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166. Imagine to @Belieber_until_death!

Imagine to @Belieber_until_death 
"Come on Justin, it'll be fun" I whined as I crawled on top of Justin. Justin groaned and shook his head. 
"I'm not going shopping with you!" he groaned. I scoffed and placed my hands on his bare chest. 
We were still in bed, even though it was already past 11 am, which was really late for me because I'm used to getting up early to do stuff. 
"Please" I begged, but Justin shook his head and grabbed my hands. 
"We'll go into Victoria Secret, and I'll let you pick a new set of lingerie?" I suggested. Justin scowled and scoffed, but eventually he gave in. 
"Fine! But then you better do that thing I like tonight" he said as he smirked. 
"Deal," I told him. I bit down in my lip and leaned down over him, then softly I placed my lips on his, but our lips didn't quite touch because before they could I pulled away. 
"I'mma go get ready," I told him with a smirk, then I got out of bed and ran into the bathroom. 
"Oh, come on!" I heard Justin complain as the sound of two hands that got slammed down into the bed was heard. 
I giggled and stripped out of my clothes, then I went into the shower and cleaned, shaved and rinsed myself, afterwards, I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. 
I walked over to the door and opened it, but before stepping out, I decided to stare at Justin, who was currently lying on his stomach with his head buried in his pillow. 
I must have caught Justin's attention because a few seconds later he turned his head to the right and looked at me. 
"It's not nice to stare," he told me. I smirked to myself and shrugged my shoulders. 
"Am I not allowed to look at my overly gorgeous and sexy boyfriend?" I asked him as I put my hand over my heart. Justin let out a single laugh and rolled his eyes. 
"You're so weird," he told me, which made me wriggle my eyebrows. 
"I know, but you love it" I confidently told him. Justin sighed and nodded his head. 
"Sadly" he sighed, yet a smirk was still plastered on his face. 
I scoffed, then I turned around and walked over to our other door in our bedroom, the door that let me into our amazing walk-in closet. 
I found a matching set of underwear in black, then for the actual outfit, I decided to go with a cute skirt in black along with a white, blue, pink and black patterned crop top that I paired with a denim jacket and a pair of black, matte slip on's.  

I went back into the bedroom and found the bed empty, which meant Justin had gone into the bathroom to shower. 
I went into the bathroom and did my makeup and hair, nothing special just the normal makeup look and a simple, messy ponytail. 
About 30 minutes later Justin and I were ready to leave. 
Justin was wearing a pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt and a Bordeaux and black jacket and to top of the outfit, he wore a pair of white slip on's and a fedora in brown, he really looked amazing, nothing like other outfits I was used to seeing him in. 

"Uh, who are you going to impress?" I asked him as I took a bite of my granola bar. 
"Am I not allowed to look good for my girlfriend?" Justin asked as he pretended to be me earlier. I rolled my eyes and smiled a little. 
"I love you," I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Justin placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer. 
"And I love you," he told me, then he pulled me into a passionate kiss. 
"Mhh, peppermint" I moaned as we pulled apart. Justin nodded his head and pecked my lips once again. 
"Exactly," he told me, then he unwrapped my arms and grabbed my hand. He intertwined our fingers and pulled me over to the front door. "And by the way, you look amazing yourself," he told me, then he pecked my cheek and lightly pushed me out of the door so that he could lock it behind us. 
After a few hours of shopping and getting lunch we finally decided to take a look in Victoria Secret. Immediately as we made it inside the store Justin bit down in his lip as he looked around. I rolled my eyes and went over to the regular bras and panties while Justin went over to the lingerie section to choose a new set of lingerie for me. 
I didn't really find much, but I did find a few things, and luckily I knew my size and everything, so I just went over to Justin to see what he had found. 
"Do you find something?" I asked him as I saw him looking closely at a body suit. 
"Not quite, but I think I just found something," he told me as he smirked. He found my size and handed it to me with a big smile on his face. 
I sighed and nodded my head, then I went over to the changing rooms and found an available room. 
I handed Justin all my bras and panties and then I closed the door into the room. 
I undressed and put on the bodysuit, it's funny, normally Justin would always pick a set with a bra and panties, but he must have changed because this covered a lot more than other lingerie sets that he had chosen for me throughout time. 

After putting it on I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled of the result, it actually didn't look bad. 

"Babe, are you done soon?" Justin asked. I took a deep breath and opened the door into the changing room. I looked around and when I saw no one around I pulled Justin into the room and closed the door behind him. Justin gulped and studied my body closely. 
"Woaw" he mumbled, which made me smile slightly, "I have a sexy girlfriend! I mean I already knew that, but woaw, you look amazing and sexy as hell!" he complimented. I smiled widely and looked at myself in the mirror once again. 
"Your style changed," I told him. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hips from behind, then he turned me around and tightened his grip. 
"Yeah, and it's only because I have such a sexy girlfriend that once accidently called me daddy once," he told me, which made me blush like crazy! "I knew it was one of my kinks, but it's even sexier when it's you that is calling me it because you're the only one for me" he whispered against my lips. My breath hitched as Justin's left hand ran up my side and down again. Finally, Justin placed his lips on mine. I was greedy and really, really horny, so I deepened the kiss and asked Justin for permission to slip my tongue into his mouth, which he gladly granted. I quietly moaned as our tongues started fighting for dominance, which Justin of course won! Justin moved his kisses down to my neck that I exposed even more for him to have more access. 
"Miss, are you okay? You have been in there for a while?" someone suddenly said, which made me push Justin away from me in an instant. 
"Ye-yeah" I stuttered, "I just need to find the perfect outfit to wear for my boyfriend and I's first time," I told her, which was a total lie! Justin and I had had sex a lot, but that sure didn't make me a hoe! 
"Okay, just tell me if you need help," she told me. I thanked her, and then I heard her walk away.
I looked over at Justin and saw him smirking. 
"Out first time, huh?" he asked me, which made me roll my eyes. 
"Just get out, I need to change," I told him. I opened the door and looked to see if anyone was around, and when I saw no one I pushed Justin out of the room. 
To this day Justin and I still laugh about our little incident in the store, mostly the fact that I had pushed Justin out of the room with a huge boner that was noticeable for everyone, and when we paid the shop assistant looked at him weirdly, which made him really embarrassed, but I just laughed at him, which I definitely paid for as soon as we got home, but I didn't regret it one bit!  


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