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133. Imagine to @Bieber_Kidrauhl!

Imagine to @Bieber_Kidrauhl
Justin and I had now been married for months, and I still managed to fall in love him with more each and every day!
Today Justin and I would be babysitting Jazmyn, and I was really excited, because honestly I was ready to have kids, I just didn’t know about Justin.
I mean Justin is 21, and I’m 20, so now would be the perfect time to have kids, both so we wouldn’t be oldies, when they grow up, and then because I just always wanted children after I finished my education.
Last year I finished my education, so I was now officially a fashion inspire (I you can say that?).
I was getting ready, and today I thought I would wear a completely normal, black T-shirt dress, a khaki long sleeve cardigan, a pair of black see-through tights and pair of white Stan Smith shoes.
My makeup was the usual, and my hair was in a ponytail with a small twist of a braid.

“Baby, are you ready to leave?” Justin yelled from downstairs, I sighed to myself and took on my favorite ring that Justin had given me.
“Yeah, I’ll be down in a second” I told him, then I went into our bedroom and grabbed my Prada bag, then I unplugged my phone from the charger and put it in my back.
I made sure all my stuff was in the bag, then I went downstairs and greeted Justin with a kiss.
“You look amazing, baby” Justin mumbled against my lips, I smiled and pecked his lips again.
“You don’t look bad yourself” I smirked as I looked him up and down.
“All because of you” he smirked, then he pecked my cheek and grabbed my hand.
“What do you want to do with Jazmyn today?” I asked Justin, Justin shrugged his shoulders and locked the door behind us as we made our way outside and over to the car.
“How about we go to the park, then we can get some ice cream and so on” he shrugged, I nodded my head and got inside the car.

After picking up Jazmyn we drove to the park, Jazmyn was so excited and happy, mostly because we hadn’t seen her for a really long time, since she normally lived in Canada.
“Jussy, where are we going?” Jazmyn asked Justin, Justin looked at her in the rear-view mirror and smiled at her.
“How about we go to the park and get some ice cream?” he asked her, Jazmyn nodded her head eagerly and started humming lightly.
“Good, then that’s what we’re doing” he told her, then he drove towards the park as we sang along to the songs on the radio.

“What ice cream flavor would you like, Jazzy?” Justin asked as he picked her up. He was so cute with kids; it was like my ovaries were hurting (Laughing!). I was so ready to become a mom.
“Can I please have Chocolate ice cream, Jussy?” Jazmyn sweetly asked, Justin nodded his head, then he went in line and ordered the ice cream for us, he already knew I wanted cotton candy ice cream, so no problem there…
Jazmyn said opposite of Justin and I, and she was so into eating her ice that she wouldn’t even acknowledge that we would leave or something!
“Don’t you just think kids are cute?” Justin suddenly whispered in my ear as I admired Jazmyn.
“Yeah” I mumbled.
“I can’t wait for us to have kids” he mumbled against my shoulder, I looked down at him and smiled.
“You want kids?” I asked him as my eyes got wide and a smile formed on my lips.
“Yeah, don’t you?” he asked, he sounded a little disappointed?
“Of course” I told him, which made him smile widely.
“When would you like to have kids?” he asked me as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, Jazmyn was still so into her eyes, so I looked up at Justin and bit down in my lip.
“How about we try tonight?” I asked him as I placed a kiss on his neck.
“I would like that” he told me, then he pecked my lips and looked at Jazmyn as I took another “bite” of my ice cream.
“Jazmyn, are you ready to leave soon?” he asked her, then suddenly she turned her attention towards us.
“What?” she asked as she smiled widely, she had chocolate ice all over her mouth.
“Are you ready to leave soon, then we can go home and maybe watch a movie?” he asked her, Jazmyn nodded her head and smiled.
“Yeah, can we please watch The Little Mermaid?” she asked him, Justin nodded his head and looked at me.
“Are you ready to go, baby?” he asked me, I nodded my head, then we stood up, and I grabbed Jazmyn.
She wrapped her small legs around my waist and hugged me tight.
“Can you and Justin get kids soon, I want to be an aunt?” she whispered into my ear. My eyes got wide, and a big smile formed on my face.  
“You do?” I asked her, Jazmyn nodded her head and smiled widely.
“Jaxon is getting too big, it’s not funny anymore” she told me, I chuckled and nuzzled my nose into her cheek.
“Aww, you’re so cute” I told her, then I carried her out to the car. The weather had suddenly changed, this morning the sun was shining brightly, and now the sky was completely dark, and it seemed like it was going to start raining really soon.
“Y/N, do you think it will start thundering soon?” Jazmyn mumbled in my neck, I shrugged my shoulders and looked at the dark sky.
“If so, then Justin and I are right here, and we will make sure you’re completely safe” I told her, then Justin opened the door into the backseat, where I placed Jazmyn and buckled her seatbelt.
“You two are so cute! I can’t help but imagine you with our kids” Justin told me as we closed the door into the backseat.
“Jazmyn wants to be an aunt” I told him, Justin chuckled and pecked my cheek.
“Well, another reason to get started” he smirked, then we both got inside the car and drove to our house.

Jazmyn and Justin had gone down to the movie theatre to find the little mermaid as I made popcorns and found all kinds of sweet that we could eat throughout the movie.
Then I went downstairs and sat down beside Justin. Jazmyn was laying down on a “couple’s seat” with a blanket wrapped tightly around her, she looked so cute.
“Here Sweetie” I told her as I handed her a small bowl with popcorn and a small bowl with candy. Jazmyn smiled and ate a popcorn, then she turned back to the movie that was playing.
I cuddled closer into Justin and placed my head on his chest.
“I love you” he suddenly said as he pecked the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled, then I puckered my lips and waited for him to kiss them.
“I love you, too” I mumbled against his lips, while we were kissing.
Afterwards Justin wrapped a blanket around us and intertwined our fingers as we kind of watched the movie, even though we had both seen it a bunch of times with Jazmyn before.
“Wanna start trying tonight?” Justin whispered in my ear, I giggled and hid my face in his chest, sex was still an awkward topic for me, even though Justin and I had had it a bunch of times before ;)
“Yeah, we can do that” I told him, then I pecked his clothed chest and fell asleep afterwards.

I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell, both Justin and Jazmyn had fallen asleep, and it didn’t seem like they had heard the doorbell, so I unwrapped the blanket and got up, then I went upstairs to open the front door.
“Hey Y/N” Jeremy greeted as I opened the door, I rubbed my eyes and smiled at him.
“Hey Jeremy” I said, then I told him to come inside.
“Has she been behaving?” he asked as we went inside, I nodded my head and pulled back my hair.
“Yeah, her and Justin are downstairs in the movie theatre, sleeping” I told him, then I started walking downstairs.
“Looks like you have been sleeping, too” Jeremy teased, I chuckled and nodded my head.
“Yeah, I can’t deny that” I told him, then we made it downstairs, and we got met by the cutest view, Jazmyn had been movie around, so she was currently laying on top of Justin with her feet in his head.
Jeremy shook his head and picked her up without waking her, but apparently Justin woke up. He immediately said up and looked around confusingly, he rubbed his eyes and yawned.
“Good morning sleepyhead” I smiled, I bended down over him and pecked his lips.
Justin chuckled and stood up.
“What times is it?” he asked, I shrugged my shoulders and took my hand into Justin’s pocket. I found his phone and checked time.
“7.30pm” I told him, Justin’s eyes got wide, and he started rubbing his neck.
“Whoa, I must have been tired” he said, I nodded my head and looked at Jeremy.
“We all were, right Jeremy?” I asked Jeremy, Jeremy nodded his head as he rocked back and forth.
“Yeah, I caught you guys” he winked, then he turned around and started walking upstairs.
“Thank you for babysitting her, it means a lot” he told us as we made it to the front door. Jeremy opened the door, and Justin wrapped his arms around me from behind.
“It was a pleasure” I told him, then they got in the car and slowly started driving away.
“Finally some alone time” Justin smirked after he had closed the door, he then pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck.
“You’re so stupid, Bieber” I told him as I closed my eyes.
“I now, but only for you” he said, then he picked me up and went upstairs to our bedroom.

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