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136. Imagine to @Gionna_Vitale!

Imagine to @Gionna_Vitale
I was furious! How could Justin say he stopped smoking, when he didn’t?
I know I couldn’t decide over his life, but he knew I didn’t like the fact that he was smoking.
And sadly there was nothing I could do about it, because he was in Australia, and I was in LA.
I couldn’t go with him to Australia, because I had work to do in LA, but I really felt like taking a week or two off just to get him back on track.
He really wasn’t acting like himself anymore, and the pictures he had posted on Instagram of him counting money and all that made me so mad at him.
He promised he wouldn’t go back to being badass Bieber, especially now that we were together again.
Last time I saw him smoke I actually broke up with him, because I didn’t want to be around a smoker, also even though he had said it was just because he was stressed.

I sighed and closed my MacBook, then I stood up and went into my boss’ office.
“I’m taking the next few weeks off, I have some serious business to handle with Justin” I told her, Carina – my boss – nodded her head and smiled.
“You do that, you have been working really heart the last few weeks, so it’s earned” she said, I nodded my head, then I grabbed my stuff and left.
I went home and ordered a ticket to Australia, then I packed a few bags and left.

Finally, after 20 hours I arrived in Australia, I had talked to Scooter, and he was coming to pick me up. He had tried to talk to Justin about the cigarettes, but he just wouldn’t listen to him.
“Hey Y/N, thanks for coming” Scooter said as he greeted me.
“Well, I want him to get back on track” I told him, Scooter nodded his head and took my bags.
“Well, Yael and I will be going home tomorrow, so I’m happy you got here this early” he said, I nodded my head, then I got inside the car, and Scooter drove us to the place Justin was staying at.
We both got out of the car and went inside the house – we had left my belongings in the car -, then as we opened Justin came out there.
“Scooter, can we leave now?” he asked, he stopped walking, when he saw me.
“Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked as he came over to me. He came over to me and pulled me close, but I immediately pulled away from him and looked at him in disgust.
“You smell” I told him as I frowned, Justin chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.
“Well, what can you do about it?” he asked, I rolled my eyes and walked inside.
“What are you even doing here?” he asked me,
“I’m here to make you regret that you smoked” I told him, then I took off my jacket and looked at him.
“But baby, I seriously only smoke, when I’m stressed” he whined, I shook my head and sat down on a chair.
“Don’t lie to me Justin! Don’t you think I see the pictures on Instagram and Twitter?” I asked him.
Justin sighed and looked down in the ground. “You even posted a photo of yourself on Fahlo, where you were sitting with a cigarette” I told him, Justin kept quiet, because he knew I was right.
“How long have you been doing it behind my back?” I asked him, Justin mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear it…
“What?” I asked him as I took a step closer to him.
“A few months” he mumbled once again, but this time I heard him loud and clear.
“A few months?” I asked him as my eyes got wide. Why had I never smelled that?
“Yeah, I always went outside, and afterwards I just cleaned my mouth and put on more cologne” he explained, I loudly sighed and rolled my eyes.
“How long were you gonna keep this from me?” I asked him as I crossed my arms over my chest.
“I don’t know, I just think I would tell you eventually” he explained,
“Justin, we talked about this before! Remember the last time you smoked? You almost lost your career, because your voice got so raspy” I told him, Justin gulped and nodded his head, then he grabbed the pack of cigarettes and walked over to the garbage can in the kitchen, he made I was looking at him as he threw out the last cigarettes. He sighed and walked over to me.
“I never meant for this to get serious again. I will stop, for you, and for my beliebers, because you all mean so damn much to me” he explained as he wrapped his arms around me, I made him let go off me as I made a face.
“You still smoke, so I would suggest you go shower, then we can hug and kiss” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he went upstairs and took a shower.
I decided to bring in my bags in the mean time. After unpacking a few things I sat down on the bed and looked at my phone, I had gotten Scooter to give me access to the WIFI so that I could check the different social medias and get mails from work.
“Baby?” Justin suddenly said, I looked up at him, only to see him completely naked. I gasped and covered my eyes.
“Justin, put on some clothes” I whined, but it didn’t seem like he was listening, so I looked up and saw him standing right in front of me with his member close to my face. I immediately leaned back and pushed him away.
“JUSTIN!” I yelled, Justin chuckled, then he got on top of me with a big smirk.
“Justin, stop!” I strictly told him, Justin shook his head and leaned down to my neck.
“I missed my baby, and I’m planning on showing her” he whispered against my neck, then he placed a small peck on my sweet spot, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I grabbed his face and connected our lips.
“Weren’t we fighting?” Justin smirked as he pulled away after a few seconds, I rolled my eyes and made Justin lay on the bed, then I got on top of me.
“Just shut up” I told him, then I kissed his lips again. Justin sighed against my lips, and slowly he opened my jeans and pulled them down, but he had some trouble doing it.
“I know you look good in tight jeans and all, but why did they make them this tight, they’re not very friendly” Justin groaned, I chuckled and got off him, then I pulled my jeans down and took off my top, then I got on top of him again.
“You’re so sexy baby” Justin moaned as I sat on top of his crotch. He moaned loudly as I started moving around, my thong was soaked, not only because of my wetness, but also because of the precum from Justin.
“You better do this so fucking sweet, because else I won’t forgive you, and you will regret it” I moaned in Justin’s ear, then he turned us around and pulled down my thong as I unhooked my bra. A few seconds later he entered me, which caused me to moan loudly and close my eyes in pure pleasure.              

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