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127. Imagine to @Jada_Marielovesu!

Imagine to @Jada_Marielovesu
I sighed as I packed my final bag, I had been spending the last week with my mom, but sadly she was going away on a business trip, so I had to stay with my dad, which consisted in living with his new wife and her son, Justin, who I already know is a total jerk, at least that’s, what people around me tells me. But some tells me that he is a total hottie, so I had mixed feelings about meeting him. I had already met Pattie – my dad’s new wife -  and she was so sweet, so I had nothing against her. I had just never met Justin, because he was constantly traveling, so he missed his own mothers wedding, which I actually hate him for, because I know it was Pattie’s first wedding, and hopefully the last one?
“Sweetie, are you ready? Your dad and Pattie is downstairs along with Justin” mom smiled as she walked into – my now old – room. I nodded and handed her a few of my bags, then we walked downstairs, and the first thing that caught my eyes were Justin, even though he was just standing there – up against the wall – with his phone, he looked so hot! I almost lost my jaw.
I had probably starred at Justin for a while, because dad had to clear his throat before I even looked at me.
“Hey sweetie” he said, like he had said it a million times.
“Hey dad, hey Pattie” I smiled, then I went over to them and hugged them, but my eyes were still on Justin, until he looked up and caught my eyes, I immediately looked away, but I could feel his eyes on my, it was like my skin was on fire…
“Y/N, I would like for you to meet my son, Justin” Pattie sweetly said as she grabbed my hand. I looked over at Justin and caught his eyes, he smiled, but afterwards his smile turned into a smirk, as I walked over to him to shake his hand, but to my surprise Justin pulled me close and hugged me tight.
“Hello, sister” Justin smirked, then as he said “sister” he grabbed my ass and squeezed it tight, luckily no one else than me could see, or hear us, so I avoided to squeal. I immediately pulled away from him and glared at him.
Yup, I already hate him…
I turned around and faked a smile.
“Should we get going?” I asked them, dad nodded his head and grabbed some of my bags, then Pattie made Justin grab the rest of my bags, which made him roll his eyes and groaned loudly.
“Justin, stop doing that! You’re an adult, you shouldn’t be acting like a childish child” Pattie sternly said, which made me chuckle, and Justin glare.


An hour later we arrived at my dad and Pattie’s house, it was a big house, and I could finally look forward to getting my own bathroom and walk-in closet!

As I was walking upstairs, Justin stopped me by grabbing my hand.
“Listen, I’m so sorry Y/N, I never meant to be so cruel” he apologized, then suddenly all of my hate towards him disappeared.
“Are you serious?” I asked him, mostly because I didn’t know him, but also because I didn’t really believe him.
“Dead serious, I’m not usually like this, it’s just because you’re a very beautiful girl, and to not get a kind of crush on you, I decided to be mean and make you hate me, but I can’t seem to do that” he truthfully said, my eyes got wide, and I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Well, why don’t you help me unpack, then we can see how I feel about you, if I hate you, or whatever” I told him with a smirk. Justin nodded his head, then he ran downstairs and got a few of my bags.
We went upstairs and directly into my walk-in closet. We placed the bags on the ground, then both us opened a bag and started pulling out clothing. I had begun hanging up my shirts, but Justin’s giggle made me stop and look at him. He was looking at me with a smirk, I didn’t get why, until I looked down and saw him standing there with a pair of my things in his hand, it was actually my most sexy thong, which made it even more embarrassing.
I hurried over to him, and I took the thong out of his hands and turned around.
“Please get out” I mumbled, which made Justin stop laughing.
“Okay” he frowned, then he walked out, and left me to unpack all of my bags, on my own.
As I almost finished my fifth bag, someone came up behind me and grabbed my waist.
I screamed and turned around, only to see Justin standing there with a gently smile across his lips.
“Come with me” he said, I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him with madness written on my face.
“Why would I come with you?” I asked him, Justin chuckled and grabbed my hand, then he dragged me downstairs, and to my surprise the whole living room had been decorated with candles and blankets and all that, and there were candy and popcorn on the coffee table.
“I thought we could watch a movie, your dad and my mom isn’t home, so I thought this was a way of getting to know each other” Justin sweetly said, I hesitated a little, then I went over to him and hugged me, it was a little awkward, but soon after it felt a little better.
“Thank you Justin, this is just what I needed” I told him, then I sat down on the couch and wrapped a blanket around my body. It was very cold, even thought Justin had light up the fireplace.
“You’re welcome. What movie would you like to watch?” Justin asked as he sat down beside me and grabbed some of my blanket.
“How about Stepbrothers? That’s my favorite movie” I told Justin as he looked through Netflix. He immediately stopped and looked at me with wide eyes.
“THAT’S MY FAVORITE MOVIE, TOO!” he said as he opened his mouth wide, I widely opened my eyes, and a big smiled formed on my lips.
“Are you serious?” I asked him as I chuckled, Justin chuckled, too and nodded his head.
“Yeah, it’s the best movie EVER!” he said, then he found it, and we started watching it.


Weeks passed and Justin and I grew closer each and every day! I couldn’t deny the fact that I had grown major feelings for Justin, and I think our parents noticed, because they tried to separate us, but they couldn’t succeed, because Justin and I were as close as we were!
I had woken up early, and to my surprise Justin was laying beside me, he had stained tears on his cheeks, and his arms wrapped around me.
“Justin” I mumbled as I turned around in his arms and shook him. Justin finally opened his eyes and sniffled.
“Hey” I whispered as I grabbed his face, I had never seen Justin this sad! “What’s going on?” I asked him as I pulled him close.
“They kicked me out” he told me, then he hid his face in my neck and sobbed.
“Why did they kick you out?” I asked him as I sat up. Justin sad up, too and dried his watery eyes.
“Because I told them I love you, and that there is nothing they can do to stop me” he told me, “So now I’m not welcome here anymore, because they thin it’s too weird, which I of course understand-“ Justin said, but before he could continue, I placed my lips on his and kissed him with passion. Justin immediately relaxed and started kissing me back.
“I don’t care, what they say, because I love you, too and I will always do!” I told him as we pulled away, Justin sniffled and smiled widely.
“I love you” he mumbled, I smiled widely, then I kissed his lips again.
“I love you, too” I told him, then I placed my head on Justin’s shoulder and sighed happily.
No matter what Justin and I came across of bad things, we would always get through them, as long as we had each other. 


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