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137. Imagine to @Imxhmood!

Imagine to @Imxhmood
It had been such a stressful day, and all I wanted to do was take a long and hot shower, then go straight to bed, but I knew I couldn’t… I knew Justin would have a lot of things to talk about, since we hadn’t seen each other all day…
I unlocked the door at home, and to my surprise the house was completely quiet, and there were no lights turned on.
I sighed and threw my bag on the ground, then I threw my jacket and went into the kitchen. I furrowed my eyebrows as I noticed a little note laying on the counter. I went over to it and picked it up.
“Hey baby girl, I know you’re tired and wants to go to bed, but I really need you to do something for me, so please go to the living room and look at the table, love you Justin” it said, I took a deep breath. I rubbed my forehead as I walked into the living room. I went over to the table and picked up the small note.
“I’m glad you continued, now go to the bedroom, there’s a surprise for you :*” it said, I chuckled and shook my head. I took off my heels, then I slowly made my way upstairs.
“Please put on this dress, then go downstairs. There will be a car waiting for you” the next note said. Beside it was a big box from Chanel, I picked it up, then I opened it…
Inside it was a beautiful, black dress, I was honestly surprised, Justin had never done something like this before.
I decided to do a little more makeup and my hair to go with the dress, because I was only wearing a small amount of makeup to work, and my hair was a mess.
I was finally able to get on the beautiful dress, and it was so nice to see how well it fit my body, normally I would never wear dresses like this, but since Justin bought it I decided to wear it, and now that I was wearing it I didn’t regret it at all, I looked hot!

I grabbed my Bordeaux jacket and an umbrella, then I went downstairs and opened the front door.

Even though it was raining a lot I was just wearing the dress and my favorite black pumps, they always made everything better ;)
“Good evening Ms. Y/L/N, how are we feeling tonight?” Mr. Johnson asked me as he opened the door into the limo.
“I’m good Mr. Johnson, thank you for asking” I told him, Mr. Johnson smiled, then he closed the door behind me.
“Could you possibly tell me, where we’re going?” I asked him as I cracked my fingers, it was a bad habit of mine especially, when I was nervous. Mr. Johnson shook his head and grinned.
“I can’t, but trust me, you will love it” he said, I nodded my head, then I wrapped my coat tightly around myself as I waited impatiently for the ride to end, and it actually did pretty son, because a few minutes later we arrived the park, where Justin and I met for the first time, I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was at the park with a child I was babysitting, and by accident I bumped into Justin as I chased the little girl. Justin was quick to catch me, and BAM we fell in love…
I chuckled to myself, then Mr. Johnson opened the door and helped me out. I opened my umbrella as I stepped out. Mr. Johnson closed the door behind me, then he asked me to follow him.
We walked for a few minutes until we arrived in front of this beautiful pavilion that was light up my thousands of lights and candles. I awed as I saw Justin standing there in a perfect, black suit. He smiled widely as he saw me.
He greeted me at the end of the stairs, he smiled at Mr. Johnson as signaled for him to leave, I hurried to hand him my umbrella so he wouldn’t become wet, since we shared the umbrella over to the pavilion. He smiled and thanked me, then he left.
“Hey baby” Justin smiled as he greeted me, he pecked my lips, then he made me sit on the of the chairs.
The fact that it was raining made all of this even more romantic, he had really outdone himself this time.
“So, wanna tell me, why you said up this beautiful date?” I asked Justin as we started eating. Justin shrugged his shoulders and smirked.
“I just wanted to take you out on a date” he explained, I skeptically nodded my head and raised an eyebrow.
“You’re so weird Bieber” I told him, then I took another bite of my food and moaned my the amazing taste.
“Did you cook?” I asked Justin, usually Justin would only make us breakfast, and then I would do the other meals. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hand over the table.
“Do you remember this place?” he asked me as he looked out at the dark park, it was actually really late, because I got off work at 8pm, so I would say it was around 9.30pm or something.
“I do, this is were we met for the first time” I told him, Justin nodded his head and smiled widely.
“Yeah, it’s crazy to think that it has been four years” he said, I happily sighed and looked around.
“Yeah, but it has been four good years” I told, Justin nodded in agreement. He raised his glass with wine and smiled at me.
“Cheers for more years of happiness” he cheered, I nodded my head, then I grabbed my glass of wine and cheered with him. I took a small sip as I looked into Justin’s eyes.
“Baby, I actually have something to ask you” Justin said as he stood up, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him weirdly.
Justin took a few deep breaths as he walked over to me, why was he suddenly so nervous?
Oh no, he wasn’t going to do what I thought he was going to do, was he? I mean not that it’s bad, I really wanna marry him and all…
“Y/N, four years ago, when we first met each other, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and knew I wanted to be the father of your kids” he explained, I covered my mouth as he got down on one knee.
“You have made me such a better person, and I honestly love you more for that! I love how you’re always in a good mood, even though you aren’t feeling well, I love how you just walk around with no makeup on around me, because you know I love your natural beauty. I love how supportive you are, how you always help me, when I’m feeling down and just want to end it al” he explained, a tear ran down my cheek, but Justin was quick to dry it away.
“You’re always there, when I need a shoulder to cry on, and hopefully so am I, because we have both reached the bottom, but we managed to help each other up” he continued, I was now in tears, because he was right, we had both reached the bottom once, and it was not fun at all.
“So Y/F/N will you marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?” Justin finished, I gulped and nodded my head over and over again.
“Of course” I told him, then I jumped into his arms and hugged me tight.
Justin stood up and wrapped my legs around his waist, then he started twirling me around.
“I love you so much” he said, then he connected our lips in a sweet and passionate kiss.
I squeezed him tight, then Justin placed me on the ground.
He opened a small box he had had in his hands, I gasped as I saw the most beautiful, silver ring with a big diamond in the middle and small details around the ring. It was simple, but simple was me, and Justin knew that.

“It’s so beautiful” I awed as I admired the ring, Justin smiled and sled it onto my finger, then he pulled me closer and kissed my lips.
“Hailey helped me pick out the ring, she knew you had a thing for old engagement rings, so we went into town and found this cute antique store that had the most amazing rings, and then I picked the one I thought would look best on you” he explained as we pulled apart.
“I think I know this ring?” I said as I admired the ring, then suddenly it hit me, this ring had been my great-great-grandmother’s engagement rings years ago, my great-grandmother sold it, because she was in need of money, and now it was with me.
“This has been my great-great-grandmother’s engagement ring!” I told Justin, Justin furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me weirdly. I took the ring off and looked at the ring to see if there was anything engraved in the ring, and took my luck there was.
“See, (your great-great-grandmother’s name)” I told him, Justin chuckled as his eyes got wide.
“That’s weird” he said, I nodded my head and grinned.
“My great-grandmother sold it, because she was in need of money, and now it’s back in the family” I told him, Justin bit down in my lips, then grabbed my hand and ran out in the rain.
“I always wanted to do this” he explained, then he picked me up and connected our lips.
How was it possible to fall more and more in love with him each and every day?           


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