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181. Imagine to @Justine.bieberrr!

Imagine to @Justine.bieberrr
* Justin's POV *
I wasn't used to waking up in the middle of the night, or what I thought was in the middle of the night, but to tell you the truth it was actually 8.20am. I had heard Y/N groan in her sleep, which made me open my eyes immediately. 
I saw her laying on her side with her arms wrapped around her stomach, which made me realize she had gotten her period. 
I wanted to wrap her covers around her body again, but that's when I saw the big, red spot on her polka dot pajama shorts and on the covers.  
This had never happened before, so I felt a little awkward, but honestly I had nothing to be embarrassed about, she was my girlfriend! 
I got out of bed and went over to her side, where I sat down in front of her. 
"Baby" I lowly said as I stroke her cheek. 

* Your POV *
I woke up to the feeling of someone's hand on my cheek. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes to see Justin sitting in front of me. 
"Good morning," I said as I groaned. I had a stomachache which meant my period was on its way, *sigh'. 
"Why are you up this early?" I asked him as I rubbed my eyes. 
"I heard you groan in your sleep," he told me, which made me smile. I loved how concerned he was. 
"I am probably just getting my period," I told him. Justin nodded his head and gulped. 
"I know, you have sadly bled through your shorts, so you've made a spot," he told me. I gasped and covered my face with my hands. 
"OMG, this is so embarrassing!" I said, then I got out of bed and ran into our bathroom, where I locked the door behind me. 
"Baby, it's totally okay! This shouldn't make you embarrassed!" Justin said as he knocked on the door. I sighed and turned to look at myself in the mirror. 
The spot wasn't that big, but it was still very noticeable.
"It's fine Justin, but I still think it's embarrassing," I told him as I undressed. 
"I'm just going to shower, then we can get some breakfast, is that alright?" I asked him as I found a towel. 
"Yeah, of course, it is," he told me, then I heard him leave, which made me turn on the water. 
I waited for the water to become warm before getting in, then I did what I had to do and got out.    
I think I used like 10 to 15 minutes in the shower before getting out. 
I quickly dried my body, then I found a pair of my "Period-panties" that I luckily kept in the bathroom. 
After inserting a tampon and putting on my panties I went over to my drawer, where I found my body lotion. 
I finished everything I had to do in the bathroom, then I went into the bedroom with my towel wrapped around my body. As I opened the door I saw that Justin had made the bed. He had changed the sheets, so instead of simple, white sheets, it was not sheets that said "His and her side", which made me chuckle, because of course "hers" side had the most space. 
I always saw a beautiful bouquet of roses standing on my nightstand. I went over to it and saw a card by it.   
"You seriously have nothing to be embarrassed about. I love you no matter what, Justin :*" it said. I awed, then I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Justin standing there with a bright smile. 
"You're seriously the cutest, baby," I said, then I went over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pressed my chest against his chest to make sure I wouldn't loose my towel. 
"I just wanted to make sure you had a smile on your face," he told me, then he placed his lips on mine. 
"Mh, I've been wanting to do that all morning," he told me, which made me bite down on my lip. 
"Now get dressed, we're going out for breakfast because I am not in the mood for cooking today," Justin said, then he pecked my lips and went into the bathroom. 
"How did you get the roses this fast?" I asked him as he was about to close the door. 
"I made Hugo get them for me," he said with a chuckle. I chuckled, too, then I shook my head and went into our walk-in closet. 
I decided to wear a jumpsuit in black with a white pattern with a pair of espadrilles to go with. I also found a pair of sunglasses and a bag to bring with me with tampons and pads etc. 

Justin was actually dressed when I came out of our walk-in closet. He wore a pair of ripped jeans in black, a gray t-shirt and an army green bomber-jacket. 

"Great, let's go," he said, then he grabbed my hand and dragged me down the stairs. 
"Whoa, you sure are in a rush," I told him, which made him nod. 
"Yeah, I'm so hungry!" he said, then he lightly pushed me out of the door and locked it behind us. As he locked the door I decided to walk over to the car he had picked for us. 
"So, where should we eat?" I asked him as we drove. 
"Don't worry, I already got that covered" he told me, then he placed his hand on my knee and squeezed it lightly.   
20 minutes later we arrived at iHop. I lightly squealed and pecked Justin's cheek. He knew this was my favorite breakfast place. 
We came inside, where only an elder couple was seating. We sat down at a table and soon after a waiter was by our side. 
"What can I get the beautiful couple?" he asked us. Before I could even say something, Justin had already answered him.  
"We would like two plates of chocolate chip waffles and two strawberry milkshakes," he told him. The waiter nodded his head, then he left to get out food. 
"You know me so well," I told Justin as I grabbed his hand over the table. 
"I do," he told me as he winked. 
After a few minutes our food arrived, but beside the waffles and the milkshakes the waiter had also brought us some heart shaped pancakes. 
"Oh, we didn't order this," I told him as I handed the plate to him. 
"I know, but the couple over there wanted you guys to have them," he told us. I looked behind me and looked at the couple. 
"Thank you," I told them, so did Justin. 
"You're welcome! You guys actually remind us of us, when we were your age" the woman said, which made me smile widely. 
"Well, if we're just as lucky as you guys to have each other as many years as you guys have had each other, then I'm happy," I told her. The woman smiled and grabbed her husband's hand over the table, which made me smile widely. 
"They're adorable" I whispered to Justin. Justin nodded his head and took a bite of one of his waffles. 
"I hope we'll last just as long, if not longer," he told me, then he stood up and went over to my side, where he sat down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. He then pecked my forehead and sighed happily. 
"I hope so, too" I told him, then I kissed his lips with passion.    


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