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178. Imagine to @Itsmenitzan!

Imagine to @itsmenitzan 
Spring break was supposed to be the time of my life! 
I was finally dating the love of my life, Justin. I was only a few months away from finishing high school, but now this happened. 
For the longest time, I had felt sick and really exhausted, and I couldn't find an explanation until I realized my period was late, like really late. 
I had talked to my mom about it, and she told me that the only thing I could do was go to the doctor to get it confirmed. 
Luckily my mom was very understanding, of course, she was disappointed, but she didn't really show it, which I was very grateful for. 
I was at the doctors a few days later. The doctor confirmed my pregnancy, which made me kinda happy, but also worried about how Justin would take it when I told him. 
The doctor made sure to get me a new appointment so Justin could come with me to see that I was actually telling the truth. 
Apparently this doctor was specialized in young girls and pregnancies. 
"Thank you so much, doctor," I said as I shook her hand. She smiled at me and nodded her head. 
"You're welcome, now make sure to rest a lot before you tell the father," she told me. I nodded my head and thanked her again, then I went out of the room and found my car keys. 
"Can you come over tonight? I have something to tell you ❤️" I texted Justin, then I locked my phone and started the engine of my not so good car... 
I drove home in completely silent, not even the radio was on. 
I decided to stop by Target on my way home to get some baby stuff. Even if Justin didn't want the child I was still going to keep it. 
I was not the one who would ever kill a child, not even if it was smaller than a pea. 
I decided to buy some dummies and two bodystockings that said something about a dad. 
I drove home and immediately as I opened the door mom stood there with big eyes. 
"I'm pregnant" I whispered, then the tears started flowing down my cheeks. Mom lets go of the piece of clothing she had in her hands, then she wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close. 
"It's going to be just fine sweetie, your dad and I will be here through everything, we won't let anything bad happen" she calmly said, which made me sob even louder. 
"What if he doesn't wanna have a baby with me?" I asked her as I let go of her. 
"Then that is his problem, he will just miss the greatest thing about life," she told me, which made me smile. 
"OMG, I'm going to be a mother," I told her, then suddenly I started laughing, which made my mom laugh. 
"Thank you, mom," I told her. 
"You're welcome baby girl, now go upstairs and shower before Justin comes," she told me. 
"How did you know he would come?" I asked her. 
"Justin texted me asking me why I sounded so serious over text," she told me. 
"And what did you tell him?" I asked him. 
"I just told him that he had nothing to worry about," she said, then she kissed my cheek and went into the kitchen again. 
I walked upstairs and stripped out of my clothes. I had exactly an hour before Justin would come, so I had plenty of time. 
As I waited for the water to get warm I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my slightly chubby belly. I had never been that thin girl, I had always had curves, but luckily curves were making their way back again, so I had never been worried about my weight. 
I couldn't believe that in a matter of months a baby bump would be forming on my belly, it was unbelievable! I had actually always wanted to be a mother, maybe just not this early, I was only 18 for Gods sake! 
After showering, I went into my room and over to my closet. I decided to wear a pair of my running tights, one of Justin's hoodies and a pair of sneakers. 
I wore no makeup and my hair was just in a messy bun, then I also decided to wear my glasses instead of my contacts. 

The doorbell downstairs started ringing, so I hurried down the stairs. 
I grabbed the bag of baby stuff, then I opened the door and immediately I got pulled into Justin's warm embrace.
"Hey baby," he said as he pulled away, then he kissed my lips and held me tight once again. 
"Hey, let's go for a walk," I told him, then I grabbed his hand and closed the door behind me. 
"So, what did you have to tell me?" he asked me as we had left my driveway. 
"Well, you know how I lately have been feeling kinda sick and exhausted?" I asked him as I squeezed his hand. 
"Yeah, but I thought it was over," he told me as he furrowed his eyebrows. 
"I thought, too, but then I noticed that I hadn't had my period for quite a long time" I quietly told him, which made him stop right away. His eyes got wide and he loudly gulped. 
"So, wha-what did you do?" he asked me as he stuttered. 
"I first talked to my mom about it, then she told me to go see a doctor," I told him. Justin squeezed my hand to tell me to go on. 
"She told me I'm pregnant," I told him, then I handed him the bag of baby stuff. Justin opened the bag and pulled out the two bodies first. He smiled widely as he read the texts, which made me smile. 
"So, we're really having a baby?" he asked me as he looked at me with happiness shining through his eyes.  
"Yeah," I told him with the biggest smile as I realized what he had just said.  
"You really want to have a baby with me?" I asked him, which made him grab both my hands and make me look into his eyes. 
"Of course, I have always known that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, of course, I never imagined us becoming parents at the age of 18 and 19, but I love you with all my heart," he told me, which made me really emotional. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight. 
"I was so scared you were going to leave me!" I told him. 
"I would never leave you, baby! That would be the biggest mistake of my life" he told me, which made me sob loudly. 
Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he twirled me around. 
"This is going to be so great baby!" he told me, then he placed me on the ground again and held my face in his hands. He dried away my tears, then he placed his lips on mine. 
"I love you so much baby girl," he told me after we pulled away to get some air. 
"I love you, too," I told him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started caressing the tiny hairs on his neck. 
"OMG, after we finish high school we're going to find a place for us to live, and don't worry honey, I will work day and night to make sure you and the baby have everything you need" Justin then said, which made me smile widely. 
"We will be happy no matter what" I told him, then I pulled him close and placed my lips on his once again.   


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