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110. Imagine to @Justin3ie3er!

Imagine to @Justin3ie3er
This is the third time this week Justin isn’t home before 3 am. I am worried sick for him, but every time he comes home, he isn’t drunk or happy like he is used to be after being in the studio. Finally, I heard the door downstairs being opened. I quickly closed my eyes and laid down with Esther in my arms. Justin undressed himself, laid down beside me, and sighed. “I’m sorry, princess,” he whispered, and then he turned around and fell sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all now! Scenarios of Justin being with some other girl made me sick like fuck. The only reason why I thought he was cheating on me, was because he really smelled like a girl, and even thought it was completely dark in our room, I could still see the big hickey on his neck. An hour later, when I knew Justin was sleeping like a rock, I got out of bed and quietly packed my suitcases. Tears were running down my cheeks like a waterfall, because even though I knew Justin had cheated on me, I still loved him with all my heart, I just couldn’t bear the thought of him being with another girl. Moreover, as my mother always told me “One a cheater, always a cheater”. I had been cheated on before, but this time it broke my heart even more, because I loved Justin with all my heart. Before leaving the house, I blocked Justin’s phone number and grabbed Esther. I had no intentions in leaving her here with Justin. She barely knew him, because he was always out, he was never home. Now I knew why! “Come baby, we’re going home,” I cooed to Esther, I picked her up and went outside slamming the door behind me, I really didn’t care if I woke up Justin; he had to know that I left him, left him for good. I got everything into my car, and then I got in myself and turned on the engine. Justin must have heard me slam the door, because I could see him standing upstairs in his bedroom looking strangely at me. I flashed him my finger, and then I took off and left him. *Justin’s POV* I really had no idea what was happening, at one moment I was sleeping peacefully, and in the next I heard the door slam downstairs and a car engine being turned on. I got out of bed as fast as I could and went over to the window. Y/N was looking up at the bedroom window, and when she saw me, she flashed me her finger, that’s when I knew that she knew that I had been cheating on her with some other girl. I grabbed my hair and pulled it until it hurt too much. I ran downstairs and looked for any note she could’ve left me, but there was nothing! I ran upstairs and found my phone, I dialed her number, but it wasn’t even calling, she had blocked my number. I sat down on the bed and started groaning. She weren’t supposed to find out. It was just a onetime thing, or it wasn’t, we had been doing it for three nights or something, and she wasn’t even that good, Y/N was way better! Nevertheless, of course I could see that I couldn’t tell her that! I quickly dialed a number, and it started ringing. “Hey, miss me already” Selena said, I sighed and looked down in the ground as a sudden feeling of wanting to throw up came up in me. “Selena listen, we need to stop this! I cannot do this to Y/N! I love her with all my heart, and I need to prove that to her. She found out I had been seeing you, and now she left me” I told Selena. I was disgusted, disgusted of myself, because I could do such a thing to the love of my life. The only reason I had been with Selena, was that the day I met her feelings from back, when we were dating showed up in me, but of course those feelings weren’t real. “Come on baby, she finally left you, now come be with me, I miss you so much” Selena said, and I think she tried to sound seductive, but she totally did not. “No, goodbye Selena, I have someone to win back” I told her, and then I ended the call and threw my phone on my bed. I got up and went into the bathroom; I undressed myself and stepped into the shower. If I had to make it up to Y/N, I needed to look good, and I needed to make sure she knew Selena was a complete mistake! After getting out, I wrapped my towel around my waist and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a big hickey on my neck, it was blue and purple, and it was really disgusting! I looked through all of the cabinets for some of Y/N’s concealer, only to realize she hadn’t left it here. I sighed and slapped my fist against the mirror, so it shattered into millions of pieces. My hand was filled with cuts and blood, but I didn’t care. I screwed up big time, and I couldn’t imagine Y/N ever coming back to me… *Your POV* I was laying in Kendall’s guestroom. We had been talking for the last hour, about how I knew Justin cheated on me. Kendall was furious, maybe even more than I was. She had just went downstairs to get something, so I was just sitting on the bed petting Esther, who was sleeping in my arms. Suddenly my phone went off; I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to find it. I thought I had blocked Justin’s number, because who else would call me in this hour. When I finally found my phone, I realized it wasn’t a number that I could recognize at all. Therefore, I answered the call. “Hello?” I quietly asked. “Are you happy now? Justin won’t even talk to me, because you finally found out he had been cheating on you, with me,” Selena yelled into the phone. My blood started boiling, how did she dare call me and say something like that. “Oh really, it’s my fault? You know what Slutena, go fuck yourself! Justin and I’s relationship was amazing until you suddenly came into his life and screwed everything up! Are you fucking happy now? You ruined a relationship, and now you expect Justin to come crawling to you for comfort?” I yelled into the phone, then I ended the call and laid down on the bed. I had never been this mad before, it was sure to say! “What happened?” Kendall asked as she walked into the room again. I sat up, and then the tears started running down my cheeks again. “Selena just called me, and told me it was my fault that Justin wouldn’t talk to her, because I had found out that he had been cheating on me with her” I told her, Kendall gasped and sat down beside me. “I have never been this mad, it’s crazy,” I told her, and then I stood up and placed Esther on the bed. “I have something I need to do,” I told Kendall, but before I could leave the room, Justin walked in. I looked over at Kendall and glared at her. I tried to get past Justin, but he wouldn’t move. “Y/N, you need to listen to me!” he said, he grabbed my shoulders and tried to make me look at him. However, the fact that he even dared touching me made me mad. “STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME! I DON’T WANNA LISTEN TO YOUR STUPID WORDS JUSTIN! IT’S OVER BETWEEN US, AND IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THAT, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWICE ABOUT CHEATING ON ME!” I yelled into his face, and then I pushed him away and grabbed my stuff. I had to get out of here, and it had to be now. I grabbed sleeping Esther, too and went downstairs. Luckily, none of them tried to follow me. I got in my car and drove to the airport, I had no reason to stay in LA, so I wanted to go to the next best place, New York, and that is what I did. I left all of my friends behind and started a new life. Luckily the universe had given me another chance.


This is part 1, part 2 will be posted in a second.

- Amalie xo

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