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85. Imagine to @Imxhmood!

Imagine to @imxhmood
“Hey baby” I said as I picked my phone to answer Justin’s FaceTime call.
“Hey, how are my two princesses?” he asked as he smiled widely. I looked down at Justin and I’s 9 months old daughter.
“We’re good baby, what about you? How is tour?” I asked Justin as I rocked Vida back and forth.
Justin had been on tour for about 3 months now, and it was easy to tell that he missed his little baby girl…
“Only 3 months more baby! To be honest I just want to go home! I miss you and Vida, and it’s killing me” Justin sighed as he looked down in the ground. I nodded my head and looked down at Vida. She was about to fall asleep and that was a very good thing, because we would soon be sitting in a car for about an hour, and then 5 and a half hour hour in a plane. Vida was finally old enough to fly, or at least she was to me; I never dared flying with her, but now was finally the time!
Vida placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes as she continued to suck on her beloved dummy.
“I understand you baby, Vida and I miss you too,” I told Justin as I gently smiled, Justin sighed and looked up from the ground again.
“Justin your show is about to begin” I heard Scooter say from behind Justin, Justin sighed once again and nodded his head.
“I better go now baby, but I will call after the show” Justin said, I gently nodded my head, then I blew him a little kiss and ended the call, and just as I ended the call there was a knock on the front door. I got up from my seat and walked over to the door.
“Hey girls, are you ready to leave?” Pattie asked me as she smiled widely, I nodded my head and looked down at sleeping Vida.
“We just talked to Justin, he is so sad” I told Pattie as I gently handed her Vida. Pattie nodded her head and made Vida have her head in the crook of her neck.
“Are you excited to see him again?” Pattie asked me as I got on my jacket and my shoes. I nodded my head and smiled.
“Yeah, and last time Justin saw me I had a lot of baby fat everywhere” I chuckled; Pattie chuckled too and shook her head.
“No you didn’t!” she denied, I nodded my head, and then I grabbed my suitcase and Vida’s suitcase.
I made sure the door was locked before we left, then I went over to the car, Kenny had been so sweet to offer us a ride to the airport, even though he wasn’t Justin’s bodyguard anymore.
“Hey Kenny!” I said as I hugged him, I had known Kenny just as long as Justin, so Kenny was practically like a second dad to me!
“Hey sweetie, are you ready?” he asked me, I nodded my head, then I got into the car and buckled my seatbelt.
As I had talked to Kenny, Pattie had gotten sleeping Vida into a child seat. I gently pecked Vida’s cheek, and then Kenny turned on the engine and drove us to the airport.
Luckily we were taking Justin’s private jet, so Vida had gotten a bed on the plane, and Pattie and I would also have the possibility to sleep in some small beds.
About 2 hours later we were all on board in Justin’s private jet. Vida was still sleeping peacefully, and I had just gotten into a pajama, even though it was basically just one of Justin’s T-shirts and a pair of soft shorts.
But just as I was about to fall sleep, Justin called on FaceTime again.
“Hey” I sleepily said as I smiled, Justin smiled and chuckled a little bit.
“Hey baby” he said as he looked at me. I must have looked really stupid, because I had my chin on my collarbone, which made me have a double chin.
“You look so adorable baby, no makeup and a cute double chin” Justin chuckled, I playfully rolled my eyes and made the double chin even bigger.
But I quickly sat up and covered myself with to sheets. Justin chuckled and bit down in his lip.
“I would give everything in this world just to get to feel your lips on mine again” he suddenly said, I awed and pouted a little but.
“But you will soon” I quietly said to myself, Justin cleared his throat, which made me look up at him again.
“What do you mean with that baby? We won’t get to see each other for another 3 months” Justin said as he furrowed his eyebrows, I sighed and looked down.
“That’s what I mean baby, it’s only 3 months” I told him as I bit down in my lip, Justin sighed and shook his head.
“It’s not ONLY 3 more months!” he sighed; I looked up again and nodded my head.
“I need to go now baby, it’s getting really late,” I told Justin, Justin nodded his head and sighed once again.
“Okay, I love you” he said, I smiled widely and nodded my head.
“And I love you, too” I told him, and then I blew him a kiss and ended the call.
“I’m so glad Justin found you” Pattie suddenly said beside me, she was lying on the other side; I smiled and locked my phone.
“Thank you” I told her as I blushed, Pattie chuckled and nodded her head.
“He really does love you! When you’re not near you’re the only one he talks about” she said, I smiled and covered my mouth.
“Are you serious?” I asked her, Pattie nodded her head and chuckled even louder.
“Yeah, he obsessed” she joked; I chuckled and nodded my head.
“He clearly is!” I told her, then I laid down again and closed my eyes.
“We better get some sleep, we have to get up in 4 hours” I told Pattie, Pattie nodded her head and laid down herself.

4 hours later we both woke up, weirdly enough Vida was still sleeping, so I had the opportunity to get ready, before she would wake up. So I was now wearing a pair of Boyfriend Jeans, a white T-shirt with Weekend and some other text written on it, a black trucker jacket and white vans.
My makeup was simple, and my hair was pulled away from my face because Vida would always grab it and pull it and it hurt! I was only wearing my favorite silver heart shaped earrings that I had gotten from Justin.
As I got out from the bathroom, Pattie hurried in there to get ready too. I sat down on my bed and found my phone, then I dialed Justin’s number and called him, but he didn’t pick up? I furrowed my eyebrows, until I looked at the time and saw it was only 5 am!
I chuckled to myself, and then I got up from the bed again and went over to Vida. She was still sleeping, but she was slowly waking up, because she started moving around. And I was right, because 5 minutes later she started crying.
I hurried over to her and picked her up, and then I went over to my bed again and found some baby food and fed her.

We had finally arrived at the stadium Justin would be playing in tonight, but since it was still only 11am, we decided to explore New York, even though I had grown up over here. Justin still had no clue on us being in New York with him, even though I had talked to him this morning.
Pattie, Vida and I spent the whole day exploring New York until it was about 6 am, and we got hungry. So we found a small diner and got some dinner. Vida had been sleeping, so she was also hungry. She was slowly getting teeth’s, so we were slowly trying new things like blueberry’s and pineapple, which she was now eating. But apparently Vida thought it would be fun to make her grandma laugh, so she threw around with the food.
2 hours later we were back at the stadium, and Justin was already on stage. I was sitting on the couch backstage with Scooter, Allison and Pattie, and Vida was crawling around on the ground, but suddenly I couldn’t see her anymore, so I started panicking. I quickly got up from my seat and started looking around for her, but she was nowhere to be found backstage. I started crying, but soon I heard the crowd aw and Justin stopped singing.
“Vida?” I could hear him say, so I hurried over to the side of the stage to see what was going on. Vida had crawled out on stage, and Justin had seen her, and now he was walking over to her. He picked her up and hugged her tight. The crowd went even crazier, so Justin covered Vida’s ears. Justin pulled away from Vida and looked around until he saw me. He looked me directly into the eyes and an even bigger smile; he ran over to me and embraced both Vida and I.
“What are you guys doing here?” he asked me as he dragged me out on stage.
“We wanted to see you,” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Vida was in between us.
“You guys are the best” he smiled, and then he kissed my lips.  

Vida and I ended up staying with Justin for the rest of the tour. And Justin and I’s relationship became stronger than ever! And as tour ended we got the great news about being pregnant again, this time with a boy!


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