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174. Imagine to @Chelsie.Bieber!

Imagine to @chelsie.bieber
I had recently started dating Justin, so we didn't really know each other that well, but that was about to change because we had agreed on getting to know each other by having a "Get to know Justin and Y/N day" - of course on 2 days. Justin had his day yesterday, so today it was my turn. I had told Justin to meet me at my apartment in the city at 10 am, and since it was soon 10 am I was doing the finishing touches on my makeup. 
I was wearing a pair of ripped, black jeans, a sweater in navy blue and a leather jacket on top of it, and then since it was cold in New York I wore a scarf and a pair of white, low converse. My makeup was the usual and my hair was in a low ponytail.  

At 10 am, sharp, Justin stood outside my door waiting for me to open it. I hurried over to the door and opened it. 
"Good morning," I said as I smiled at Justin. Justin was wearing a pair of light blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a flannel over it, he also wore a cap and a pair of white sneakers. 

"Morning," he said as he came inside. He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly, soon after his plump lips hit mine a sweet kiss. 
"I missed you," he said, then he pecked my cheek and took off his shoes. 
"You don't need to take your shoes off, we're actually leaving the house now," I told him with a smile. Justin furrowed his eyebrows, but soon after he shrugged his shoulders and slipped back into his shoes. 
I locked the door behind us, then we walked down the stairs to the door that would lead us outside. 
"Should we take your car or mine?" I asked him. Justin smirked and pulled out his car keys. 
"Mine," he said. I quickly snatched the keys from his hands and reached out my tongue. 
"Since it's my day I am going to drive," I told him, then I got in and turned on the engine. 
Justin sighed and got in the car himself, then I drove off and since I was driving Justin's Ferrari I couldn't help but speed up a little. 
"Slow down, I don't want to die today," Justin said frightened. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I slowed down a little bit. 
"I know what I'm doing, Justin," I said. The rest of the ride neither of us said a word to each other. 
As we arrived at the stadium we were meant to go to, we got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance. 
"I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, I didn't mean to," Justin said as he intertwined our fingers. I sighed and looked up at him. 
"I know you didn't mean to, it's just that my dad always used to make fun of my driving skills," I told him. 
"I'm so sorry baby," he said, then he pecked my cheek and squeezed my hand. 
"It's okay," I told him, then we made it inside, where tonnes of other people were gathered. 
"What are we doing here?" Justin asked me as he looked down into the ground. 
"Well, to get to know me we have to start from the bottom, which means we have to go way back into my childhood when I still lived in Y/H/C (Your Home Country)," I told him. "Handball was a big part of my life, I never played it myself, but I watched almost every game my team was playing" I continued. 
"Wow, I didn't even know that," Justin told me, I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders. 
"That's why we're having this day, remember?" I told him. Justin ironically rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue. 
"You're such a smartass today, huh?" he asked me as he started swinging our hands back and forth. 
I proudly nodded my head and smiled at him. 
"We sadly can't see my team playing today since they're at home, but we'll watch some other teams, and I will let you decide who we should cheer for," I told him, then we made to the security that would check our tickets. I hurried to find the two tickets, then after they scanned them, Justin and I made our way to our seats.   
"So, what is the meaning of this game?" Justin asked me as we sat down. 
"It's just like any other game, the team who get's most goals wins," I told him. Justin nodded his head and smiled. 
"Are you hungry or thirsty? because I can easily get you something?" Justin asked me. I shook my head and smiled at him. 
"We'll go out for lunch afterwards," I told him, then the lights got turned off and soon enough the two teams ran onto the track. As other people started cheering, so did Justin. I giggled and hid my head in his chest. Justin wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pecked my forehead, then soon after I looked up as the game started.     
(I don't know any American handball teams, so I'm just making up to teams from two different states) 
Halfway through the game, I was so into it that I didn't even notice Justin watching me. 
Justin had decided that we would cheer for the team from LA, instead of the team from Florida, so we did.  
The team from LA had the ball and was about to score, when the judges blew their whistles because a player from the team from Florida had pulled a play from the team from LA down to the ground, but when I found out that the LA team only got a free throw I started yelling at the judges just like all the other people that cheered for LA. 
"Seriously, did you see that Justin? They totally deserved penalty shot!" I told Justin as I leant back into the seat in frustration. Justin just started laughing, which made me furrow my eyebrows and look at him weirdly. 
"Why are you laughing?" I asked him as I crossed my arms over my chest. 
"You're just so damn cute!" he told me, then he grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. He leaned in and soon after he placed his lips on mine, but we soon got interrupted, when people around us started cheering. I pulled away from Justin and looked at the scoreboard, which told me that the LA team had scored yet another goal, which made me cheer, now they were 5 goals in front of the Florida team. 
The LA team ended up winning 30-21 against the Florida team, which, of course, made me very happy. 
Justin and I hurried to leave the building hand in hand. We got into Justin's car, but this time, I was in the passenger seat. 
"So, did you like the game?" I asked Justin with hope in my eyes. Justin looked at me showing no emotions, which made me kinda sad, but soon his nonemotional face turned into a huge smile, which made me smile. 
"It was fun, but I think I watched you 80 percent of the time" he honestly told me. A light shade of pink crept onto my cheeks, which made me look down. 
"I love your passion for this game, it kinda reminds me of myself, when I watch ice hockey," he told me. I nodded my head in understanding. 
"Well, I'm glad you like it, now let's get some lunch because I am starving!" I told him, which made both of us chuckle.   

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