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116. Imagine to @Leesliie.xoxo!

Imagine to @Leesliie.xoxo
I woke up to the sun shining through the thin curtains in the hotel room. I was currently on vacation in Spain with my family. It’s my parents’ anniversary gifts to each other, just because they didn’t want a big party.
I stretched my lazy body and sat up in the bed. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it, only to be spammed with mails and notifications from different social medias.
I quickly looked through some of the notifications, and then I locked my phone again and got out of bed.
I had a hotel room to myself, so therefor I could care less if I ran around the room only in my underwear, which I did right now. 
I went into the bathroom and turned on the water, so that it could heat up before I went in. I stripped out of my underwear and let my hair out of the messy bun I had made the night before.
Before stepping into the shower I turned on some music, then I could finally step into the shower.
I carefully washed my hair and my body, and then I shaved everywhere and got out. I wrapped a towel around my hair, and a towel around my body.
I let out a breath and removed the dew from the mirror and sighed happily. It had been a long time since I had relaxed this much, but to be honest I actually missed being busy with school ad stuff.
We had been here for a week, so we still had 2 weeks left. Mom and dad had been saving money for years!
After drying my body I went into the main room of the hotel room, I found my suitcase and found a pair of loose short in a flower pattern in black and white. I found a simple, black top to wear too, and then for shoes I decided on wearing my normal Birkenstock sandals in black.

I went back into the bathroom and pulled my hair out of the towel, then I let it air dry for a little while as I did my makeup.
Since it was really hot outside, I decided on only wearing concealer, powder and a little bit of waterproof mascara.
Since my hair wasn’t fully dry yet I decided to just blow dry it, and then curl it. My hair wasn’t that long, so it normally only took me about 5 minutes to curl.

I finally finished and checked myself in the mirror, I looked okay, so I just grabbed my phone and my key for the room, and then I went downstairs to find my family. I found them right outside, where you’re supposed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
“Good morning” I smiled as I greeted them, I hugged mom first, then dad.
“Good morning sweetie, are you ready to eat?” Dad asked me, I nodded, and together we walked over to the buffet to get some breakfast.
After filling my plate with fruits and so on, I sat down at a table nearby. I took a bite of my apple, but I decided to wait for my parents, only because I was being watched, I don’t know by who, but I could feel someone looking at me. I looked around until my eyes got caught in some boy’s magical eyes. He had the most beautiful brown eyes, and I can’t deny, he looked hella fine!
I sent him a smile, and so did he back, but his smile was followed by a smirk, I giggled and looked away, then I took another bite of my apple, and soon my parents joined me at the table.
“So sweetie, what do you wanna do today?” mom asked me, I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back in the chair.
“I don’t know, can’t we just stay at the hotel today, get a little more tanned or something?” I asked her, mom nodded and took a spoon filled with yogurt into her mouth.
“Sounds like a plan sweetie” mom said.
Throughout breakfast I kept looking at the guy, who was also looking at me, we kept sending each other looks, both flirty and funny ones.
And as I stood up, the guy also stood up. I furrowed my eyebrows and stopped walking to look at him.
“Are you following me or something?” I asked him with laughter. The guy shook his head and chuckled.
“No, I’m sorry if I made it seem like that, I just really wanted to talk to you” the guy said.
“Oh, okay” I smiled, I giggled and slowly started walking.
“So, what’s your name beautiful?” the guy asked me, I giggled and looked down in the ground, this guy had some kind of effect on me, I just couldn’t explain what it was…
“I’m Y/N, and you are?” I asked him, the guy smirked and rested his arm on my shoulders. He was a bit taller than me.
“I’m Justin, and you have a very beautiful name Y/N” Justin said, I rolled my eyes and
“Well thank you Justin” I smirked, and then suddenly we were already at my room.
“So, this is, where I’m staying” I awkwardly told Justin, Justin smiled and looked down at me.
“That’s cool, my room is next to yours” Justin told me, I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“Well, beautiful, I’ll see you downstairs by the pool, right?” Justin asked me, I nodded and looked up at him, then Justin left and went into his own room as I went into mine.
I quickly changed into my favorite and most beautiful bikini, it was simple, and it was white. And now that I had gotten some color it just suited my body even better.

I don’t know exactly what, but something inside of me wanted me to look even better for Justin, he had some kind of power over me, and I didn’t like it…
After checking myself in the mirror I grabbed my big towel and made my way downstairs. I smiled to myself as I noticed Justin had kept a seat for me beside him. He noticed me and smiled widely, and then he stood up and walked over to me. He looked so good! He had a body like a god! He was pure perfection, and I wasn’t even overdoing anything, also he had a lot of tattoos, which just made him 10 times hotter, if that was even possible?
“Hello beautiful” Justin smirked; I smirked back and threw my towel at him.
“See you in the water, Justin” I smirked, and then I took my shoes off and jumped into the water. Justin was left standing there with his mouth open wide; I started laughing as I got up from the water again.
“I got ya!” I screamed, I grabbed my towel and dried my face, then I placed my towel on the chair and just as I was about to lay down, I got picked up and carried over to the pool. I screamed and tried to get out of Justin’s arms, but he was way too strong, another plus! ;)
Justin jumped into the water and let go off me.
“I really thought I was going to die,” I told Justin as I came up to the surface again.
“Nah, I wouldn’t do that to such a beautiful girl” Justin smiled; I rolled my eyes and swam over to the edge.
“So, Justin, tell me about yourself” I told Justin as I looked around that’s, when I realized Justin and I were completely alone at the pool.
“Well, I’m 21, and I’m originally from Canada, but I live in LA” Justin explained, I smiled widely and bit down in my lip.
“That’s cool, I live in LA, too” I told Justin, Justin’s eyes got wide, and it looked like he realized something.
“That’s where I have seen you” he suddenly blurted out, I raised an eyebrow and leaned back a little bit.
“What?” I asked him, then before I could get an answer Justin got out of the water and went over to his chair, he found his phone and typed something, then he came over to me again and showed me his phone.
“You’re that girl from those cute as fuck tumblr photos” Justin said, my breath hissed, and immediately a big knot formed in my stomach.
“Oh those, I thought he deleted them” I quietly mumbled.
“Who is he?” Justin asked, I looked up at him and sighed.
“It’s just my ex-boyfriend. We thought we were forever, so we decided to take all of those pictures, but he cheated on me, so I asked him to delete all of the pictures” I told Justin, Justin nodded and locked his phone, then he walked over to his chair again and placed his phone, soon after he was in the water again.
“So, who are you on vacation with?” I asked Justin to avoid talking more about my ex.
“My friends Ryan and Chaz” Justin smiled, I nodded and started swimming.
“What about you?” Justin asked as he swam right beside me.
“The old ones, it’s their anniversary gift to each other” I told him, Justin nodded, then he grabbed my hand and made me stop swimming.
“Listen Y/N, I know we just met, but I just feel this connection, and I really hope you feel it too?” Justin said, my eyes got wide, but in the good way.
“I feel it too Justin” I silently mumbled as I moved closer and closer to Justin, soon enough I could feel Justin’s breathing on my lips.
I couldn’t take it anymore, so I took the last step and connected our lips. I quietly moaned and wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck.
“Well, that certainly was nice” I mumbled as Justin and I pulled away from each other.
“Y/N, can I please take you on a date tonight?” Justin suddenly asked, and before I could even think, I felt my head moving up and down and those 6 words; “Of course, I would love to”.
And that was the start of Justin and I’s relationship, of course we both thought it would just be some kind of summer flirt, but it wasn’t, and I’m so glad it wasn’t! 


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