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87. Imagine to @Cutequotes678!

Imagine to @Cutequotes678
Today was finally the day Justin was going to meet my family for the first time. Justin and I have been dating for about 6 months, and now we thought it was time to meet each others families. We didn’t want to meet the families if our relationship wouldn’t be serious, but our relationship is getting really serious, Justin even asked me to move in with him, and that was one of the things we would had discussed tonight. Justin would be over at 6 pm, so I still had an hour to get ready in. Justin and I had used most of the day talking to each other over FaceTime, but about half an hour ago Justin had to go, he wanted to look perfect tonight, and even though I told him he always looked perfect, he didn’t listen to me…
I got out of my comfortable bed and went into my bathroom, but as I got in there my brother Jake stood out there.
“Jake what are you doing out here? This is my bathroom” I whined, Jake is my big brother, so he was a lot taller than me.
“Gabriella is in my bathroom, and I need to get ready too! It’s an important night, I need to make sure Justin is a good boyfriend for you” he explained, I rolled my eyes and went over to him before trying to push him out of my bathroom, but since he is also stronger than me, I of course couldn’t!
“This drop it, I just need to do my hair, and then I’m out of here, it smells like girl in here” he said as he made a face, I groaned and crossed my arms under my chest and waited for him to leave my bathroom. Finally a minute later Jake left my bathroom. I locked the door behind him and stripped out of my clothes, then I went into the shower and showered.
10 minutes later I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I unlocked the door and went into my bedroom again. I had already found my clothes, and I had decided not to be overdressed, so I would just be wearing a tight, black dress, a pair of black, see-through tights, my low, black converse and some silver jewellery’s.
I had on purpose not washed my hair, because I had made my curls this morning, so they weren’t too new, when Justin would be coming over. So now all I needed to do was my makeup, which was pretty simple, because I never wore much makeup, just some concealer to cover my dark spots, some powder and mascara.
When I finished it was 5.50pm, so Justin would be here any minute. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs, but as I walked downstairs Justin texted me, so I stopped walking and looked at it.
“I’m on my way, and I can’t wait to see you baby :*” he had texted, I awed and texted him back, then I locked my phone and went downstairs. I went into our living room and sat down beside Jake and Gabriella. Luckily Gabriella was also wearing a dress, so I didn’t look like a fool.
“You look beautiful sis” Jake said, I smiled and thanked him as I sat back and looked at my phone.
“So how is he?” Gabriella asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and locked my phone again.
“How is who?” I asked her, Gabriella playfully rolled her eyes and smiled.
“How is Justin?” she asked him, I giggled and nodded my head as I blushed of embarrassment.
“He is really sweet, and he makes me feel so loved and so… me” I told her, Gabriella awed and folded her hands.
“You’re so in love, it’s so cute” she cooed, I giggled and nodded my head, because it was true, I was falling in love with Justin, and I didn’t even want to deny it, because I knew Justin was falling in love with me too.
“Don’t you think your sister looks in love?” Gabriella asked Jake, Jake scoffed and shrugged his shoulders.
“Come on Jake, you must let me live my own life now, you can’t protect me forever” I teased him; Jake scoffed again and rolled his eyes.
“I’m not protecting you,” he said as he looked away, I chuckled and looked at Gabriella who was also chuckling. 
“Whatever you believe,” I told him, and then I got up from the couch and went out to the kitchen.
“Is there anything I can help with” I asked mom as I smiled at her, mom shook her head and smiled too.
“No, you just got to make sure Justin feels comfortable, when he arrives, and make sure he knows your dad isn’t a mean person, he is just looking out for you” she said, I nodded my head and then the doorbell rang. I hurried out to the hall and opened the front door, and there he was standing in the doorway looking better than ever, he was wearing a grey suit with a black button up shirt and leather shoes.
“Hey baby” I smiled as I bit my lip, Justin nervously smiled, and then he embraced me.
“Aww, you bought my mom flowers?” I asked him as he pulled away, Justin nodded his head and took a deep breath.
“I am overdressed?” he asked me, I just shook my head and kissed his lips.
“No, my brother and my dad are also wearing suits” I told him, Justin let go of a breath and chuckled a little.     
“I don’t think I have even been this nervous” he chuckled; I smiled and grabbed his hand.
“You have no need to be, they will love you,” I told him, and then I kissed his cheek.
“By the way, you look amazing baby” Justin said, I awed and thanked him.
“You do too,” I told him with a smirk, and then I dragged him inside the house. Mom had made her way into the living room, so my family was gathered in there, even my dad… 
“Guys meet Justin” I said to everyone as we made it into the living room. They all stopped talking and stood up, and my dad was the first one to say hello to Justin.
“Justin, this is my dad Y/D/N,” I said as they shook hands.
“Hello Mr. Y/L/N, thank you for having me” Justin said, my dad smiled and nodded my head.
“Don’t call me Mr. Y/L/N, just call me Y/D/N, Justin” he said, Justin smiled and nodded his head, then he said hello to everyone else, and afterwards we went into the dinging room and sat down.
“So Justin, do you have any siblings?” Jake asked Justin as we ate, Justin nodded his head and swallowed the food he had in his mouth.
“I do, I have a little brother named Jaxon, and a little sister named Jazmyn” he explained, Jake nodded his head and looked over at me.
“Then you understand that I need to look out for my sister and make sure she doesn’t fall in love with a total douchebag” Jake continued, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
“I understand, and I will promise you that I’m not a douchebag, I will do everything for your sister, because she deserves everything in this world” Justin sweetly said as he looked my brother directly into the eyes. My brother looked a little skeptical, but even he changed the look on his face into a smile and nodded his head as he looked at me telling me that he had approved Justin. I let go of a breath and smiled at Justin. I kissed his cheek, then I started eating again.
“So Justin, what are you doing right now with your life?” My dad asked Justin, Justin looked down at me with a nervous look on his face; I just nodded my head telling him to tell my dad about his life.
“Well, I am a singer and I have been making music since back in 2009, but the last 2 years I have just been enjoying life, and I have been trying to get my life back on track after a horrible 2013 with a lot of problems” Justin explained, my dad nodded his head and kept chewing on his food.
“What kind of problems?” my dad asked him,
“Well, I thought I was better than everyone else, because I had – still have  - a lot of money, I got arrested, but I really do think that I’m getting better, and that’s because of your daughter” Justin continued, my dad smiled, and so did my mom.
“How has my daughter been helping you?” dad asked him, Justin looked down at me and placed a hand on my thigh.
“She made me wanna continue living my life, she helped me out of a really bad depression by just generally loving me for who I was and for who I am today” Justin said, I smiled and bit down in my lip as I placed my hand on top of Justin’s on my thigh and gave it a squeeze.
“Well, I’m glad she could help you” my mom said, I nodded my head, then I kissed Justin’s cheek, and he started blushing.

After dinner Justin and I went upstairs and into my room. My room wasn’t big, and I didn’t need that much space. But I did have an area in my room with my bed, and a lot of pillows. Justin opened his jacket and laid down on my bed, I lay down too and placed my head on his chest.
“I told you they would love you” I told him; Justin nodded his head and gently started stroking my hair.
“You’re right, and I’m so glad they do” Justin said, I nodded my head and closed my eyes.
“And I can’t believe they will let you move in with me, they were completely fine with it” Justin said, I nodded my head and looked up at him.
“I can’t believe I’m actually going to move in with you” I smiled; Justin smiled too and squeezed me tight. I sat up and crawled on top of Justin, I intertwined our fingers and bended down over him, then I laid my lips on top of his, and we started kissing.
This was a new start on life. I was finally going to live with the love of my life!   


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