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171. Imagine to @Hajarmouttaqui!


Imagine to @hajarmouttaqui - imagine based on "I'm not the only one" by Sam Smith. 

"I made you breakfast, by the way," I said Justin, my husband of 2 years as I came to Justin and I's bedroom. 
"I'm in a bit of a rush today, so I think I'm going to skip, but thanks," he said as he corrected his tie, something he recently started wearing along with suits. 
Normally you would see Justin in baggy pants and oversize t-shirts, but not anymore...  
I also knew he wasn't in a rush, we just on his way to his affairs house. I knew he had been seeing another woman the last few weeks, but I didn't say anything, because even though he was cheating on me I somehow still loved him, with all my heart! 
"Oh, we'll just catch dinner together then," I told him, Justin distantly nodded his head and put on his jacket, then he passed by me and went down the stairs.  
"I'll see you tonight, BABY!" Justin said, then he lightly pecked my cheek and went out of the front door. 
I stood in the door until he was out of sight, then I closed the door and started crying, my daily routine! I cried day in and day out until Justin would be home... Then while he was around I put up a facade to hide my feelings and unhappy heart... 
I was still wearing my robe, with only my underwear under, a thing Justin wasn't interested in anymore... 
I ran up the stairs and into my walk-in closet, I had already showered so I just needed to get changed into some clothes. I got changed into what used to be Justin's favorite dress, on me. Then I let my curls loose and did a heavy makeup, it presented my mood and my deepest feelings! 

I stumbled down the stairs in my highest heels, then I went over to the cabinet that held all our booze! I grabbed a bottle of pure vodka, then I took a big sip and sighed loudly as I started crying once again. 
I thought about him being in her arms. Her pleasuring him and vice versa. Him being all over her and moaning loudly. I sobbed loudly, then I threw the bottle onto the ground so it shattered into millions of pieces, just like my heart... I went over to Justin's secret drawer, where he usually kept his cigarettes and other personal stuff, like the condoms he would be using with her. I grabbed the cigarettes and took one, then I lit it and breathed in the smoke. I exhaled and immediately my body started relaxing, but I was still hurt, furious, heartbroken etc. 
I grabbed a bottle of something, then I grabbed my car keys and went out of the front door. I drove to the nearest little shop that was selling booze and things to light up something with. I grabbed a few bottles of booze, then also a few bottles of lighter fuel. I paid for my things, then I drove home again. I gathered all of Justin's clothes and threw it out of the window down to our garden, then after gathering almost all of it, I went down there and poured the lighter fuel over it, then lastly I lit a match and threw it on the clothes. 
I stood completely still as I watched the match set fire to all the clothes. A part of me felt good, but not good enough!  
As I watched the clothes disappear into the flames the front door got opened. I didn't even move, I just stood there and waited for him to come out here, and soon enough he did. 
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he yelled as he came into view. I didn't say anything, I just kept my eyes on the flames. Justin unsuccessfully tried to get my attention, but he couldn't! I was so into my own thoughts that I barely even saw him. When he realized that he wouldn't get my attention he decided to do something about the fire. 
He grabbed our garden hose and poured water all of the clothes until the fire disappeared. 
"WHY ARE YOU BURNING ALL MY CLOTHES?!" he yelled as he held onto my arms, he tried to look me in the eyes, but he couldn't. 
"Didn't you think I would notice?" I then asked him after a few minutes of silence. 
"Notice what?" he asked me as he let go of me, suddenly he was nervous! 
"I know you're cheating on me," I told him quietly, I still kept looking outright. 
"If you knew I was cheating on you, then why didn't you leave me?" he asked me as he crossed his arms. 
Finally, I looked at him, I had lost my patience, he just triggered it!   
"Why I didn't leave you?" I asked him. Justin nodded his head and started smirking. 
"I didn't leave you because I'm reliable! No matter what I will always love you, and I hate that, but it seems like there's nothing I can do!" I told him as I started walking towards him. 
Justin tried not to look scared, but he failed. 
"I would never do such a thing towards you! I actually believed that if I stayed around, then you would realize that I'm more than enough for you! That you actually loved me, but I guess I was wrong" I told him. 
"I guess you were" he mumbled back, which made me open my eyes wide. 
"So you don't love me?" I asked him when he didn't say a thing I already knew the answer. He had never loved me...       
"I want you to leave!" I told him after a long and unbearable minute. 
"I'm not leaving! This house belongs to me!" Justin said as he crossed his arms. 
"You really think so?" I asked him, "You really think that you will get to keep this house when we get a divorce? Are you really that stupid?" I asked him. That's when it hit Justin, it hit him that he was actually going to lose me, and he already knew it was too late to fix things.  
"I'm sorry" he then mumbled. I just shook my head and went inside the house again. 
I went upstairs and into the bedroom, where I locked the door behind me. I didn't want Justin to interrupt me while I packed my things. 
"Y/N, please! I'm sorry, I made a mistake! I do love you, I really do! Please just give me another chance!" Justin begged. 
"This relationship was already over at 'I do'," I told him, then I started packing my things. 
When Justin didn't say anything I just sighed and continued to pack. 
3 suitcases later I went down the stairs, where I got met by Justin in the hallway. 
"I know you don't want to listen to me, but I need you to! I do love you, I love you with all my heart! I didn't know what I was doing, I just thought I needed something else, but truthfully I just need you" he said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my leather jacket. 
"The fact that you thought you needed something else just tells me that we aren't meant for each other!" I told him, then I went out of the door and over to my car. One by one put my suitcases into the trunk and went back over to Justin. 
"I have loved you for many years! But apparently I'm just not enough, but you've made me realize my deepest fears by lying and tearing us up" I told him, then I turned around and went back over to my car, where I got in and drove away, away from all the drama, away from my broken life!   


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