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119. Imagine to @Bieberwhispers!

Imagine to @Bieberwhisperes
“Mommy, wake up! I wanna go swimming” my 5-year-old daughter said as she jumped into the bed with me. I groaned and rolled onto the other side, I was way too tired to wake up this early.
“Riley, just let me sleep a little longer” I groaned, Riley groaned, too and started jumping around in my bed.
“Okay, okay, I’m up!” I told her as I sat up, I slowly opened my eyes to reveal my beautiful baby girl standing right in front of me in her bikini, she was so adorable.
“Mommy hurry up! I already found your bikini” Riley bossed, I raised and eyebrow and quickly grabbed her and threw her into bed.
“Why so bossy, missy?” I asked her as I tickled her, Riley laughed out loud and tried to get away from me.  
“Good morning, baby” I smiled as I stopped tickling her, Riley smiled widely and wrapped her tiny arms around my neck.
“Morning mommy” she said, then she pecked my lips and let go off me.
Riley and I had finally gotten enough money to go on a vacation together, so I had taken her with me to Hawaii for a week, and she enjoyed it like crazy! We arrived yesterday, so it was all still completely new to us. Now you’re probably wondering where Riley’s dad is, well he left, when I told him I was pregnant, he said he wanted nothing to do with me or Riley, I was so pissed, but today I’m really happy he left! He was a jerk anyway…
I got out of bed as well and went into the bathroom, where Riley had placed my black bikini on the counter. I shook my head and quickly undressed myself.
After showering I got on my bikini and pulled my – still wet – hair up in a messy bun.
“Riley, baby, are you ready?” I asked Riley as I walked into the small living room, where she was sleeping. Riley looked up from her iPad and nodded, then she locked the iPad and walked over to me.
“I’m hungry mommy” Riley complained as we made our way downstairs. I grabbed her hand and made her go with me into the small eating area, we both something to eat, then afterwards I rubbed sunscreen all over Riley’s body and put of her wings so that she wouldn’t drown in the water.
Yesterday Riley had already made a friend, his name was William, and he was really sweet, I hadn’t gotten the chance to meet his parents yet, but I was sure I would today.  
After rubbing sunscreen on myself I laid down on the chair and closed my eyes, until something interrupted me.
“Sorry, is there anything sitting beside you?” a handsome man asked me as he smiled down at me, I shook my head and smiled at him.
“No, feel free to lay down” I flirtatiously told him, the guy sweetly smiled and placed his towel on the chair, then he laid down and closed his eyes.
“MOMMY!” Riley suddenly screamed, I sat up and looked around to find her, only to see her trying the waterslide.
“Be careful baby girl!” I yelled back to her, Riley smiled widely and nodded, then she sled down and landed safely in the water.
“Is that your daughter?” the guy beside me asked as he sat up, I looked over at him and nodded.
“Yeah, her name is Riley” I told him, the guy smiled and looked at Riley and the boy beside her.
“That’s my son, William” the told me, I furrowed my eyebrows and smiled.
“Really, where is his mom?” I asked him, the guy looked down and took a deep breath.
“She died after giving birth to him” he quietly said, I awed and placed my hand on his knee.
“I’m so sorry, it must have been hard to raise him on your own” I told him, the guy nodded and placed his hand on my hand, immediately butterflies started flying around in my stomach.
“What about Riley’s father, where is he?” the guys asked, “Oh and by the way, my name is Justin” he continued, I giggled and bit down in my lip.
“I’m Y/N, and Riley doesn’t have a father, he didn’t want anything to do with Riley or me, after I told him I was pregnant” I told Justin, Justin rolled his eyes and squeezed my hand.
“Well, then we both know, how it is to raise a child on our own” he chuckled, I nodded and chuckled, too.
“Listen Y/N, would you and Riley be interested in eating dinner with William and I tonight?” Justin suddenly asked, I smiled widely and nodded my head.
“We would love to” I told him, Justin smiled, then Riley and William got up from the water and ran over to us.
“Mommy, can I please have an ice cream?” Riley asked me as she pouted and looked at me with her big, brown eyes. I sighed and looked over at Justin, who had just gotten the same question from William.
“But sweetie, it’s only 11am” I told Riley, “You have just eaten breakfast” I told her, Riley pouted even more and stamped on the ground.
“I don’t like you mommy” she said, then she turned around and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Come on sweetie, we’ll get an ice cream later today, but not right now” I told Riley, that caused her to turn around and looked at me.
“You promise?” she asked me, I nodded and sighed, then suddenly Riley had her arms around my neck hugging me.  


After spending a whole day at the pool, Justin and I separated to different rooms with our kids to get ready for dinner, I couldn’t help but feel really excited, I hadn’t been this excited for a long time.
After showering and doing my hair and makeup, I made sure Riley got ready before I got into my clothes. I had given Riley permission to way her favorite dress tonight, which she was overly excited for.

I myself was going to wear a white, lace splicing short sleeve romper with a pair of brown sandals.

After getting ready we went downstairs to the lobby, where we were supposed to meet Justin and William, they were already down there as we got down there. Justin was wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts with a button up shirt in white, he looked hella good! William was wearing a pair of jean short, a t-shirt and a pullover, so that would mean Justin was a protective father.

“Hey” I greeted as we made it over to them, Riley and William said hello as Justin and I did. Justin kissed my cheek and told me how beautiful I looked, which of course made me blush like crazy, I had no idea on why Justin had so much power over me!
“So Y/N, were do you and Riley live?” Justin asked as we sat down at a restaurant nearby the hotel.
“We live in LA” I told him, Justin’s eyes got wide, and a big smile crept onto his lips.
“So do we, how come we never have seen each other before?” he asked, I chuckled and looked at him in disbelief.
“Whoa, that’s crazy” I told him, then our food arrived and we started eating.
After spending our whole night at the restaurant - where we had been sitting with each of our kids on our lap as they had fallen asleep -  we decided to leave, Justin was being a gentleman by paying the bill, even though I had told him not to.
We arrived at the hotel, and Justin followed me up to my room with William in his arms.
I stopped in front of my door and turned around to look at Justin.
“I had fun tonight” I truthfully told Justin, Justin nodded and told me he had also had fun.
“Wanna do it tomorrow again?” he asked me, I nodded and happily sighed.
“Great, then I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful” Justin said, then unexpectedly he kissed my lips, but of course I didn’t mind, I had craved this feeling all night!


After going back to LA, Justin and I started seeing each more and more, and after our 6th date he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I of course said yes to.
Now we were living together in a beautiful house near by the beach, and every year we would go to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary with our kids, I had adopted William, and Justin had adopted Riley, so now we were one big, happy family.  


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