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173. Imagine to @Justin.Bieber19949!

Imagine to @Justin.Bieber1949 
Sighing for the third time, I looked down at the - once again - negative pregnancy test. For the past year, Justin and I had tried to get a baby, but we just couldn't succeed. 
I had decided that if this pregnancy test was negative, then I would have Justin and I go to a doctor to get checked to see if something was wrong with us. 
I looked up at Justin, who clearly was upset, too. 
"I'll get us an appointment as soon as possible" I told him, then I hurried out of the room and down the stairs. 
"Baby, wait!" Justin yelled as he followed me. I stopped and turned around to look at him. 
"No matter, what we will hear from the doctors, I still love you with all my heart," Justin said. I lightly smiled and looked down at the ground. 
"I'm just so scared something might be wrong with me! I always wanted kids, it has always been my dream to be a mother" I told him as a small tear formed in the crease of my eye. 
"I promise you, nothing is wrong!" he said, then he kissed my forehead and intertwined our fingers. 
"Let's call the doctor," he said, then we went into the living room, where my phone was laying on the coffee table. 
I sat down on the couch and unlocked my phone, then I found my gynaecologist's number and called her. 
"Dr Green here," she said as she picked up her phone. 
"Hey, Dr Green, It's Y/F/N," I said as I put it on speaker. 
"Hey Y/N, what can I do for you?" Dr. Green said sweetly. 
"I would like to make an appointment for my husband and me to see if something is wrong since we can't seem to conceive," I told her totally honestly. 
"Well, luckily for you I have an appointment this afternoon, just come to the clinic at 3 pm," she said. 
"Thanks, Dr Green, we'll see you a 3 pm," I said, then I hung up and looked at Justin. 
"I'm so not ready for this" I told him, then I rested my head on his chest and sighed loudly. 
Around 2.30 pm Justin and I left the house. I had changed into something else to look a little more presentable. I was wearing a pair of high-waisted, black shorts, a white, blue and black crop top and a black cardigan. my hair was straightened to perfection and my makeup was light and natural. 
I was wearing my glasses instead of my contact lenses because I was a little lazy and lastly I was also wearing some jewellery.      

Justin, on the other hand, was wearing black, ripped jeans with a grey t-shirt and an army green jacket over the t-shirt. For shoes, he was also wearing a pair of white Adidas shoes. 

We arrived at the gynaecologist and asked Hugo to stay outside the building, which he totally understood.  
"Y/N and Justin nice to see you two again, it's been a while since we last saw each other, at least, you and I, Justin," Dr Green said as we shook hands. Both Justin and I nodded our heads and smiled at her. 
"Well Justin, room number 4 is ready for you, and here is your cup," Dr Green said as she handed Justin a cup. Justin's eyes got wide and he hurried to look down at me. 
"Am I seriously going to masturbate in that room?" he asked me as he chuckled. I nodded my head and chuckled, too. 
"Yeah, but I would appreciate if you didn't use any of the magazines in there," I told him. Justin nodded his head and pecked my lips, then he went over to the door and went inside. He locked the door behind him, which made me look back at Dr Green. 
"If you would just follow me, Y/N," she said, then she turned around and walked towards a room, I, of course, followed behind her.  

3o minutes later I came out of the room, to see Justin sitting in a chair waiting for me. 
"Hey," I said as I sat down on his lap. He was about to push me away until he looked at me. 
"What's wrong?" I asked him as I stood up. 
"I just thought someone else sat on my lap, so I wanted to push them away," he told me with a smile, which made me awe. 
"You're so cute," I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
"How did it go?" he asked me as he got up from the chair and intertwined our fingers. 
"Fine, I guess. It wasn't exactly the best feeling in the world" I told him as I made a face. 
"How about you?" I asked him, even though I already knew the result. Justin always got red cheeks after cumming, and it may sound weird, but we all have something that reveals our darkest secrets. 
"Also fine! It wasn't so hard when I had some really sexy pictures of my wife on my phone" he said as he winked at me. 
"OMG, do you have pictures of me on your phone?" I asked him with wide eyes. 
Justin nodded his head and found his phone. He handed it to me and I typed the code, 0624, our wedding day, June the 24th. 
I went into photos and scrolled up until I came across a picture of me in a Bordeaux lingerie set from a few weeks ago.

"I didn't know you kept these pictures," I told him. 
"Of course, I need something to look at, when I'm away," he told me, then he grabbed his phone and opened the car door for me.  

One week later we got a call from Dr Green, luckily both Justin and I were home, so we could hear the - hopefully - good news together. 
"I have some good and some bad news" Dr Green started off, and immediately I got sad. 
The good news is that Justin's sperm is really strong and good, but the bad news is that your uterus, Y/N doesn't really work the way we would like it to work, so it will be a miracle if you could ever have kids on your own" she continued, that's when I broke down. My whole shattered around me piece by piece. I would never be able to have kids on my own. 
"But your eggs are perfect, so all you need it a surrogate mother," Dr Green said, but at this point I wasn't even listening anymore.  
"Thank you for letting us know Dr Green," Justin said, then he hung up and embraced me. I let a big sob leave my mouth and squeezed Justin tight. 
"I can't believe I will never be able to walk around with a baby inside of me" I sobbed. 
"I know baby, but you heard Dr Green, your eggs are perfect, so all we need is to find a surrogate mother," Justin told me. 
"But I wanna be able to carry around my own baby for 9 months!" I sobbed. Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He stood up and walked upstairs. He placed me on our bed and hovered over me. 
"We'll get through this baby, I promise," he said as he looked me into the eyes. I stopped sobbing and stared into his beautiful, but glossy eyes.   
"You're right, I'm just being selfish," I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
"No, you're not being selfish! Of course you want to carry around your own child, but sadly we can't all have what we want, but we'll get a baby, we just need to find the perfect surrogate mother, then in now time we'll become parents to a beautiful baby with our genes" he told me, which made me smile. 
"We're gonna have cute babies," I told him as I pulled him closer. Justin nodded his head, then he placed his lips on mine and held me even tighter. 
He was right! Everything would be okay, we just had to be strong for ourselves and our future babies! 


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I wrote this imagine in honor of Justin winning his first Grammy! I'm so proud of him!

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