smiling really big.
“Aww, my poor baby” he cooed, and then he got out of bed and found his pants and a new shirt, since I was sleeping in his shirt from the day before.
“Where are you going?” I asked him as he grabbed his phone and his keys.
“I will go buy you some pads, I’m sure there is still some grocery stores that has open” he explained, I lightly smiled and looked down in the duvet.
“Thank you baby, but you really don’t need to, I can just go buy something, when I wake up” I told him, Justin shook his head, then he went over to me and pecked my forehead.
“Nah, I’m going” he smiled, I nodded my head, then I pecked his lips, and Justin left.
I happily sighed, even though I was feeling like shit.
I laid down under my covers again and closed my eyes, but just as I was about to fall asleep, my phone went off. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat up again, but I smiled as I noticed it was Justin.
“Hey baby” I said as I answered his call, Justin chuckled and sighed.
“Uhm, baby I have a problem, I forgot what kind of pads and tampons you use” he whispered into the phone, I chuckled; I knew he would call about that.
“Do you see the brand Libresse?” I asked him, Justin mumbled a quiet ‘hm’.
“Okay, there is this turquoise colored package, those are my favorite, if you just buy a few package of them, then that will be enough” I told him.
“Okay baby, thank you so much! I always forget” Justin chuckled; I chuckled too and smiled widely.
“It’s okay baby, I understand” I told him; Justin chuckled and cleared his throat.
“Well, what about tampons?” he asked, he made the sound you make whenever you get Goosebumps; I just chuckled and laid down again.
“I don’t need any tampons, just the pads” I told him, I kind of understood why he would be disgusted by tampons, I mean, they are kinda gross.
“Okay, then I will see you soon baby, I love you” Justin cooed, I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“I love you baby, and thank you” I told him, then I ended the call and went onto Twitter.
I couldn’t sleep anymore, and even though it was only 4.30 am I decided to just stay up.
I scrolled through Twitter, but seemed to catch my eye, so I went out of it and locked my phone. Then I placed my phone on the nightstand and turned onto my left side. I curled up in a ball because of those horrible period cramps. I groaned and shut my eyes tight, I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs.

Finally 20 minutes later Justin was home. He came upstairs with to big bags in his hands.
“Hey baby” he said as he sniffled because of the cold weather.
“Hey” I quietly said, Justin pouted and sat down on the edge of our bed.
“How are you feeling?” he asked me, I closed my eyes and turned onto my back.
“Horrible, I have the most horrible cramps right now” I truthfully told him, Justin nodded his head, then he placed a hand on my lower belly and gently caressed it.
“Want me to get you some pills and a glass of water as you do your lady stuff?” he asked me; I gently giggled and nodded my head.
“Please?” I asked him, Justin smiled widely, and then he pecked my forehead and stood up. When Justin was out of the room, I crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom with one of the bags with pads. I sat down on the toilet, then I took the already completely red toilet paper and put it into the toilet, then I took a pad and opened it, and of course it would make the loud noise as always. I never really understood, why it was necessary to make such loud noise! I don’t think anyone is proud of their period?
After changing the pad I went out of the bathroom again, I went into the walk-in closet again and found a pair of pajama pants in black with dots, Justin shirt was grey, but right now I could care less about colors. I also found a pair of fluffy socks, then I went back into the bedroom, where I noticed Justin was lying on the bed with a bunch of sweets beside him, and he had found my favorite movie ‘if I stay” so we could watch it, even though he hated it!
“Aww baby, you’re so amazing” I told him as I got into bed, Justin was sitting up against the wall with his legs apart, so I sat down in front of him and rested my head on his chest.
I felt Justin peck the top of my head, and then he grabbed the remote and pressed play.
“I got you the pills and the water” Justin gently whispered in my hair, I looked up at him ad blew him a kiss, and then I reached over to Justin’s nightstand and grabbed the glass of water and the painkillers.
I swallowed the pills, and then I downed the water and placed it on the nightstand again. Then I leaned back against Justin’s chest and watched the movie.  
Suddenly Justin grabbed something with his left hand and placed it on my stomach, apparently it was a bucket of ice. Justin quickly opened it, and then he grabbed a spoon and took something onto the spoon. Then he placed the spoon in front of my mouth and fed me. I gently smiled and swallowed the yummy chocolate ice.
“I love you baby” Justin gently whispered as he looked at me, I looked at him once again and smiled widely.
“I love you so much more baby! Thank you for making me feel better” I told him, then I grabbed the ice-cream from to stomach and placed it on the nightstand, then I turned around and leaned my head closer to Justin’s. Justin understood my signal and led his head closer to mine, and finally I was able to feel his amazing and plumb lips on top of mine. I pulled away from Justin and grabbed the spoon from his hand, and then I took some of the ice onto the spoon and fed him.
“Mhh, I can still taste your amazing lips on the spoon” Justin cheekily said, I furrowed my eyebrows and chuckled.
“You’re so cheesy” I told him as I continued you chuckle.
“Yeah, but I’m only cheesy for you” he smirked, I quietly gasped and took some of the ice cream with my hands, then I smashed it right into Justin’s head. Justin gasped, then he also grabbed some ice cream, I tried to get away from him, but before I could, I could already feel the ice cream running down my face. I gasped and started laughing until my stomach was hurting too much.  
I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck, and then I connected our chocolate ice covered lips.     


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