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146. Imagine to @BaldBieber!

Imagine to @Baldbieber
I sighed loudly as I continued to look at my phone. Justin was supposed to be home hours ago, but a few minutes ago he posted a picture with Jayde Pierce, yes, the model.
He had been hanging out with her a lot lately, and I wasn’t happy about that… The more he hung out with her, the more insecure I got.
Justin knew I had always been insecure, and he had always tried to help me gain some confidence, but it had never really worked…
I pulled my shirt further down my arms, I was suddenly cold. I locked my phone and stood up. I didn’t feel like being here anymore, so I went upstairs and got changed into a pair of black jeans, a white T-shirt and a Jacquard-knit cardigan -  for the cold season – for shoes I wore a pair of black Combat boots.
My hair was in a bun, and my makeup was almost not there, but there was a slight effect. My nails were Matte Bordeaux, and I wore a few rings and a necklace that Justin had gotten me.

I grabbed my phone, then I went downstairs and grabbed my black scarf. I grabbed my keys, then I went out of the front door and locked it behind me. I decided not to take the car, I needed to be alone so a walk was, what I needed…
I wrapped the cardigan tightly around my body and went into the wood close to our house. I sat down on a rock. My phone started vibrating, but as I saw it was Justin, I turned it off. I didn’t feel like talking to him.
I stuffed my phone into my back-pocket and stood up again. I walked further into the woods, but I made sure to stay on the rode, so I wouldn’t get lost.   

“My life is a movie, and everyone’s watching. So let’s get to the good part and past all the nonsense” I quietly sang. I hadn’t been long since Justin released his song “I’ll show you”, and at the moment it was my favorite song, mostly because it was such a slow and quiet song, just like I was at the moment, I didn’t think I had felt this sad in years…

An hour or so later I finally decided to walk home. As soon as I made it to the house, I saw Justin standing outside the house talking to the police? Why would he be talking to the police?
“Justin, what’s going on?” I asked him as I made it up to him. Justin looked at me, and his eyes got wide. He hurried over to me and hugged me tight.
“Where have you been? I thought someone had kidnapped you” he told me, I rolled my eyes and pulled away from him.
“I’m fine, I can take care of myself” I told him, then I greeted the police and went inside the house.
I went upstairs and went into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and sat down on the toilet, but I wasn’t going to pee or anything, I just didn’t want to talk to Justin.
A few minutes later I heard a car drive away, and soon after I heard Justin’s footsteps.
“Y/N, baby, please unlock the door” he said, his voice even cracked a little bit.
“Why are you suddenly so distance? This morning you were all over me and didn’t want me to leave, now you don’t even want to talk to me” he told him, I sighed and looked up at the ceiling to stop myself from crying, but it didn’t really help…
“You promised to be home at 1pm so that we could have lunch together” I mumbled. Justin groaned, I bet he was even rubbing his face, he always did that, when he was guilty.
“I’m so sorry baby, I forgot” he told me, I sarcastically chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“I bet you did, because you were too busy hanging out with Jayde, whom you have been hanging out with a lot lately” I told him as I stood up from the toilet. I went over to the door and unlocked it.
“I’m so sorry baby! She called and told me she was sad, so I went to her house, turns out she broke up with her boyfriend” he told me, but I could easily tell he was lying.
“Liar, when you have been sad and crying you would have dark circles under your eyes, and even though you have dried the tears away, you still have stained cheeks and red eyes, which Jayde clearly didn’t have on the picture you posted on Instagram” I told him, Justin closed his eyes and hit himself in the face.
“Sorry, I don’t even know, why I lied” he told me. I scoffed and walk past him. I grabbed my bag, then I went downstairs and found my car keys in my pocket. I pulled them out of my pocket and went outside to my car.
“Baby, please don’t leave” Justin said as his voice cracked once again.
“Justin, you know how insecure I am, and still you go out and hang out with all there gorgeous models that you know I can’t compete with!” I told him, more tears started streaming down my cheeks as I closed the car door and walked over to him.
“I have never been as thin as they are, and I never will! I will always have scars on my body and stretchmark’s, but that’s who I am, and I know you’re not satisfied enough, because if you were, then you wouldn’t be hanging out with them as much as you do” I told him. I grabbed my keys and took off the house-key. I grabbed Justin’s hand and placed the key in it. Then I turned around and walked over to the car, but before I could get inside, Justin came over me and grabbed me. He placed his lips on mine and started kissing me, I decided to kiss back, but only because it would be our last kiss… I pulled away from him and bit down in my lip.
“Goodbye Justin” I told him, then I got inside the car and started the engine.
Justin’s cheeks were filled with tears, but I had to leave. One thing is that he hangs out with those beautiful girls, another thing is that he could lie to me about, why he was hanging out with them. This wasn’t the first time he had lied to me about one of his model friends, and now I couldn’t handle it anymore. I had been so brave, but I couldn’t be brave anymore. I deserved to be happy, not just brave…   
I didn’t exactly have anywhere to go, so I decided to go to my parent’s house. It had been a while since I last saw them, so I decided to stop by their house.
I knocked on their door and took a step back. I looked down in the ground and whipped my tears away, but more just came running down my cheeks.
The door finally opened, so I looked up only to see my mom standing there, at first she had a huge smile on her face, but as she realized I was crying, she immediately pulled me close and held me tight.
“Oh sweetie” she mumbled as she caressed my hair.
“Mom” I cried as I held onto her shirt.
I had never been this broken… Justin was my life, but lately he hadn’t been making me happy.
“Come inside, then you can tell me, what happened” she told me. I nodded my head and went inside with her. I sat down on the couch and sobbed loudly.
Mom had went upstairs to get my dad, he probably wanted to know what happened, too.
In the meantime I turned on my phone again, but the only notifications were from Justin, he was really trying to get me back…
“Y/N” my dad loudly said as he came running down the stairs. I stood up and ran into his arms.
I had always been a “daddy’s girl”, also a “mommy’s girl”, but mostly daddy’s.
“What happened?” he asked me as he made me sit down.
“I broke up with Justin” I told him, mom gasped and sat down beside me. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight.
“Why?” dad asked. Normally my dad wouldn’t allow any guy to be my boyfriend, but Justin was a exception. The first night they met, they immediately clicked, and Justin promised to never hurt me because “he loved me with all his heart”, some bullshit!
“He made me insecure again” I told him. Dad sighed and kissed the top of my head.
“It’ll all be alright sweetie, but in the meantime you’re more than welcome to stay here” he told me. I thanked him and hugged both of them. Then I went upstairs and into my old bedroom. On purpose I left my phone downstairs, so I wouldn’t be interrupted in my sleep, but I was anyways. Because around 2am my parents came running into my room.
“Y/N, your phone was ringing, so we took it” dad said as he sat down beside me.
“Justin’s been in a car-crash, and he is now at the hospital” mom told me as she sobbed.   
I sat up and suddenly the tears started streaming down my cheeks again.
This was all my fault! I needed to get to the hospital as fast as possible! 


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