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115. Imagine to @DreamBigSelena!

Imagine to @Dreambigselena
“Good morning beautiful, I hope you’ll have an amazing day. Can’t wait to talk to you after your classes” it was a sweet text from Justin that woke me up. Justin and I had never met, but we had started talking on Facebook, and honestly, I was in love with him.
Justin and I had been talking for two years or so, but we never got the opportunity to meet each other, which was really sad, but then again, maybe the sparkle would disappear if we met?
I gently stretched my body and sat up in bed before unplugging my phone from the charger. I opened messages and found Justin.
“Thanks handsome, and don’t worry, being in college is a big thing, so of course I will tell you about it” I texted back, then I threw my phone on my bed and went into the bathroom to get dressed.
I took a quick shower, and then I went back into my room and started doing my makeup.
I just did the normal, and then I went over to my closet to find something to wear.
I decided on going with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a plain, white T-shirt and a flannel around my waist.

After I finished getting ready, I grabbed my stuff and made my way downstairs to say good morning to mom.
“Morning mom” I said, and then I sat down by the table and poured myself some cereal. I slowly started eating as I checked my phone again, and to my luck Justin had texted me back.
“Would it be okay if I wore this today?” he had asked as he also had sent me a picture. I bit down in my lip and chuckled.
“Are you talking to Justin again?” mom asked as she sat down beside me, I looked up at her and took a deep breath.
“Yeah, he’s asking me for fashion advices” I told her as I smiled, then I turned back to my phone and texted back.
“Of course, you look handsome ;) “I told him. A few minutes later I finished my breakfast, I placed my plate in the dishwasher, then I kissed mom on the cheek and ran out of the door.

School ended pretty early today, so I decided to stop by Starbucks before I made my way home.
As I stood in line I decided to text Justin again to tell him about my day. I unlocked my phone and smiled as I picture of Justin showed up on my screen. I went into messages again and simple wrote “Hey, I’m off school now, care to join me for a cop of coffee at star bucks? ;) “ asked him, then I locked my phone and suddenly the line started moving.
Just before I could get to say my order my phone went off, I apologized to the lady and found my phone, as I found it I told her my order, and then after saying my name I opened messages and saw a text from Justin.
“Of course baby girl, where should we meet?” he asked, no smiley that’s winking? Immediately my heartbeat started racing, could this really be true, was I really going to meet him?
Before I could even answer him, I got another text from him.
“Turn around, sweetie” it said, I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around, only to see Justin standing there with a coffee and his phone in his hands. He was smiling widely; I covered my mouth and hurried to walk over to him, he hurried to open his arms and embrace me as soon as I had made my way over to him.  I hurried to wrap my own arms around his waist and hug him tight. He smelled really good, it was like a dream.
“It’s really you?” I asked him as I pulled away, I can’t deny, a little tear ran down my cheek.
“It is” he smiled; he gently dried the tear away from my cheek.
“Can’t believe we’ve been living in the same city all these years” he laughed, my eyes got wide, and I had to cover my mouth.
“You live here, too?” I asked him as I took a step back. Justin nodded and put his phone back in his pocket.
“Yeah, I’ve been living in LA for 8 years” he chuckled; I smiled and bit down in my lip.
“This is so crazy” I chuckled, and then just as Justin was about to say something; they called my name telling me that my coffee was ready. I smiled at Justin, and then I went up to the desk and took my coffee. I walked back over to Justin and hesitantly grabbed his hand. Justin looked down at me and smiled widely, and then he intertwined our fingers.
“So, do you wanna stay here, or would you like to go for a walk with me?”  Justin asked,
“The walk sounds pretty amazing” I told him as I grabbed the loop of my back and placed it over my shoulder again.
“Well, let’s take a walk then” Justin smiled, then he opened the door for us and together we walked out of Starbucks.
“So, how was school today?” Justin asked as we walked across the street. I cleared my throat and chuckled.
“Well, school is always boring, and honestly I would just like to stay home and watch Netflix in bed all day” I told Justin, Justin chuckled quietly and squeezed my hand.
“That’s my type of day” Justin smirked, I gasped and slightly pouted.
“I wanna have days like that” I pouted; Justin suddenly stopped walking and turned me around so that we now were face to face.
“Gosh, you’re even more beautiful in real life” he said, I looked down in the ground as I could feel my cheeks started to heat up.
“Why, thank you” I told him, Justin grabbed my jaw and made me look at him.
“No reason, you’re just really beautiful” he said, then he leaned closer and placed his lips of mine.
I slightly gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck, as I made sure not to spill my coffee all over his back.
Fireworks were everywhere in my stomach, this was like a dream coming through! I never thought I would actually meet Justin, and now we were kissing!!
“Well hallo there handsome” I smirked as Justin and I pulled away from each other.
“Yeah, sorry about that, I just really wanted to feel your lips on mine” Justin chuckled, I nodded and pulled him close again.
“And I’m not saying anything, because I already wanna feel them on mine again” I told him, and then I placed my lips on his again.
“Aww, you two are such a cute couple, I hope you’ll last, just my husband and I did” a woman said, which caused Justin and I to pull away from each other. I smiled widely as I looked at the woman, she was old, but she was very beautiful.
“Oh, thank you, but we’re not in a relationship” I told the woman; I looked up at Justin, who actually looked disappointed.
“Oh well, then I certainly hope this young, handsome man take the chance and ask you to be his girlfriend” the woman said, then she started walking away.
“Okay? She was really sweet” I smiled, Justin nodded and grabbed my hand again before sipping his coffee, I did, too, then I threw it in a dumpster close by.
“Listen, uhm, I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight? Because if not, then I would like to ask you on a date” Justin explained, I stopped walking and so did Justin.
“I would love to, pick me up at 7?” I asked him, Justin nodded, then he pulled me close and attached his lips to mine, and this was, when I realized I was falling for Justin, even though we had just met for real today, he was the one I wanted to live the rest of my life with, and no one was going to ruin it, which no one did, so a few years and tears later Justin and I got married, and eventually we also got kids, and the whole thing happened because of a boy and a girl talking online.  


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