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142. Imagine to @Biebersboob!

Imagine to @Biebersboob
“Look baby” Justin eagerly said as he walked into the living room. He had been spending the afternoon with the guys, so he just got home.
I pressed the “mute” button on the remote and looked at him. I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw him standing on some kind of weird skateboard.
“What’s that?” I asked him as I stood up. I wrapped my warm cardigan tighter around my body and walked over to him.
“It’s a Segboard, kinda like a Segway, just without the handle” he explained, he gently leaned his toes forward and drove over to me.
“Isn’t it cool?” he asked me, I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Boy, you are crazy” I told him as I shook my head. Justin got off the board and came over to me.
“How have you been feeling today?” he asked me as he grabbed my face. I had been sick the past few days, so I was wearing very warm clothing, a black sweaterdress, a black/white/grey cardigan, a pair of tights and a black scarf. I was barely wearing ant makeup, and my hair was just in a ponytail.

“I’m feeling a little better” I told him, Justin smiled and pecked my cheek.
“Then you gotta try this board” he said, then he grabbed my hands and dragged me over to the board, even though I tried to stop him.
“I’m not trying that thing!” I told him seriously, “I can’t even drive the Segway, how am I supposed to drive this one?” I asked him. Justin smirked and pecked my cheek once again.
“Some people say it’s easier to drive without the handle, so I’m sure you can do it” he told me, he started pouting, and of course he was the master of puppy dog eyes, which I can’t stand at all! THEYR’E TOO CUTE!
“Okay, I’ll try it” I told him as I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly. Justin did a little dance and grabbed my hands. He made me stand on one side of the board, then he stood across me and held my hands tight.
“Since you’re a righty, you have to put your right foot onto the board first” he explained, I hesitantly placed my right foot on the board,
“Okay, now quickly put your other foot on the board” he explained, and I did, what he said.
“OMG” I squealed as the board started moving. I grabbed Justin’s hands tightly and tightened my whole body.
“It’s okay baby, just relax, I got you” Justin said, I shivered of the coldness in the house and did, what he told me.
“Now try to gently tilt your toes just a little bit” he told me, I furrowed an eyebrow and did, what he told me to do.
The board started moving again, and by accident I let go off Justin’s hands ad fell right onto my butt.
I laughed and covered my red head in embarrassment.
“OMG” I laughed, Justin bended down in front of me and removed my hands from my face.
“You did great baby, it just takes a few minutes to learn” he told me, then he helped me up and made me stand on the board again.

A few minutes – and a few falls – later I was actually getting pretty good at driving the board, I still needed Justin’s help to get up, but otherwise I could drive around the house.
“This board is cool!” I told Justin as I made it into the living room again. Justin had his phone in his hands, and he was filming me.
“You’re so good baby!” he yelled as he followed me around the house with his phone.
“This is so cool, Justin” I told him as I got down from the board. I turned off the board and went over to him. Justin opened his arms and invited me in for a nice and warm hug.
“I thought you would say something like that, so I bought a board for you, too” he told me. I slightly pulled away from him and looked up at him.
“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head and pecked my forehead.
“Yeah, it’s in the car” he told me, then he pulled his car keys out of his pocket and handed them to me.
I ran outside and unlocked his car, then I opened the trunk and took out a big box with the board inside of it.
I slowly carried the board inside and sat down on the ground.
I used Justin’s keys to open the box, then I opened it, only to reveal a purple board, my favorite color.
“OMG, baby it’s beautiful” I told Justin as I looked up at him, once again he was filming me!
I sternly looked at him and crossed my arms.
“Why are you always filming me?” I asked me as I pouted. Justin ended the video and sat down beside me.
“Because you’re so damn cute” he told me as he pinched my cheek. I slapped his hand away and caressed my cheek.
“See, you are cute” he told me, then he pecked him cheek. I coughed and shook my head.
“I’m not!” I told him, then I stood up and turned on the board. I drove into the kitchen to make myself some tea, my throat was starting to hurt again, so I wanted to warm it up.  
“What do you wanna do tonight?” Justin asked me as he drove into the kitchen as well.
“Can we just watch a movie and cuddle? I’m still not feeling that good” I told him, Justin nodded his head and grabbed one of my hands.
“You’re definitely not feeling good, your hands are like ice!” he told me, “You’re used to have really warm and nice hands” he told him, I rolled my eyes and grabbed a mug from the cabinet.  
“Do you want a cup of tea, too?” I asked Justin. Justin nodded his head and got down from his board.
He grabbed both mine and his and carried them out to the hall, then he came back into the kitchen just as I finished making the tea.
I handed Justin his mug, then we went into the living room and sat down on the couch.
I took a sip of the tea, then I placed it on the coffee table.
“Look baby, you rock the board” Justin told me as he showed me one of his videos of me on his phone.
I laughed at myself, because I looked so concentrated, I even had a bit of my tongue sticking out.
“Did I really look like that?” I asked him as I continued to laugh.
“Yeah, but you look cute” he told me, then finally he placed his lips on mine, even though I was sick, but Justin didn’t care! He always told me he would die if he didn’t get to kiss my lips, and he had never actually gotten sick by kissing my lips, which I think is a little weird?
“What movie do you wanna watch?” Justin then asked me. He grabbed the remote and “unmuted” the TV. I shrugged my shoulders and cuddled into his side.
“I don’t care, I just want you here by my side” I told him as I stuck out my tongue. Justin grabbed my tongue with his fingers and held it, which made me panic. He sure wasn’t afraid of bacteria’s.
“Don’t e so cheesy baby” he told me, then he let go off my tongue and kissed my lips, but this time he deepened the kiss and swiped his tongue across my lips to ask for entrance, which I gladly gave him. Justin somehow got me down on the couch and hovered over me.
“I love you” he mumbled against my lips, then he kissed me even harder, if that was even possible!
“I love you, too” I told him as we pulled away from each other.
“Your lips tastes like tea” Justin cheekily said, I dryly laughed and rubbed my nose against his.
“Yours does, too” I told him as I sat up again, then Justin started some random movie, but truthfully we didn’t even watch it, because we were too busy making out, which result in Justin being really sick the next day!   


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