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176. Imagine to @AtlBiebur!

Imagine to @Atlbiebur 

I was a little stressed, here I was getting ready for a date with this cute guy I had met online a few months ago. His name was Justin and we had been talking for quite long until we both finally got the courage to finally meet up. Fortunately we actually both lived in the same city, so it wasn't hard for us to meet up, and to make it less awkward we decided to meet in a park. 

I had been so worried about what to wear until I just decided to go with a pair of ripped jeans, a white crop top, and a leather jacket. 

I wore a pair of heels in black that my parents had gotten me for my 21st birthday. 

I also wore some jewelry, and my hair was just straight and my makeup was simple, I didn't want to scare him off!

I grabbed my purse and went over to my front door, then I went out and locked the door behind me. 


Since the park was only a few blocks away I decided to just walk there. 

Today was the perfect day to meet up at the park. The sun was shining and it was actually really hot outside, so I took off my jacket and continued to walk. 

I made it to the park and sat down on the bench we had planned to meet at, I think I sat there for about 4 minutes until a man with a son sitting in his arms came over to me. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, so I wasn't able to see his face. 

"Y/N?" he asked as he took off his sunglasses. I gasped and stood up with a big smile. 

"Justin, hey!" I said as I awkwardly hugged him. 

"I'm sorry you had to meet my son this way, but I really thought my mom was able to take him until she called in sick an hour ago," he said. 

"It's okay, I'm just a little surprised, you never told me you had a son," I told him. 

"Well, this is Noah, Noah can you please say hey to Y/N?" Justin asked Noah. I awed as Noah started waving to me. 

"Hey Noah, it's so nice to meet you," I said in a high-pitched voice. Noah smiled and placed his head on Justin's chest and hid his face. 

"So, who is Noah's mom?" I asked Justin as I looked at him. 

"Noah's mom died right after giving birth to him, so he never met her, but don't worry, I was never together with her, she was just a one night stand that happened to get pregnant," he told me. I nodded my head and smiled at him. 

"Well, I'm glad I got to meet him this soon because I hope we're going to meet up lots and lots of times," I told him, which he agreed with. 

"Me too," Justin said as he smiled. 

"So Noah, what would you like to do?" I asked Noah as I smiled at him. Noah smiled back at me and hid his face in Justin's chest. 

"Don't worry Noah, Y/N is really nice," Justin told him, which made Noah look at me. 

"Can we go get ice cream?" he quietly asked as he looked at me with those brown eyes he definitely had gotten from his dad. 

"Well, of course, we can, you're so cute" I squealed, which made both Noah and Justin chuckle. 

"Well, you both are," I told them as I blushed. 

"Thank you," Noah said, which made me grin. He was getting more confident around me. 

"Noah, do you thin it would be okay for Y/N to hold you while I got us ice cream?" Justin asked Noah. Noah smiled and nodded his head. 

I opened my arms and let Noah come into them. I placed him on my hip and started caressing his cheek. 

"You're really sweet Y/N, I hope my dad stays with you," Noah said as Justin had gone over to the ice cream booth to buy us some ice cream. 

"Well, thank you, Noah! I really hope he does, too, especially so I can get to see you" I told him as I started tickling him. 

"Stop, I'm very ticklish" he laughed, which made me chuckle. As I continued to tickle Noah, Justin came back with the ice cream. 

"Daddy help me!" Noah laughed, Justin just shook his head and took a bite of his ice cream. 

"Oh no buddy, you gotta fix this yourself," he said. 

"Please, I'm gonna pee in my pants soon" Noah laughed, which made me stop immediately. 

"Always a winner," he said as I placed him on the ground. 

"Oh, you cheater," I said as I pretended to run after him. 

Noah ran away, and I sat down beside Justin. 

"It's really nice to see him get along with someone else than me and my family" Justin admitted. I furrowed my eyebrows as I took a bite of my ice cream. 

"Really?" I asked him with big eyes. 

"Yeah, I've had him meet other dates before, but he never wanted to talk to them, he was just all silence," he told me, which made me smile. 

"Well, I'm glad he didn't because that means he likes me and that I'm doing something right," I told him, then Noah came back and took his ice from Justin. 

"Thanks, daddy," he said, then he ran over to the playground, where he started playing as he ate his ice cream. 

"So Y/N, I know we know a lot about each other, but I'm guessing you have something you haven't told me before," Justin said as he rested his hand on the back of the bench. 

"Well, I'm crazy about kids, and I plan on having a lot of them," I told him with a smirk, which made him chuckle. 

"Good to know" he chuckled. 

Justin, Noah and I spent the whole day in the park and around 6 pm we decided to go out for dinner. 

"Daddy, I need to tell you something" I heard Noah tell Justin as we were on our way to a restaurant. 

"Okay, what is it?" Justin asked as he picked him up. 

"I really like Y/N, please stay with her" he whispered in his eyes, but not quiet enough for me not to hear, which made a huge grin appear on my lips. 

Justin looked at me and started blushing. 

"Don't worry buddy, I won't" Justin whispered back.

After we had eaten dinner Noah had passed out, so we decided it was time to go separate ways. 

"It was really nice meeting you in real life, you really are incredibly beautiful," Justin told me as we arrived at my apartment. 

"Thank you, it was really nice meeting you in real life, too," I told him. 

"Can we do this again sometime? Of course without Noah" he asked me, which made me nod my head. 

"Yeah, of course! But I wouldn't mind Noah joining us. He's a really sweet boy, and I would love to get to know him better" I told him as I looked at sleeping Noah. 

"I appreciate that!" Justin told me, then he leaned in and placed a kiss on my cheek. 

"Good night beautiful, sweet dreams or a beautiful nightmare" he told me, then he turned around and started walking away leaving me with a big smile on my face that I couldn't even hide by biting down on my lip.


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