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161. Imagine to @Dorsa_r.j!

Imagine to @Dorsa_r.j 
This had to be the best time of the day! Waking up beside Justin was the best thing in the world, mostly because he always had his arms wrapped around me and holding me tight. 
I always knew he was awake, when I woke up because we never slept like this, usually we would lay by ourselves because no one can spoon all night long! It would simply get too hot, and you wouldn’t be able to sleep in the position you would like to. 
But we always spooned before we fell asleep, and then Justin had made sure to wrap his arms around me, when he woke up. 
I sighed and moved closer into Justin’s chest as I kept my eyes closed. I wasn’t ready to wake up yet, it was simply too early, and I was really enjoying my alone time with Justin. 
Justin squeezed me tight and pecked my neck. I always slept with my hair in a bun because it was more comfortable, and I wouldn’t have hair all over my face, when I woke up, and then also to spare Justin from having hair in his mouth or something. 
“Good morning baby,” Justin said. I loved how raspy his voice was in the mornings, it was so sexy. 
“Mh, good morning” I mumbled back. 
I shivered because of the coldness in our bedroom, and Justin noticed, so he pulled the covers more over out bodies and turned me around in his arms. 
I wrapped my arms around Justin and placed my head on his shirtless chest. 
“How did you sleep?” he asked me, I yawned and snuggled my head into his chest. 
“Like a dream,” I told him, Justin lowly chuckled and started to caress my back. 
“What about you?” I asked him. 
“Good, I had you by my side,” he said, I stretched my body and yawned once again. 
“We should get up, your mom will be over later” I mumbled, Justin groaned and held me tighter. 
“No, I wanna stay here – in bed – with you” he groaned. I pecked his chest, then I used my hands to push myself away from the bed. 
“No, stay!” Justin whined as he tried to grab me, but unfortunately, he wasn’t fast enough. 
I stretched my body and got on my tiptoes, then I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, then I unhooked my bra and pulled down my panties. I pulled my headband out of my hair, then I got into the shower and made the water run all over my body. 
10 minutes later I got out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and one around my hair, then I went back into the bedroom, where Justin was still lying in bed, but, this time, he had his phone in his hands. I went over to him and sat down beside him. 
“What’re you doing?” I asked him as I made sure the towel was wrapped tightly around my body. 
“Just trying to choose a selfie to post on Instagram” he honestly told me, I smiled widely and grabbed his phone. 
I scrolled through his latest selfies, then when I saw one I really liked I clicked on it and gave him his phone back. 
“I think you should choose this one,” I told him, then I stood up and went into our walk-in closet. 
I bit down in my lip as I looked at all my clothes. I rolled my lip between two fingers and started to chew on the inside of my cheek. 
I decided on going with a pair of high-waisted black shorts, a cute marble patterned crop top and a black, long cardigan and a pair of white Nike shoes. 

I went back into the bedroom and saw Justin still lying in bed. 
“Whoa baby, who are you looking good for?” Justin asked as he smirked, I smirked back and walked over to him. 
“I sure know it’s not you” I cheekily told him, Justin glared at me, then he pulled the covers off of his body and came over to me. 
I tried to run away, but sadly he caught me before I could. I squealed loudly as Justin picked me up and started to tickle me. 
“PUT ME BACK ON THE GROUND” I screamed in laughter, I felt Justin shake his head and soon after I was placed on the bed. 
“Who are you looking good for?” Justin once again asked me as he continued to tickle me. 
“NOT YOU!” I told him, Justin playfully sighed and rolled his eyes. 
“PLEASE STOP!” I screamed, Justin shook his head and continued to tickle me. 
“Not before you tell me that you’re looking good for me” Justin smirked, I tried to wriggle myself out of Justin’s grip, but he was too strong. 
“Okay, OKAY! I’M LOOKING GOOD FOR YOU” I screamed, then Justin stopped tickling me, and I could finally breathe again. 
“OMG” I sighed, Justin smiled widely and chuckled, then he placed his head in the crook of my neck and started to place kisses on it. 
“No Justin, your mom will be over soon,” I told him as I pulled his head away from my neck.  
“Okay, but you better give me some tonight” he smirked, I playfully rolled my eyes, then I turned us around and got down on the floor again. 
I went into the bathroom and found my makeup, then just as I was about to put on some foundation Justin came out there and sat down on the counter. 
“What’s that?” he suddenly asked as I grabbed my Beauty Blender and dapped it on the small amount of foundation I had pumped out on the back of my hand. 
“This is a Beauty Blender,” I told him as I started to apply the foundation. 
“Weird name” Justin chuckled as he grabbed one of my eyeshadow palettes. 
“Yeah, but it’s working,” I told him, then I washed my hands and grabbed my powder afterward. 
“Justin, can you give me my powder brush?” I asked Justin as I looked in the mirror to see if my foundation was blended out perfectly. 
“Which one? You have like a hundred brushes!” Justin whined, I rolled my eyes and looked over at him. 
“It’s the biggest and fluffiest brush,” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he grabbed the brush and handed it to me. 
I opened my powder, then I dapped it all over my face. 
Today it took me about 20 minutes to do my makeup, but only because Justin kept asking about the different things I was using. He had never been interested in my makeup before, but it was cute to see him care about my things. 
As I did my hair Justin went into the shower and did his things, luckily it was glass that separated us, so I could sneakily look at him as I did my hair. 
I decided to just straighten my hair today, I wasn’t really up for anything else, and instead of putting in my contacts I just went with glasses today. 
“Mh, you’re so beautiful” Justin mumbled as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. 
“And you’re so handsome,” I told him as I looked at him through the mirror. 
“Can’t we just call mom and cancel our plans with her?” Justin asked as he once again started to place small kisses on my neck. 
I closed my eyes and lazily shook my head. 
“No, we need to talk to her about Christmas,” I told him, Justin sighed and nodded his head. 
“Fine, but tomorrow we’re staying in, because I want to have you by my side all day in nothing but your beautiful birthday suit” Justin smirked, I rolled my eyes and pushed him away with my butt. 
“Forget it, honey, I’m going out with the girls’ tomorrow,” I told him, then the doorbell rang, so I ran out of the room and downstairs. 
I went over to the front door and opened the door to see Pattie standing there. 
“Sweetie, I missed you,” she said as she embraced me, I wrapped my arms around her, too and hugged her back. 
“I missed you, too,” I told her, then we pulled away. 
“Where is my son?” Pattie asked as she took off her jacket and shoes. 
“Upstairs getting dressed, he’s lazy today,” I told her, Pattie chuckled and grabbed her bag. 
“He’s always lazy,” she said, which made me laugh. 
“Ey! It’s not nice to make fun of others” Justin suddenly said, Pattie and I smiled, then Justin came down the stairs and hugged his mother. 
Justin and I spent the whole day with Pattie, but as soon as she left, Justin picked me up and carried me upstairs to our bedroom, where he made me feel better than ever! ;)  


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