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145. Imagine to @Katie_lewis_95!

Imagine to @katie_lewis_95
Being best friends with the one and only Justin Bieber wasn’t such a bad thing, I mean Justin is a really down to earth and amazing guy, he can always make me smile…
Being in love with the one and only Justin Bieber is another talk, especially when he didn’t even know it, and he was too busy fooling around with other girls.
That was why I decided to stop hanging out with him as much as I was used to. I couldn’t handle the fact that he always had someone new to do, whenever we were hanging out. He told me he did it because he needed to get his mind off this other girl, and of course I couldn’t know who it was, but I had a pretty good idea about it, Selena… Justin and Selena had been texting each other a lot lately, so that’s why he must still be in love with her.
He would never fall in love with me…

Today was one of the days, where I had finally agreed to hand out with Justin. Justin told me we were going out of town, so I was dressed in a grey sweaterdress, a pair of black see-through tights, a pair of black Keds and a black scarf. I had my hair half up half down secured by a scrunchie in black with some flowers on it. My makeup was simple, and for jewelry I wore a pair of small diamond earrings and a silver bracelet with small diamond-details. It was a bracelet that Justin had given me for my 18th birthday, it was a very special and gorgeous bracelet that I didn’t go a day without wearing it.

Around noon Justin picked me up. I expected his car to be full of people, but surprisingly it was only him, which made me smile widely – not that I don’t like hanging out with all the others, it was just nice to spend some time alone with Justin, because we barely ever did anymore…
“Hey” I greeted as I got inside the car. Justin smiled at me and cleared his throat.
“Hey bestie” he smirked. Bestie – I hate that word, especially, when Justin says it…
“So, wanna tell me, where we’re going?” I asked him as I closed the door to the car.
Justin shook his head and kept his mouth closed, which made me scoff and pout.
I buckled my seatbelt and leaned back in the seat.
“How about you tell me if I should find a playlist we can listen to, depending on how long the ride is?” I asked him as I found my iPhone 5, yeah I still had an iPhone 5, I don’t actually know why, it just worked for me, so why not keep it? That’s my opinion, but Justin has a completely different sight on phones, as soon as there comes a new, he’ll get it, he even offered to buy me the iPhone 6s, but I told him no.
“Well, we could listen to Purpose?” he suggested. I immediately turned my head towards him, my eyes were wide open.
“Really?” I asked him, I was full of hope.
“Nope, you’ll have to wait, Y/N/N” he told me as he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest.
“You’re such a meanie” I told him as I pouted. Justin laughed and placed his right hand on my left knee, which instantly sent butterflies through my stomach. I almost stopped breathing, it felt so right…
“Y/N?” Justin loudly asked as he waved his hand in front of my face. I lightly shook my head and closed my eyes.
“What?” I asked him, Justin shook his head and chuckled.
“Who are you daydreaming about?” he asked me as he reduced the gear.
“No one” I mumbled, Justin grabbed my hand and took it up to his mouth.
“You’re so cute” he told me, then he pecked my hand.

Finally, after 50 solid minutes in the car we arrived at a giant stadium, I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked around, there were no cars near the stadium, so we weren’t going to see a game or something?
“Justin, if you’re trying to kill me, then please tell me” I joked as I got out of the car. Justin chuckled and shook his head, then suddenly he started running towards me, which made me scream loudly. Justin picked me up and swung me over his shoulder so that I was hanging with my head near his butt.
“JUSTIN, SIT BE DOWN!” I squealed, Justin gently slapped my ass a few times.
“No can do sugar” he told me, then he started walking. I screamed as he started walking faster and faster.
Justin walked in through the door, and finally - after closing and locking the door – he placed me on the ground again.   
The room was completely dark, so I hurried to grab Justin’s hand. We were used to holding hands, but we weren’t used to intertwined fingers, so when Justin intertwined our fingers, I quietly gasped, but luckily he didn’t hear me…
“Justin, where are you taking me?” I quietly asked him, I don’t even know, why I was being this quiet there was no need to being.
“We’ll just have to walk a little further” he told me. How could he even see, where we were going?
“Okay, we’re there soon, so I’m gonna have to make you close your beautiful eyes” Justin told me. I sighed and closed my eyes, I didn’t even want to argue with him.
Justin wrapped his arms around me from behind, he slowly started walking, which made me walk, then suddenly he let go again and stood in front of me.
“Okay” he said as he took a deep breath. I furrowed my eyebrows, but I kept my eye closed.
“Okay, open your eyes” he told me, I immediately opened my eyes and gasped, when I saw a big canvas and the whole room was lighted up by candles.
“Justin, this is so beautiful” I told him, but why we he do such ting for me?
“You think?” he asked me, I nodded my head, then Justin grabbed my hand and lead me over to the two cinema-chairs.
“Why are you doing this?” I asked him as I sat down. Justin just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, then he sat down, too and pressed play on a remote.
I thought we were going to watch a movie, we were, but it was about me and him.
“Y/N, you’ve been my best friend for as long as I can remember” the “voiceover-Justin” said as pictures of him and I showed on the screen.
“Lately you’ve given me the most weird feelings – feelings that I have never felt before” he continued. I looked over at Justin, he just turned my head towards the canvas again, which made me giggle.
“But you’ve always been avoiding me, which is hurting me” he said, I gasped and covered my mouth. I didn’t think he would notice…
“But I hope this can change your mind about avoiding me” he said, then the video stopped, and Justin stood up from his seat. He walked away, which made me raise an eyebrow, but luckily a few seconds late he was back, this time with a pizza. I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
He thought he could ‘win’ me back by serving me Pizza?
“Before we eat, I would like to tell you something” he told me as he sat down beside me again. I nodded my head and turned towards him.
“You know, the weird feeling I was talking about?” Justin asked me, and once again I nodded my head.
“Well, those feelings, are love” he told me, I gasped and covered my mouth. Was he really saying, what I thought he did?
“I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I had to test it somehow” he told me, “So I started texting Selena to see your reaction, and hopefully that’s why you avoided me?” he asked, I shyly nodded my head and covered my eyes. He was right…
Justin sighed and closed his eyes, then he handed me the pizza and made me open it. I opened the box, and inside the lid there was written “Will you be my girlfriend? Or is this too cheesy?” I cracked a laugh and placed the pizza on the floor, then I stood up and walked over to Justin. 

I sat down on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I would love to be your girlfriend, but it was kind of cheesy” I told him. Justin chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know? It worked” he told me, I nodded my head, then I leaned in and placed my lips on his plumb ones, which I had been longing for, for years and years… He was finally mine, and I was his forever and always.     


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