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92. Imagine to @jenniphonguyen!

Imagine to @jenniphonguyen (Wattpad follower)
Lately I had been feeling so sick, when I woke up in the morning. I always had to run to the bathroom to throw up, but of course whenever this happened, Justin would never be home. Lately he had been spending so much of his time in the studio, so we barely saw each other, even though I was practically always home doing absolutely nothing.
But today was going to be different. So after I had thrown up, I got out of my clothes and took a shower.
After the shower I wrapped a towel around my body and dried myself. I had some underwear in the bathroom. So I dropped my towel and pulled on the matching bra and panties. I always had an issue with how my body looked, because I once was a very chubby girl. So as I looked at myself in the mirror from my side, I gasped. This could not be happening. How could I have such a round stomach, when I have been working out a lot, and I barely ate anything?
Suddenly it hit me, so I bended down to the cabins under the sink and started searching for a pregnancy test.
I always had pregnancy tests in the house, because a year ago Justin and I tried to get a baby, but we didn’t succeed that was also one of the reasons we were falling a part. But maybe this could get us back together again; I really hoped I was pregnant.
I finally found the test and opened it, I had over time taken a lot of these tests, so I knew what to do.
After peeing on the stick I placed it on the sink and went into the walk-in closet. I found my favorite chiffon jumpsuit in black and wore it. And for shoes I decided to wear my white Keds shoes. I hurried back into the bathroom as I heard the test beep. I took a deep breath. I picked it up and looked at it, positive.
A huge grin formed on my face, and I did a little happy dance. I happily sighed and started doing my usual makeup look. And for my hair I just braided it. I hurried downstairs and grabbed a banana and an apple. Afterwards I hurried outside and locked the door behind me. I got into my car and drove to Starbucks. I wanted to get Justin some breakfast and then tell him he was going to be a dad.
I got out of my car as I had parked it outside Starbucks. I went inside and stood in line. I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my bag as I waited for it to be my turn. And as I was checking Instagram my best friend Lauren called me. I answered the call with the biggest smile on my face.
“Hey” I said as I continued to smile.
“Hey girl, what are you doing today?” she asked me. I took a step forward as the line finally started moving.
“Well, I was actually planning on going to the studio to surprise Justin” I told her.
“Okay” she said,
“Why are you asking?” I asked her, and Lauren chuckled.
“I was just wondering if you would like to go shopping with me today, but it’s okay” she explained.
“No, I really wanna go shopping with you… Why don’t you wait for me to pick you up, after I have told Justin the good news” I said completely forgetting that I hadn’t told her I was pregnant.
“What good news?” she asked me, I quietly squealed and looked around making sure no one heard me.
“I’m pregnant,” I told her in a squeal.
“OMG, are you kidding me? This is so great news! Justin is going to be so thrilled” Lauren squealed, and I could hear she was doing a happy dance too.
“I hope so, and I really hope it will pull us closer again” I told her. Lauren knew that Justin and I had tried to get a baby before, and that we had been falling apart lately.
“I hope so, too! Because you guys are perfect for each other!” she said, and then suddenly there was only person before me.
“Lauren, I got to go now, I’m at Starbucks, and it’s my turn,” I told Lauren with a pout.
“It’s okay sweetie, I’ll see you soon” Lauren said, then she ended the call, and it was my turn.

After getting my drinks and my muffin I went back to my car and drove to the studio.
I parked my car and got out. I made my way inside, but weirdly enough there wasn’t a receptionist at the reception. I furrowed my eyebrows, but soon shook it off me and went over to Justin’s booth. I was about to open the door, when I heard faint moans coming from the room. I furrowed my eyebrows again, but my whole face soon turned into a frown as I opened the door and saw Justin fucking the receptionist.
I gasped, which made them stop, and Justin pull out of her. I dropped one of the coffees as I covered my mouth.
I looked over at Justin with teary eyes. I could easily see he was regretting everything, but I didn’t care. I went over to him and poured the whole – really hot – drink over his head.
“You’re such a bastard Justin, I never want to see you again! Do you understand?” I yelled at him. Justin looked down in the ground and continued to stay silent.
“I’m such an idiot, I can’t believe I was happy about finally being pregnant with your child” I said in a mumble as I turned around and left the room. But before I could, Justin ran in front of me and grabbed my arms.
“We’re having a baby?” he asked me; I shook my head and dried some tears away.
“We’re not having a baby, I am having a baby,” I told him, and then I removed his arms and walked out of the room.
“Oh and btw, I’m getting you fired, and I’m gonna make sure you will never get a job again” I told the slutty receptionist; she gulped as she continued to get dressed again.
“And Justin, don’t worry, I will be out of your house in an hour” I told Justin, and then I left the studio and drove to Justin’s house as I bawled my eyes out.
As I was packing, Justin arrived at home and ran upstairs to me.
“Please stop! I never meant for this to happen… I promise I will never do it again” Justin said as he tried to stop me from packing my clothes. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Then I went into the walk-in closet again and took a bunch of my clothes.
“Do you think I’m stupid?” I asked him as I sniffled.
“Don’t you think, I know this has been going on for months?” I asked him as I took a deep breath.
“Let me just tell you something Justin. While you have been screwing around with that slutty receptionist, I have been sitting at home every day waiting for you to get home, so we could at least try to get close again” I told him as I looked him directly into his eyes. Justin didn’t say anything; he just looked down in the ground and sighed. I zipped my last bag and grabbed it, and then I walked downstairs and grabbed my other bags. I went outside and got the bags inside the car. But before I could get in myself, Justin pushed me against the car and placed his lips on top of mine. I tried everything in my power to get him away from me, but he just kissed my lips even harder.
“Please don’t leave me… I love you so much” he cried as he pulled away from me. I shook my head and pushed him away from me. I opened the car door and got ready to get in.
“You know, what they say… Once a cheater, always a cheater” I told him, and then I got inside the car and drove off to Lauren’s house.
I arrived at Lauren’s house and got out of my car. I went over to her door and knocked on it. A few seconds later Lauren opened the door with a big smile on her face, but it soon turned into a frown as she noticed I was crying. She hurried to pull me close to her and wrap her arms around my shoulders.
“What happened?” she asked me after a minute of me just sobbing.
“I caught Justin cheating on me,” I told her as I continued to cry.
“There is nothing to be sad about! Justin doesn’t deserve you! And you surely don’t deserve to be treated like that… You deserve to be treated like a princess, and I will make sure to help you find your prince” Lauren said, then she let go off me and helped me inside with all of my stuff.


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