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167. Imagine to @HasmikBiebs99!

Please Imagine to @Hasmikbiebs99
"Welcome to Bora Bora, Mrs. Bieber" Justin whispered in my ear as we walked out of the plane. I breathed in the amazing smell of summer and freedom. 
Justin and I were currently on our honeymoon, it wasn't even 12 hours since we officially got married. 
"Mhh, I can't wait to have you for myself the next two weeks, Mr. Bieber" I mumbled as I closed my eyes. 
Justin turned me around so I was looking at him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. 
"Me neither," he told me, then he placed his plump lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight as our kiss got more heated. 
Justin and I had actually never had sex before, so tonight was going to be special for both of us, and since we had been together for 3 and a half year Justin was really craving it. He had learned to take care of himself in those situations where he needed some action. It wasn't because I was that religious, I just wanted our first time to be special since we never would get such a first time ever again! But we had done things in the past, just not the actual sex. 
Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He placed his bag on the ground and started walking towards the car that would take us to the place we would be staying at. 
Luckily Hugo was with us, so he took our suitcases and bags and whatever we had brought on this trip. 
Justin placed me in the backseat on my back and hovered over me and suddenly the door was closed, it was probably Hugo? 
Justin grinned and slowly started kissing my neck, an unforgettable feeling. 
He started grinding himself at me, but sadly the feeling didn't last long because a few minutes later the car stopped and soon after the door into the backseat was opened.  
Justin crawled out and helped me out afterwards. He picked me up in bridal-style, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
"Hugo, will you please take our bags?" Justin asked Hugo. Hugo nodded his head and grabbed a few of our bags, then he started walking towards our little cottage that had the best view of the beautiful, blue ocean. 
"It's beautiful," I told Justin as I gazed at the water. Justin pecked my forehead and started walking towards the cottage himself. 
"Not as beautiful as you" he cheekily told me. I rolled my eyes and rested my head against his chest. 
"You're crazy," I told him. Justin smirked at me and shrugged his shoulders. 
"Only for you, Mrs. Bieber," he told me, then he made it down to the cottage. He was about to place on the ground again, but I kept my arms wrapped around his neck
"You need to carry me over the doorstep!" I told him. Justin chuckled and nodded his head. 
"I know baby, I just wanted to see if I could mess with you," he told me. I groaned stuck out my tongue, but Justin just bit down in it, which made me pull away from him and make a double chin. 
"You're so sexy" he sarcastically told me, I just shook my head and pecked his lips. 
"I love you," I told him, which made him smile widely. 
"I love you, too," he told me, then he carried me over the doorstep as we made out. 
Justin placed me on the ground as we continued to make out, but sadly we got interrupted by Hugo. 
"Justin, where do you want the bags?" Hugo asked as he walked into the cottage. 
"Oh, sorry," he said as he lightly smiled. 
"It's okay Hugo, just place the bags here, and then we'll take care of them," Justin told him as he wrapped an arm around my waist. 
"And you're free to go now, so go spend the rest of the day with your family," Justin told him, Hugo nodded his head and thanked Justin. 
We had told Hugo to bring his family here because we didn't want him to be alone at nights when we didn't need him here. 
"We'll see you tomorrow," I told him, which made him smile and nod, then he walked out of the door and left Justin and me alone. 
"So, what do you wanna do now?" Justin asked me as he smirked, but I was about to disappoint him real good. 
"How about we get dressed and take a walk on the beach?" I asked him. Justin furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me weirdly. 
"It's not night yet Justin, we can't take the goodies in advantage," I told him. Justin sighed and nodded his head. 
"Okay, let's go get ready to take a walk on the beach," he told him with no emotions showing. 
"Come on baby! I want out first time to be special, and I know if we do it now, then we could've just done it at home" I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 
Justin sighed and nodded his head as a small smile formed on his lips. 
"You're right, sorry" he apologized. I shook my head and grabbed his head with my hands. 
"Don't apologize, you did nothing wrong," I told him, then I placed my lips on his and started kissing him. 
Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and deepened the kiss, which made me moan against his lips, but I hurried to pull away before anything else could happen. 
"Let's get dressed in something else," I told him, then I grabbed his hand and went over to our suitcases. 
I decided to wear a pair of black, high-waisted shorts, my black bikini top with a see-through, white shirt over it and no shoes since we would be walking on sand. 
I took off my makeup and pulled my hair up in a messy bun, and let's not forget my favorite J. crew sunglasses. 

I grabbed my iPhone 6s in gold and met Justin in the living room of the cottage. 
Justin was wearing a pair of black trunks, where you were able to see the rim of his white Calvin Klein boxers and, of course, he was shirtless! 

He looked up at me and smiled at the sight of me. 
"I can't believe I can finally call you my wife," he told me as he came over to me. 
I smiled and pecked his lips, then I intertwined our fingers and walked out through the leading out towards the beach. 
Justin and I spent the rest of the day at the beach and ate at this really cute restaurant right by the beach. 
And of course, as we got home Justin had made sure that candles were lighted up all around in the bedroom. There were rose petals spread all over the bed and there was a bottle of champagne and two glasses right by the bed. 
I awed and turned around to peck his lips. The kiss got greedier, and I felt myself yearn for him to touch me. I was ready to do this with him and only him! 
Justin picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, then he started making his way over to the bed, where he placed me on my back and hovered over me. 
As we continued to kiss I pulled out my elastic so my hair was hanging loose. 
Justin moved his kisses down my neck and started sucking on my sweet-spot right behind my ear. I moaned loudly and opened my mouth wide. 
Justin moved away from my neck and looked at me with lust in his eyes. 
Then he pulled off my shirt and my bikini top and started kissing my boobs. 
As he did I removed his trunks and boxers with my feet. I had seen Justin naked before, but his size still shocked me and made me a little nervous, which made my body all tense, which Justin noticed right away. 
"Just relax baby" he mumbled as he continued to pleasure my boobs. 
I nodded my head, then Justin pulled down my shorts and my g-string down and moved his attention down to my throbbing core that desperately needed his attention. 
"You're so beautiful," he told me, then he went down to business.  
Next morning I woke up tangled in the white bedsheets with my arms wrapped around Justin's waist. 
I smiled widely as I thought of the unforgettable night Justin and I had had. I pecked his naked chest and looked up at him, where I saw a big smile forming on his plump lips. 
"Good morning" he mumbled as he kept his eyes closed. I happily sighed and closed my eyes again. 
"Good morning" I mumbled back, then I felt Justin shift, which made me open my eyes once again. 
"Where are you going?" I asked him as he got out of bed. 
"Just out to the pool," he told me as he smiled.  
"In that outfit?" I asked him as I furrowed my eyebrows. Justin nodded his head and smirked. 
"No one will see me, we're completely alone!" he told me, which made me smile widely. I chuckled as Justin went out to the pool and jumped into it. 
I wrapped the sheets tightly around my body and walked out to the pool myself, only I didn't jump in, I just sat down on one of the tanning beds and admired him, my one and only, my husband Justin Bieber! 


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