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132. Imagine to @BizzleAmeezyimagines - Wattpad follower!

Imagine to @Bizzleameezyimagines
* Justin’s POV *
“No Justin you don’t understand! You’re so clingy, and it makes me crazy!” Y/N’s voice kept echoing through my ears all day. I still remember, why she said it.
We had gotten into an argument about me being jealous and always around her, and to my defense it’s only to make sure she is okay! But Y/N was getting tired of having me around all the time, not because she didn’t love me, because she do, but because I was constantly watching her.
Of course I could understand, why she would get mad about it, but honestly I just did it out of love.
I love her so damn much that it’s so hard for me to let her be alone at times.
Y/N’s words had hurt me so much, and I was feeling really insecure at the moment.
I decided to stop being so clingy, just to make sure she wouldn’t leave me.

Y/N had asked me to go shopping with her today, and of course I said yes, even though I hate shopping, at least when it’s not clothes for me.

I was sitting downstairs waiting for Y/N to come downstairs, which she did a few minutes later. I locked my iPhone 6s and smiled at her.
She looked really good. She was wearing a pair of black slacks with a white and blacked striped T-shirt and white, low converse. Her hair was natural, and her makeup was natural, too.

“Hey baby” she said as he bended down over me, she pecked my lips, and I really did everything in my power not to kiss her even harder…
I slightly smiled and mumbled a “hey”, then I got up from the couch and grabbed my car keys. I looked at Y/N, she had a frown on her face, it was like she was hurt? Why would she be hurt?
“Are you coming?” I asked her, she nodded her head and walked out to the hall, then she grabbed her black bag from Givenchy and her iPhone 6s.
We left the house and got inside my car. I turned up for the music and started singing along as I concentrated on driving properly.
The whole car ride Y/N said nothing, she just stared out of the window and bit on her nail. I knew she was think, when she was biting her nails, it was bad habit of hers.
I sighed to myself and turned the music down as we arrived at the mall.
I got out of the car, usually I would open the door for Y/N, but since I was trying not to be clingy, I didn’t…
I started walking away, which made Y/N confused. I stopped walking a few seconds later and waited for her to get out of the car. She nervously bit down in her lip as she walked over to me.
Everything was so awkward, it had never been like this before! But I was only doing, what she had told me to do.

After looking through a few stores Y/N decided to bring me to Victoria Secrets, because she knew I would go crazy and be happy about it, but not this time. I just let her look on her own as I found a chair close to the dressing room and sat down with my phone, of course I couldn’t help but glance at her at times to see what kind of underwear she had found.
“I’ll just try these few things, then we can go home” Y/N lowly said as she stood in front of me, I nodded my head and kept my eyes on my phone, which clearly made her pissed, because soon after my phone was ripped out of my hands, and when I tried to get it back, Y/N stuffed it down her bag.
“Why have you been acting this strange all day?” she said as she crossed her arms over her chest. I sighed and leaned forward. I placed my elbows on my knees and grabbed my face.
“It’s nothing, just give me my phone back” I told her, this was so hard…
“Are you serious? I’m your girlfriend, Justin! I deserve to know, what’s going on!” Y/N said as her voice cracked. I looked up at her and saw a tear ran down her cheek. I immediately stood up and pulled her close.
“Shh, don’t cry” I told her as I rocked her back and forth.
“Why won’t you tell me, what’s going on?” she asked as she pulled away, I sighed and looked around, then I pulled her into one of the dressing rooms and made her sit on the chair.
“Last night” I started, I looked at Y/N, and she nodded her head telling me to continue.
“Last night you told me I was clingy and that you were getting tired of it, so I decided not to be clingy anymore” I told her, Y/N smiled and stood up, then she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight.
“Justin, it was just a silly argument! I didn’t mean it! I love how you’re always protecting me, and how you show everyone that I’m yours” she told me, I smiled widely, and suddenly it felt like something got lifted off my shoulders, I was finally free again!
“Are you sure?” I asked her as I pulled away from her, but only a little bit. Y/N dried her eyes and nodded her head.
“Yeah, I love you with all my heart, and I know you love me, too, because you keep showing me by protecting me and being around me all the time” she told me, then she grabbed my jaw and pulled me closer, I took the last step and connected our lips, this time I didn’t try to stop myself from kissing her harder.
It was really hard to pull away from her again, I just wanted to kiss her forever, but sadly Y/N pulled away and caressed my cheeks.
“How about I try these, then we can go look for something for you?” Y/N suggested as she showed me the lingerie, I nodded my head, then I pecked her lips and went out of dressing room. I sat down in front of the dressing room and waited for Y/N to try on the first thing. I pulled down my shades to avoid anyone noticing me, it was pretty easy for people to notice me, because I was in a local mall, and there were people everywhere.
“Justin, come see” Y/N suddenly said, I quickly stood up and went inside the dressing room. I gulped loudly and looked at her sexy body, she was absolutely gorgeous! The lingerie fit her body perfectly, I could almost not control myself!
“Woaw!” I mumbled as I bit down in my lip, Y/N giggled and looked at herself in the mirror.
“You like it?” she asked me, I immediately nodded my head and grabbed her hips so that I could pull her closer.
“You look so sexy” I whispered against her neck, Y/N leaned her head back and giggled.
“You’re so cute, Justin” she said, then she pecked my lips and pushed me out of the dressing room.
Almost 10 minutes passed before Y/N came out of the dressing room again, which made me furrow my eyebrows. Y/N found my phone and handed it to me as she got closer to my ear.
“Because all your pictures got deleted” she whispered, then she went over to cashier and paid for the lingerie. I hurried to unlock my phone, then I went into photos and saw a bunch of pictures of Y/N in the lingerie she was buying. I gulped as I looked closely at all the pictures, she was so freaking sexy!
Of course the thought of her in her lingerie – on our bed – made me get a boner, which was really bad, because we were still in public, and we would be here for a little longer, unless I told her we should go home?
“Justin, are you ready to leave?” Y/N asked as she winked, she bit down in her lip as she noticed my boner, I growled, then I went over to her and grabbed her hand, I tried to pull her in front of me, but apparently she didn’t want to help me hide my boner!
“How about we go home instead?” Y/N asked as she got in front of me and stood really close to me.
“That’s such a good idea” I told her, then I kissed her lips and ran out to the car with my hand in hers. This was going to be so good…  


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