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121. Imagine to @Belieber_004! Wattpad follower!

I would recoment reading this imagine on your computer or on safari on your phone, since there's a video in it ;*

Imagine to @belieber_004
Everything had been falling apart lately. Justin and I barely saw each other anymore, because he had to finish his album before November.
Justin knew he was the only one keeping me on track. Before I met him I had was caught in a really bad depression, and I was cutting, more than I should, I shouldn’t even be doing it!
But as I met down I cut down on it and started to get better, but lately had been so hard! I had no job, so I used all of my time at home doing absolutely nothing, and of course I had nothing better to do than scroll through Twitter and Instagram, only to read all those hate comments I would get. A few months ago the comments wouldn’t have hurt me as much as they do now. But now that Justin and I only see each other in the mornings, it doesn’t really help me…
Currently I was sitting in Justin and I’s bedroom. I was ready to go to bed, since the clock had passed 12am…
I would have gone to bed hours ago, if it wasn’t because Justin had texted me saying that he would be home by 9pm tonight, which he of course wasn’t.
I was slowly scrolling through twitter as tears were running down my cheeks.
“Why would Justin even stay with you? You’re just a pathetic loser with no friends and soon no boyfriend!” someone had commented, that tweet really hit me, because she was right. I had no friends, and soon I didn’t have a boyfriend, because soon Justin would leave me, because I wasn’t attractive or thin, at all!
I couldn’t bare the aching in my heart, so I quickly got out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I got down on my knees in front of my little box with pads, I always had a blade in case of emergency, like this. Justin didn’t know, and I wanted it to stay like this!
“This is for being a fat loser” I mumbled to myself as I sled the blade across my skin on my arm.
“This is for being pathetic!” I mumbled once again as I made an even deeper cut on my arm.
“This is for thinking Justin loves you” I continued, this time I cut even deeper. I went on and on until I was too dizzy. My eyes were slowly closing, and suddenly I had no control over my body, and the last thing I heard was Justin yelling my name…


∞ Justin’s POV ∞
I had just gotten home from a long and stressful day, I was finally making the last touches on my album, and all I wanted to do was celebrating with Y/N, but I already knew she would be sleeping.
Lately I had just been so busy, I wanted to make this album perfect, for her.
She was the reason I even had an album to make. I had so many things I wanted to tell her, I just couldn’t seem to get them out of my mouth, so I had written her a ton of songs, they just weren’t perfect enough. Y/N deserved the world, she had been through so much in her really short life, so I wanted to give her all the good things.
After kicking off my shoes and taking my jacket off I went upstairs and into the bedroom, only to see an empty bed. I immediately got scared, what if she had left me? But I let go off my breath as I realized the light in the bathroom was turned on. I went over to the door and placed my ear on the door.
“This is for thinking Justin loves you” I heard her mumble to herself. Immediately my eyes got wide, and I hurried to open the door, or at least I thought so! Y/N had locked the door, so I wouldn’t come into the bathroom and see her!
I started knocking on the door, but the only thing I heard was her mumbling harsh things to herself.
But suddenly she didn’t say anything, the worriedness had taken over my body, so I kicked up the door and ran into the bathroom only to realize Y/N had passed out on the floor with a blade in her hand.
“Y/N!” I screamed, I hurried over to her and picked her up. I placed her on our bed and as fast as I could I found some bandage to wrap around her cuts.
After wrapping them tightly around her arm I picked her up again and ran downstairs. I had no trouble in carrying Y/N around, she was so thin, it was directly sick! But Y/N had always thought she was fat, it was like every time she would look at herself in the mirror, she would see this bigger girl, that didn’t look like her at all. Some part of me had always thought she had anorexia.
I got my shoes on and grabbed my car keys, then I ran out to the car after locking the door and gently laid Y/N down on the backseat.
I hurried over to my side and got in, then I drove to the hospital as fast as I could.
Tears were streaming down my cheeks, Y/N’s heart was barely beating, I couldn’t bare loosing her, she was the most important person in my life! I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.


I finally arrived at the hospital, so I got out and carefully grabbed Y/N. I carried her inside and went over to the front desk.
“I need a doctor or a nurse right away, my girlfriend cut too deep, and now she’s barely breathing” I told the lady as I panicked, more tears were streaming down my cheeks, she couldn’t die on me!
The lady immediately got a doctor over to me, he showed me to a room and made me place Y/N on the bed. I explained all the things I new to him, then he made me leave the room as more doctors and nurses ran into the room.
I sat down right outside the room and waited for the doctors to come out.
In the meantime, I called mom and told her everything that had happened. Y/N wasn’t talking to her parents, so I didn’t call them, even though I knew I should have, maybe they would have changed their minds about making her move out?
“Justin Bieber?” a doctor suddenly asked as he looked down at me, I looked up and nodded my head.
“Your girlfriend has lost a lot of blood, and we had to put her in a coma, we don’t know if she will make it, I’m sorry” he said, I grabbed my hair and pulled it harshly.
This was all my fault, if I just had been there with her this wouldn’t have happened! She would have been perfectly fine, right in my arms….


It’s been 2 weeks since Y/N passed out, and she still hadn’t shown any signs on her waking up. The more time that went by, the more hope I lost.
I had been at the hospital day out and day in everyday the last 2 weeks.
To pass the time I had decided to bring my guitar to the hospital. I had had this amazing lyrics stuck in my head since the day of the accident, and now I was finally getting it out. Currently the song was titled “be alright”, but I still didn’t know if I should call it that…
“Across the ocean, across the sea, starting to forget the way you look at me now” I quietly sang to myself as I played the guitar, I hadn’t sung it out loud before, but suddenly Y/N’s heart monitor started beeping.



I got so surprised, so I hurried to look at the screen, Y/N’s heart had slowly started beating. I gasped and called a doctor into the room.
“She- her heart is beating!” I told the doctor as he came into the room. He smiled widely and went over to Y/N and placed 2 fingers on Y/N’s neck to check her pulse.
“Did you do anything specific?” he asked me as he wrote something on his clipboard.
“Well, I sang my newest song?” I told him as I raised an eyebrow.
“Try do it again, and we’ll see if that’s what causing her heart to beat” the doctor said, I nodded and grabbed my guitar, then I started singing the song again, and once again Y/N’s heart started beating. I stopped playing and looked at the doctor.
“Well, looks like she might wake up soon” he said, and just like that a groan left Y/N’s mouth.
I stood up and went over to her bed, I grabbed her hand and made sure not to touch her cuts, that were slowly healing.
“Baby, can you hear me?” I asked her as I brought my face closer to hers.
Y/N groaned once again and afterwards she winched in pain as she grabbed her own arm.
“Shh baby, it’s okay! You’re going to be okay” I whispered against her lips, then I connected our lips, and slowly Y/N grabbed my face and started kissing me back.
I few seconds later I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were open now.
“Justin, what’s going on?” she asked as she looked around, I took a deep breath and kissed her cheek.
“You’ve been in a coma for 2 weeks” I told her as happy tears ran down my cheeks, my baby was finally awake!
“You were cutting baby, and you lost a lot of blood, so in order to hopefully keep you alive you got in a coma” I told her. Y/N started sobbing loudly it almost looked like everything came back to her.
“I’m so sorry! I just can’t go on like this anymore Justin! I miss you, and I know you don’t love me, so the easiest would be if you just left and let me be alone” she cried, tears started streaming down my cheeks, how could she think like that?
“No, no baby! Don’t ever say that! I love you with all my heart, and I’m so sorry for not showing you! I was too busy making this album perfect, for you. All the songs on the album is about you, without you I wouldn’t have made an album, you’re my inspiration, you’re the love of my life” I mumbled against her lips and I held her close to me.
Y/N took a shaky breath and grabbed my face in her hands.
“You mean that?” she asked me, I nodded my head and smiled as big as I could.
“I do! Don’t ever doubt that!” I told her, then finally Y/N pulled my face even closer and connected our lips in a passionate kiss.
I hadn’t even seen the doctor leave the room, because I was too busy making sure Y/N knew how much I loved her.


After we got home from the hospital Y/N got better and better. She had gotten some medicine to help her gain some weight and some antidepressants to make her feel better.
I made sure to be around her all the time, I wanted her to be with me all the time, and you may call me an overprotective boyfriend, but Y/N loved being with me. She was so happy, she felt like herself, when we were at the studio, and she got to sing.
Singing was her source, it made her feel better along with me….   


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