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72. Imagine to @Jerrysname!

Imagine to @Jerrysname
I happily sighed as I placed my suitcases on the floor back home. For the last 6 months Justin and I had been on tour, or Justin had been on tour, I was just there to be with him, and even though I was only Justin’s best friend, I was the one he choose to bring on tour. Justin and I have been best friends since back in Canada, but when Justin started off his career, we didn’t talk for about a year and a half, I was really hurt back then, because I had grown feelings for Justin, and I thought I would never get to see him again. But luckily when I moved to LA study, Justin and I started talking again. It was back then Justin asked me to move in with him, of course in a friendly way, I had a room to myself with a bathroom and a walk-in closet, and Justin had a room to himself and a walk-in closet.
Justin closed the door behind us with his foot, and then he also placed his suitcases on the floor and took a deep breath.
“It’s good to be home, huh?” he asked me, I nodded my head, then I grabbed some of my suitcases and ran upstairs. I finally made it into my bedroom, and immediately I ran over to the bed and laid down. Justin was right behind me, he also lay down, and then he took a deep breath and smiled. Lately he had been acting so weird, he would always get shy whenever I complimented him or when we were just talking to each other. Actually he was acting like I acted around him, when I had gotten feelings for him, I still do have feelings for him, but I have a boyfriend, and I love him so much…
“Would it be okay if I visited Jake for a while, I will be home before dinner?” I asked Justin as I sat up, Justin frowned, but eventually he nodded his head and sighed.
“Yeah, I’ll just cook dinner in the meantime” Justin said, I smiled widely, then I wrapped my arms around Justin’s neck and tackled him, so he was laying on the bed again.
“Thank you so much Justin, you’re the best” I squealed, then I quickly just pecked Justin’s cheek and ran downstairs afterwards to go see Jake.

I finally arrived at Jake’s apartment. He lived alone in this small, but really cute apartment that really showed it was a guy that lived there. I parked my car, turned off the engine and then went up to his front door. The door was locked, but luckily Jake had given me a key, so I just unlocked the door, I quietly opened the front door, and then I walked inside. Everything was completely quiet and the apartment looked completely different. I furrowed my eyebrows, then I walked further into the apartment, but I immediately stopped my tracks, when I noticed a bra on the floor. I gasped and frowned, then I walked over to Jake’s bedroom and opened the door, and there was Jake on top of some girl. They had both heard the door open, so they were both looking at me. Jake pulled out of the girl and stood up, he quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of his actually really small dick.
“Hey, I didn’t think you would be home for another month” Jake quietly said as he followed me out of the room. I didn’t say anything; I just looked down in the ground and kept my “I don’t care” face as my façade.
“Then you must be a month behind everyone else, but I strictly told you I would be home on May 20th” I told him; Jake sighed and rubbed his forehead. “But you know what? I really don’t care about you anymore! I couldn’t care less if you were with some whore!” I told him,
“Hey, Jenny is not a whore!” Jake harshly said, I gasped and shook my head in disbelief.
“Oh, so she’s your girlfriend?” I asked him sarcastically. Jake didn’t say anything; he just stared down in the ground. “I could have guessed it! You were never hanging out with me anymore, yet you barely talked to me! I should’ve known you were cheating on me!” I told him, then I turned around and was about to walk out of the door, but I just had one thing to do before leaving. I turned around, and then I slapped Jake right across the cheek.
“That is for breaking my heart” I told him, then I slapped him again, “And that is for lying to me” I told him, and then I slapped him again, but this time on the other cheek, “That was for making me believe you loved me” I told him, and then I hit him one last time, “And that I for cheating on me with that whore” I told him, then I turned around and left. I proudly smiled at myself as I walked down to my car, but as soon as I made it to my car and got in the tears started streaming down my cheeks. I turned on the engine, then I found my phone, I wanted to delete all the picture of Jake, after deleting all the pictures I locked my phone and drove back home. Immediately as I arrived home, I turned of the engine and ran inside. I didn’t care about taking off my shoes; I just ran into the kitchen and jumped into Justin’s arms. Justin stumbled, but he got his balance again. As he heard my sobbing, he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as he tried to comfort me.
“Hey, what happened?” he asked me as he picked me up and placed me on the counter.
“It’s Jake” I told him as I sobbed, “He- he cheated on me!” I continued, Justin pouted, and then he grabbed my face and made me look at him. 
“Hey, Jake isn’t worth your tears!” Justin said as he caressed my cheek, I took a deep breath and shook my head.
“Did you guys talk about it?” Justin then asked me, I shook my head and dried some of my tears away.
“A little, but I just ended up slapping him like four time or so” I told Justin as I lightly chuckled.
“That’s my girl!” Justin proudly said as he held up his hand for me to high-five it. I giggled and high-fived him. The fact that he called me his girl made my whole body go crazy, it also caused my heart to beat even faster.
“Come on, I made us dinner” Justin smiled, and then he picked me up and carried me into our dining room.

* 1 month later *
It had been a month since Jake and I’s breakup, and I was slowly getting into my new rhythm. Justin still had some time off before he would start working again, so we had practically spent all our time together, and lately we had been a lot closer, I mean, it was normal for us to cuddle before, but now Justin would play with my hair, he would even kiss my cheek closer to my lips.
Right now Justin and I were making breakfast. Justin was cutting some fruit for the pancakes, while I was baking the pancakes.
“So, what are you up to today?” I asked Justin, we were standing with out backs turned towards each other.
“I don’t know yet. What about you?” he asked me, I giggled, then I turned off the stove.
“Hopefully I will get to hang out with this amazing guy,” I told him as I placed the last pancake on the plate.
“Who is that guy?” Justin asked me as he looked over at me, but his question was soon followed with a loud groan, because he had cut himself in the hand. I gasped and placed the pan onto the counter, and then I walked over to him and grabbed his hand carefully before dragging him over to the sink. I turned on the cold water, and then I placed his hand under the water. Justin hissed in pain and closed his eyes. I took a deep breath, then I looked down at the cut, it looked really deep…
“I’ll be back in a second! Keep your hand under the water,” I told Justin, and then I ran off to get the first aid kit upstairs. I finally found it after searching through thousands of drawers. I ran downstairs again, and then I placed the first aid kit on the table and turned off the cold water. I made Justin sit on the counter, and then I grabbed some iodine to clean the cut with. Justin hissed in pain once again and tried to pull his hand away.
“Justin, stay still! I’m just trying to help you” I told Justin with a sigh, suddenly Justin got quiet, and I could feel his eyes on me.
“Who is that guy you were talking about before?” he suddenly asked me, I removed the piece of cotton wool with the iodine from his hand and looked up at him.
“It’s you,” I told him as I stared into his beautiful brown eyes that you could easily get lost in. I quickly looked down at Justin’s hand again, and then I found some Band-Aid and tied it around his hand. Then Justin grabbed my jaw and made me look at him, and then suddenly I could feel the nice feeling of Justin’s lips on top of mine. I smiled and started kissing along with him. Without breaking the kiss Justin jumped down from the counter and wrapped his arms around my waist before deepening the kiss.
A minute later I had to pull away from the kiss, I took a deep breath, then I bit down in my lip and looked down in the ground.
“I’m sorry” Justin quickly said, I gulped, then I looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows.
“Why are you sorry?” I asked him,
“I’m sorry for kissing you! I have just had the biggest crush on you ever since you moved in with me 4 years ago” Justin explained, I smiled, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tiptoes.
“I’ve had the biggest crush on you since back then too” I told him, Justin smiled widely, then he lifted me up and swung me around.
“Y/N, would you please be my girlfriend?” he then asked me as he placed me on the ground again. I nodded my head and smiled widely, then I laid my lips on top of Justin’s once again.      


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