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82. Imagine to @duazatfiction!

Imagine to @dauzatfiction
I woke to the feeling of Justin getting out of bed really fast. I sat up and noticed he was having his hand in front of his mouth. My eyes got wide and I hurried to get out of bed to go help him. As I made it to the bathroom, Justin was already on his knees with his face practically buried in the toilet; I sat down beside him and caressed him on his back.
He continued to puke for another minute or so, and then he sighed and sat down against the wall beside him.
“How are you feeling baby?” I asked him as I sat down beside him. Justin sighed and closed his eyes.
“Like shit!” he whined, I nodded my head, and then I pecked his cheek and got up. I walked over to the sink and found the glass we always had out here, and then I filled it with water and made my way over to Justin again. I handed him the water, and he swallowed it.
“Ugh” he groaned, then he handed me the glass and rested his head against the wall again. I placed the glass on the sink again, and then I helped Justin up from the ground and made him brush his teeth’s.
“My throat is sore baby” Justin said, his voice was really hoarse. I nodded my head, and then I helped him into the bedroom and helped him lay down on the bed again.
I pulled the covers over his body, and then I kissed the top of his head. His forehead was practically burning, so I went back out to the bathroom and found the thermometer to gauge if he had a fever.  I went back into the bedroom and stuck the thermometer into his mouth. Justin gently smiled, and then he closed his eyes. I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for the test to beep. 30 seconds if beeped, so I took it out and looked at it.
“104°F” I whispered to myself. I looked down at Justin, who had heard what I said.
“DO I have a fever?” he asked me, I nodded my head and pecked his cheek.
“You do baby” I told him, then I stood up and went into the bathroom again, I washed the thermometer and placed it back onto its place. Then I went out of the room and checked my phone before making my way downstairs. It was 4.23am, and I had work at 7am. I quietly groaned, but I wanted Justin to feel better, so I went into the kitchen and started making chicken soup, Justin loved my chicken soup, so to make him a little happy I decided to make it.
After a good 30 minutes I finished the soup. I found a bowl and a small piece of bread, and then I poured the soup into the bowl and made my way upstairs again.
When I made it into the bedroom, I noticed Justin was lying on his stomach with his one hand on his forehead. He had his eyes closed, but as he heard me he opened them.
“I made you some soup baby, your favorite” I quietly said, Justin gently smiled, and then carefully he turned himself around so he could sit up.
“Thank you baby, you’re the best,” he quietly said, as he sat up he started coughing like crazy. I gently pouted and placed the tray with the soup on my side of the bed, then I made my way over to Justin and helped him up. I placed a pillow behind his back, then I kissed his cheek and handed him the soup.
“Why can’t I get a kiss on the lips?” Justin asked me as he grabbed the spoon that was filled with soup.
“Because I don’t want to be sick baby” I told him, I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched him eat, I know it sound creepy, but I just wanted to make sure he was okay!
“Thank you for helping me baby” Justin said, I smiled and nodded my head.
“You’re welcome, that’s the least thing I could do!” I told him with a smile; Justin smiled too and continued to eat.
10 minutes later the bowl was empty. I grabbed it, then I took all of it downstairs, and as I was about to walk upstairs again, Esther started barking. I sighed, and then I made my way over to her and took her out of her pet carrier. I picked her up, and then I made my way upstairs again.
I sat down on the bed and made Esther lay by my feet’s, and then I looked over at Justin.
“Do you need anything?” I asked him, he gently shook his head, then my eyes got wide and I hurried downstairs again, I found a bucket and ran upstairs again, I ran into the bathroom and filled a little water into the bucket, then I walked into the bedroom again and placed the bucket beside Justin’s side of the bed. Finally I could lay down again, I sighed and closed my eyes. Then suddenly I felt Justin place his head on my chest. I smiled and opened my eyes again, I gently caressed his head, and a few minutes later he was lightly snoring. I smiled, then I closed my eyes and sighed, and just as I was about to fall asleep my alarm clock went off. I sighed and turned it off, and then I found my phone and went into my messages and found my boss’ number. Luckily my boss was really sweet, so hopefully she would understand, why I couldn’t come to work today. I was so tired, and I wanted to make sure Justin was okay.
Luckily my boss was quick to answer, she told me to take the day off and just relax, which I had already planned on. I thanked her, and then I locked my phone again and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up again, Justin was once again puking. I pouted and sat up, and then I went out of bed and went into the bathroom. Since Justin was covered in sweat, I decided he needed a shower, so I filled our bathtub with water and soap. Then I went back into the bedroom and noticed that Justin had his head hanging down. I gently chuckled, and then I walked over to him and helped him up.
“Come baby, I made you a nice shower” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then slowly he got out of bed with a little help from me. We made our way out to the bathroom, and I helped Justin undress. When he was completely naked I helped him into the bathtub.
“Will you please help me?” Justin whined as he looked at me. I nodded my head, then I got undressed myself and sat down beside him. Justin leaned back and placed his head on top of my naked chest. I grabbed a sponge and dipped it in the water, then I squeezed over Justin chest, I gently placed the sponge on his chest and started washing him.
“Did you have a meeting with Scooter today or something?” I quietly asked Justin as I continued to wash him. Justin nodded his head and closed his eyes.
“But the meeting isn’t until 4pm or something” he explained, I nodded my head, and then I let go of the sponge and wrapped my arms around his waist. I gently caressed his lower stomach and pecked his neck.
“We’ll just cancel, when we get up” I told him; Justin nodded his head and smiled.
“You know what might help?” Justin asked me as he smirked. I shook my head and closed my eyes.
“No, what would help?” I asked him.
“A handjob” he smirked, I gasped and shook my head.
“You’re so stupid Bieber” I chuckled, then I slowly made my way down to his dick, but Justin as I was about to grab it, and Justin was getting excited, I removed my hands and got up from the water.
“That was not funny baby” Justin whined, I chuckled, then I wrapped a towel around my body and walked into our walk-in closet. I found a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, then I pulled my –still dry - hair into a messy bun and walked out to the bathroom again, Justin was still sitting in the bathtub.
“Why aren’t you up yet?” I asked him as I bended down beside him. Justin smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know” he said, I rolled my eyes, then I found a towel and gave it to him.
“Will you please go out?” he asked him as he coughed, I furrowed my eyebrows, but I soon realized he must have had a boner, so I chuckled and shook my head.
“Nah, I’ll just stay out here” I told him, Justin groaned, then he stood up, and I was right, Justin had a really big boner, I started laughing, but my laughter soon turned into a cough. My eyes got wide, and as I stopped coughing I groaned loudly.
“Haha, now you’re sick” Justin laughed as he wrapped the towel around his waist, but the towel didn’t make the boner disappear.
“Why am I sick now? I did everything to make sure I wouldn’t get sick!” I groaned, Justin looked down in the ground and started blushing.
“What did you do Justin?” I asked him,
“I might have kissed your lips as you were sleeping” he said, I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“Well, that’s just great!” I told him, then I turned around and went into our bedroom and laid down under the covers.
“I’m sorry baby, I just missed the feeling of your lips” Justin pouted, I couldn’t stay mad at him; I never could, so I smiled widely and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“It’s okay baby, because now I will get to kiss your lips” I told him, and then I placed my lips on top of his.   


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