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124. Imagine to @JustinBieberl on Wattpad!

Imagine to @JustinBieberl
I had just been to my 5 months checkup at the doctors, and of course Justin wasn’t there with me, he didn’t even come, when we could get to know the gender! Lately he had been so distance, always staying out and coming home late, of course I had my doubts, but I chose to trust him, because we’re married, and we’re having a baby together. First of Justin was so excited, but now he doesn’t even want to talk about our child.
I got in my car and caressed my baby bump, Justin and I were having a baby girl, and I couldn’t be happier! But knowing that Justin wouldn’t be around to be happy with me made me sad…
I drove home, but I got this weird feeling in my body as I parked my car, normally Justin wouldn’t be home now, and usually he wouldn’t bring friends, so the fact that he was home now made me furrow my eyebrows, as a frown formed on my face. I was actually a little scared of Justin, not because he ever hit me, but because he could get so mad from time to time.
I got out of the car and went inside, but something caught my eyes, there were clothes all over the floor, not just Justin’s clothes, but also woman’s clothes that I sure knew wasn’t mine!
I took a deep breath, I already knew he was cheating on me, it was so obvious! I decided to not go all out on Justin, so I just went directly upstairs and went into what used to be Justin and I’s bedroom. Immediately the moaning stopped, and both Justin and that girl looked at me, I didn’t say a thing, I just went over to the clothes and grabbed a bag and the most important things of mine.
While I went into the bathroom, Justin and the girl got dressed, I grabbed my shampoo, soap, makeup and etc.
“Y/N, what are you doing?” Justin asked as he went into the bathroom to greet me, I rolled my eyes and scoffed.
“I’ll make sure my lawyer comes around in a few days with the divorce papers” I told him, then I grabbed my bag and went into the bedroom and continued downstairs.
“Oh, and Justin?” I said as I turned around in front of the front door, Justin looked down in guilt and nodded his head. “You’ll never see your daughter, EVER!” I yelled, then I opened the door and slammed in after me.
I groaned and started screaming, then suddenly the tears started flowing down my cheeks, I had never felt this empty before, Justin was my everything, but he just ruined everything, he was the love of my life, but now I had nothing but hate towards him. I got inside my car and slowly drove away, as I continued to cry. I stopped a few times to refill the tank, then I continued to drive, I wouldn’t stop driving until I reached the airport in San Diego.
I didn’t feel like staying near LA, so I took the next flight to New York, where I knew I could stay with my best friend, Cameron. He recently moved to New York instead of LA, which I completely understand…
As I boarded the flight, I decided to call Camron.
“Hey sweetie, how are you?” he said as he picked up his phone, I sniffled and gently caressed my baby bump.
“Can I please stay with you for a while? I left Justin…” I told him, Cameron gasped, and I could hear him stand up.
“Of course Sweetie! Want me to pick you up at the airport?” he asked, I sniffled and leaned back in the seat, then a loud sob left my mouth, it wasn’t until now I realized that Justin and I were over, and that I would never get to see him again, at least I didn’t hope so!
“Please!” I begged,
“Yeah, of course Sweetie, I’ll see you soon” he said, then he hung up. I plugged in my earphones and went into Spotify, then I shuffled my music and let it play as I closed my eyes and hoped that this flight would be over soon!


Finally, we landed in New York, I pulled on my shades and tried to get up from the chair, but I couldn’t, because they were almost no space, and with a bump like mine, you would have had trouble too!
“Here, let me help you” a gay said, I looked up only to see Justin standing there, I rolled my eyes and shook my head, I tried to get up on my own once again, but of course I didn’t succeed, so in the end I grabbed Justin’s hand and got up.
I immediately get go off his hand, then I went out of the plane and went into the airport. I got my bag, then I hurried to find Cameron, but unfortunately Justin had found him first, I groaned and luckily I made eye contact with Cameron, I nodded my head and told him to come over to me, which he did, but unfortunately Justin followed him.
“Y/N, I want you to hear out Justin, he has some pretty good reason for doing, what he did” Cameron said, I shook my head and glared at Justin.
“No, there’s never a good reason for cheating” I told Camron, and Justin a little. Then I grabbed my bag once again and went outside.
“Why don’t you wanna listen to me? I’m your husband!” Justin yelled, which made me stop walking. I turned around and looked at him with a glare, everyone in the airport were looking at us.
“You’re not my husband anymore Justin! You cheated on me, and this marriage was over the first time you had sex with someone else!” I told him and some people cheered, I rolled my eyes, and just as I was about to turn around, Justin ran over to me and connected our lips, I tried to pull away, but he held me tight and honestly I had missed his lips, it had been a long time since Justin had kissed me, let alone touched me.
“Please listen to me” he whispered against my lips, I sniffled and a few tears ran down my cheeks.
“The girls name is Xenia, she’s the girl in my new music video” he explained, I gasped and furrowed my eyebrows.
“Oh, so you’re sleeping with the new model?” I asked him, Justin sighed and looked down.
“Scooter wanted us to get more intimate in the video, but one thing led to another, and after finishing we went back to our place and things got way too far. I missed you and your touch, I missed every single inch of your body, I missed you in general” he explained, I hiccupped and hid my face in my hands.
“I never meant for it to happen, and I’m so, so sorry baby!” Justin cried.
“Was this why you had been so distance, because you had to film a music video?” I asked him completely ignoring his apology.
“Yeah, I wanted the music video to be perfect, for you” he explained,
“So you were never getting tired of me, or my body?” I asked him, Justin immediately shook his head and grabbed my hands.
“NO! Are you crazy? I could never get tired of your, or your body!” Justin said, “I think you’re so incredibly sexy, and now that you’re pregnant, gosh you’re glowing!” he continued, I chuckled and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I love you” I told him, then I connected our lips, Justin sighed and kissed back, then cheers were heard, which caused Justin and I to pull away from each other.
“I’ll give a second chance, but if you fuck it up, then you have officially lost me, for good!” I threatened him, Justin nodded his head and sighed.  
“Cameron, thank you for helping me!” Justin said as he looked at Cameron, I raised an eyebrow and looked at Cameron.
“You were in on this?” I asked him,
“Yeah, I knew you would want to stay with Cameron” Justin told me, then he pecked my lips once again.
I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
“You guys are crazy” I told them, then I grabbed my bag and threw it at Justin.
“Come on, let’s get out of here, I’m starving!” I told them, which caused both of them to chuckle.
“Of course baby, anything for you” Justin said, then he grabbed my hand, and together walked out of the airport.
We got inside Cameron’s car, Justin and I sat in the back.
“I love you” Justin whispered, then he placed a hand on my belly and caressed it.
“And I love you too my little princess” he explained, then he placed a peck on my belly.     


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