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86. Imagine to @Justine.Pacheco!

Imagine to @Justine.pacheco
I sighed as I realized it was that time of the month again. I had just woken up, and I was now out at the toilet to pee. Justin had left a few hours ago to go to the studio. Lately he had been working on this song with Cody, but he wouldn’t let me listen to it, so I was trying to be patient, which really wasn’t my good side…
I sighed once again, then I flushed the toilet and took off all of my clothes. I turned on the shower and got in. I washed myself really good and then got out again.
I hurried to wrap a towel around my body, and then I ran into the walk-in closet and found a pair of panties and a bra. Then I ran back to the bathroom and got on my bra and then my panties, before pulling my panties up I found a pad and placed it in it, and then I pulled them up and sighed. I took off my towel and wrapped it around my hair, and then I went back into the walk-in closet and found some clothes. I didn’t want to wear light jeans because there was a chance that I would bleed through my pad and then there would come a stain on my jeans, and I really didn’t want that. So I found a pair of high waisted Dr. Denim jeans, a black T-shirt that said ‘ It started with a hi’ and a pair of black shoes with small Minnie and Mickey Mouse on them. 
I went back into the bathroom again and unwrapped my hair, and then I just went through it with a comb. I never blow dried my hair because it wasn’t healthy, and because I knew I would use a straightener or a curling iron when it was dried, but today I had decided to go with the curling iron.
As my hair was drying I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast. After I finished making my oatmeal, I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that Justin had tried to call me 3 times, so I hurried to call him back.
“Hey baby” he said as he picked up his phone, I smiled and took a spoon full of oatmeal into my mouth.
“Hey” I said as I swallowed the oatmeal.
“Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” he asked me,
“I was showering” I told as I chuckled, Justin chuckled too.
“Well, I was just wondering if you could come down to the studio? Cody and I want to show you something, but mostly me” Justin asked, I smiled and nodded my head, but I soon realized he couldn’t see me.
“Yeah, of course, I’ll be there in a hour or so, but be prepared, I’m on my period and my hormones are already playing with me” I told him, Justin laughed, but eventually he awed.
“Well, then it’s good that we have a couch you can lay on” he said, I rolled my eyes and scoffed.
“You can’t just bribe me with a couch” I told him as I pouted.
“I’m not baby, we also have chocolate and candy” he playfully said, and I could easily hear on his voice that he was smirking.
“Fine, I’ll be there soon” I told him, and before he could say something else, I ended the call.
I chuckled to myself and started eating again.
A few minutes later I was done eating, so I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen, I washed the little glass bowl and placed it in the dishwasher, then I went upstairs again and curled my hair.
As I finished I messed my curls a little bit to give them the beachy look, then I went downstairs and grabbed my bag. I made sure I had pads and other stuff I would need, but I realized I only had a few pads left, so as I drove to the studio, I stopped by the grocery store and bought my favorite ones. Then I drove to the studio.
I parked outside the studio and got out of the car. I grabbed my bag and the bag from the grocery store, I had also bought some fruit and some other goodies for the guys and I.
I went inside and said hello to the receptionist, luckily she wasn’t such a bitch, she was actually really sweet, her name was Amber, and whenever I was at the studio with Justin, I sometimes went out to talk to her.
After saying hello I went into the room Justin had texted me, I opened the door and immediately the music stopped playing. I furrowed my eyebrows and went over to them, I hugged Justin first and gave him a kiss, then I went over to Cody and gave him a hug as well.
“Why did you stop the music?” I asked Justin as I checked him out. Today he was wearing a sweatshirt with a bunch of different colors on it, a pair of black jeans and his beloved fedora. I never really understood why he wore them?
“I don’t know?” he strangely said. I furrowed my eyebrows again, but I decided to just shake it off.
I turned around and placed my bags on the couch.
“Before coming over here I stopped by the grocery store and bought you guys something to eat” I told Justin and Cody. Both of them hurried over to me to see, what I had bought.
I pulled up the different fruits, but I left my pads in the bag.
“I bought some apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries and some bananas” I told them, immediately Justin grabbed some of the grapes, and Cody grabbed an apple. I playfully rolled my eyes and looked at them.
“So, why did you guys want me to come?” I asked them, Justin got a big smile on his lips and swallowed a grape.
“Cody and I have a bet” he said, I crossed my arms and furrowed my eyebrows,
“And what is that bet about?” I asked him, Justin smirked and bit down in his lip.
“Cody doesn’t think you will ever agree on making a cover of a song with me” he said, I gave him a stern look, but the stern soon turned into a smirk.
“How much did you guys bet?” I asked both of them.
“We are betting about, who that gets to give the song we have been working on to their girlfriend” Cody told me, I nodded my head, and I suddenly I felt the urge to help Justin win the bet, I really wanted to hear the song!
“I will only make a cover, if I get to choose the song” I told them with a smirk, Justin mumbled a quiet ‘yes’ and Cody groaned.
“Of course baby, whatever you want” Justin said, I smiled and walked over to him, and then I pecked his cheek.
“I want to make a cover of ‘Hotel Ceiling’ by Rixton” I told them, Justin nodded his head and pecked my cheek, then he went over to the soundboard and found the song without lyrics.
Luckily I already knew the lyrics, and I knew how everything worked in the booth, so I just went in there and started singing.
“I can see it coming round full circle my friend. on the TV they said they had reported you dead. It was my fault 'cause I could've sworn that you said, it was easy to find another for your bed” I sang, Justin stopped the music as I finished singing the first verse, then he came into the booth with me and got on the earphones.
“Will you please start the music again?” Justin asked Cody, Cody smiled and nodded his head and started the music again, and Justin started singing.
As he made it to the chorus, I started singing along, luckily I already knew the mezzo-soprano, and so I started singing that one as Justin sang the normal soprano. I looked over at Justin as we continued to sing.
We had never made a cover of a song before, so this was all new to us, but of what I could hear, we actually sounded really good together.
About 3 hours later we were done, we had gotten choir on and all the other stuff you’ll need to have…
And right now we were just sitting on the couch, I was curled up against Justin, because I had suddenly got really bad cramps.
“You have an amazing voice Justine, why don’t you sing more often?” Cody asked me, I smiled and shrugged my shoulders as I cuddled closer into Justin.
“I don’t know, I mean, I like singing, but I don’t think I will ever get far with it” I told him, Cody shook his head and stood up.
“That’s not true! You will be so big! And other artist will beg you to make a song with them” he said, I chuckled and shook my head.
“You’re so sweet Cody, but please don’t lie” I told him as I chuckled.
“I’m not lying! I would really like to make a song with you” Cody said,
“But you won’t get to make a song with her before me” Justin sweetly said, I rolled my eyes and sat up.
“You guys are crazy!” I told them as I giggled.
“Justin, why don’t you ask Scooter if he would like to sign her?” Cody asked Justin, it was like Justin got Christmas lights in his eyes, so he hurried to nod his head and find his phone. But before he could call Scooter, I took his phone and locked it.
“Not now, not tomorrow, not next week! I’m not ready for that! And if you really want babies Justin, then you might consider waiting, because if I get signed, we won’t have much time together” I told him, Justin eyes got wide, and he gulped.
“I really want babies,” he said as he looked at Cody, both Cody and I started laughing, but I had to stop because of the cramps.
“Aww come here baby, we’ll go home soon, I just really want you to hear this song” Justin said, then Cody went over to the soundboard and played a song I had never heard before.
“I don't work hard when it's easy. I put in work when it's hard. Girl I never believed in, love until I had yours. This is more than a season, and I'm not just sprung. I'm not afraid to tell ya, that you're the one. The one I wake up thinking about. The one I can run to when I'm feeling down. Life is all good when you're around. Girl nobody from the past is beating you right now” Cody sang, and a minute later Justin was singing too. I covered my mouth as I realized Justin was singing about me. I laid down against his chest again and wrapped my arms around his waist, and then I hugged him tight and listened to the rest of the song.
“Aww guys, this song is really amazing” I cooed, Cody and Justin chuckled, and Justin kissed the top of my head.
“It’s only amazing, because you’re amazing” Justin said, I playfully rolled my eyes, then I sat up and kissed his lips.


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