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112. Imagine to @Biebergiggles!

Imagine to @Biebergiggles
I groaned as Justin and I finished our fourth movie today. It was around 5pm now, and all we had done all day was walk from upstairs to downstairs to sit down on the couch and watch some movies.
But now that we had just finished our fourth movie, I decided it was time for us to get some other food than the candy we had had today.
“Hey, where are you going?” Justin asked me as he stretched. I smiled and bended down over him.
“I want something to eat, what about you?” I asked him, and then I placed a peck on his lips and stood up again.
“I’m on” he said, then he got up and stood in front of me with his back turned against me.
“Jump” he said, and then he helped me jump onto his back to give me a piggyback ride to the kitchen.
Even though we had just had a lazy day today, I had showered and got into something else than my underwear.
I was wearing a pair of Justin’s black sweatpants, my favorite top that said “Iced coffee, messy bun, sunglasses sandy toes”. Because I’m one of those girls, and I love it.

I was also wearing a pair of thick socks, because I didn’t want me feet’s to get cold.
I was also wearing no makeup, and my hair was just in a messy bun, so as you can tell, I was feeling the laziness.
We made it into the kitchen, but before Justin could place me on the ground, I turned his head and pecked his lips.
“Love you” I sweetly said, then I jumped down from his back and walked over to the sink to wash my hands.
“What would you like to eat?” Justin asked me, I dried my hands and turned around to look at him.
“Spaghetti?” I asked him with a smirk, Justin nodded and smirked back, and then he walked over to me and placed his hands on my hips. He leaned down and kissed my lips, then he picked me up and placed me on the counter.
“Stay there, I’mma make the spaghetti,” he said, and then he turned around and found a pot and poured some water into it. He found the spaghetti as the water started boiling, then after a little while he poured the spaghetti into the pot.

A few minutes later the spaghetti was done. Justin poured some onto two plates, and then he went into the living room and placed the plates on the coffee table. He came back into the kitchen and picked me up, and then he went into the living room with me.
“Justin, I can walk, too, remember?” I asked Justin as I giggled, Justin shook his head and placed me on the couch again.
“Nope, my little baby can’t walk on her own” he said in a baby voice, then he sat down beside me and opened his laptop.
“Wanna do something funny?” he asked me, I took some of the spaghetti into my mouth and started chewing as I nodded.
Justin smirked and logged into Twitter, then he also opened a few fan and typed www.twitcam.livestream.com and started a live stream.
Then he went back onto twitter and pasted the link from the live stream.
“Guys, Y/N and I are making a live stream, so be sure to turn in, NOW!” he typed, and then he sent it and leaned back into the couch. He grabbed his laptop and opened the live stream again.
“You’re crazy Bieber” I told Justin, and then I continued to eat my food as Justin looked into the webcam on his laptop.
“Baby, there’s already 28.164 viewers” Justin chuckled, I raised an eyebrow and leaned back into the couch, too.
“Hey guys” Justin chuckled; I rolled my eyes and waved at the camera.
“Hey” I said, too. Justin placed the laptop on the coffee table again, and then he took his fork and grabbed some of the spaghetti with it.
“Okay guys, so Y/N and I are having a lazy day, and we’ve run out of things to do, so I thought we could let you guys give us dares, and then we’ll do them, would you like that?” Justin asked the viewers, suddenly thousands of replies popped onto the computer.
“Okay, but now yet, because we just started eating spaghetti, and I’m really hungry” Justin told the viewers, and then he leaned back into the couch and ate his spaghetti.  
“Justin you’re crazy” I chuckled as I looked at some of the comments from the viewers.
Dares like “throw your shirt” or “Y/N give Justin a lap dance” were all over the screen. I hid my face in Justin’s chest and started blushing this was so embarrassing.
I never thought I would agree to this, but I did, and now I totally regretted it.
Finally we finished our spaghetti and Justin grabbed his laptop as I went into the kitchen to place the plates in the dishwasher.
“Okay baby, I think you should do that one” Justin smirked as he pointed at a dare that said “Y/N, I dare you to take off your shirt”. I opened my eyes widely and looked down at Justin.
“Wouldn’t you get a little jealous if guys were watching this, too, so they would see me without a shirt?” I asked Justin as I smirked, Justin gulped and looked at the screen again.
“Okay, so Y/N/N is not going to take off her shirt, or other things on her body” Justin told the viewers. I chuckled and sat down beside Justin.
“Justin take your wallet and count the one-dollar bills you have. For every dollar Y/N has to kiss you anywhere you want” one of the dares read. I scratched the back of my head and started blushing.
“Okay, we’re doing this one” Justin smirked, and then he stood up and went upstairs to find his wallet.
“Guys, can we make a deal? Wouldn’t it be fun to prank Justin by giving him the dirty dares, and for me it’s just the normal ones?” I asked the viewers, immediately a bunch of “Yes” and “OMG” were filling the screen, I smirked and gave them thumbs up, and then Justin came downstairs.
“Okay, so there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 one-dollar bills in my wallet, and baby I wanted you to give me the 14 kissed in my face and on my neck” Justin smirked, I rolled my eyes and did 7 of the kisses on his lips, and then rest I used on his neck to give him hickeys.
“Oh god” Justin moaned, he quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it on his crotch, and then he took a deep breath and looked at the screen.
“Uh, I got one” I told Justin, and then I stood up and ran into the kitchen to find some whipped cream. I went back into the living room.
“Justin eat whipped cream of Y/N’s chest” I read out loud, Justin chuckled and smirked.
“Oh, come to me my babies” he said as he referred to my boobs.  I pulled down my shirt a little bit, then Justin sprayed the whipped cream on my boobs, and slowly and seductively he licked it off leaving a couple of hickeys on the way.
After a few more dares Justin and I came across this really sweet one.
“Aww Justin, we gotta do that one” I awed; Justin nodded his head and moved the laptop down to the floor.
“Okay, so I’m gonna do 100 push-ups, and each time I have to kiss Y/N on the lips” Justin explained.
Justin helped me lay down, and then he got on top of me and made sure the viewers could see us.
“Okay, one” I counted, and then Justin did a push-up and kissed my lips.
“Two..” I said, and Justin kissed my lips once again.
97 push-ups later Justin made it to the last one, he was slightly sweaty, but he was so cute.
“One hundred” I said, then Justin kissed my lips again, but this time it turned into a make-out session, and we both completely forgot about the live stream, until suddenly my phone went off, and we got back to reality.
“Oh, sorry guys, we got caught up in the moment” Justin told the viewers. Comments like “Aww, you guys are the cutest” or “COUPLE GOALS” filled the commenting section.
“Okay guys, we better go now, we both love you, and we promise to make another live stream soon” Justin told the viewers, and then he turned off the webcam and closed the page.
“I love you” Justin whispered, and then he leaned down over me again and started making out with me.
“Baby, I better check whom texted me” I told Justin as I pulled away, Justin nodded his head, so I found my phone in my pocket and unlocked it.
“Oh, it’s your mom” I told Justin, and then I opened the text and chuckled.
“Your mom wants us to come over for dinner tonight, and she watched our live stream, and she has something to talk to us about” I chuckled, Justin chuckled, too and got off me.
“Well be prepared, because mom is going to give us the talk about being a parent in a young age” Justin chuckled, then he helped me up, and together we walked upstairs to shower and get ready. And surprisingly enough we made it just in time considered that we showered together and had a little fun, because we had both gotten sexually frustrated from the dares.   


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